24 Awesome Final Fantasy XIV Mods for Dope Gaming

We all know how cool Final Fantasy XIV is. It’s a Massively played Multiplayer online roleplay game – which is among the only two MMO RPG versions released by Final Fantasy Game Franchise. Thus, the demand of FFXIV Mods are high.

It is important to keep up with the latest advancements and add-on features. The best FFXIV Mods will help you in increasing the aesthetics and behavior of your character.

Recently, Square Enix (the developer of Final Fantasy games) announced that they have reached the 20 million users mark. This is really huge.

It is a special achievement as they are also celebrating the 10 year anniversary of the franchise this year. So, obviously, you’re going to get a whole bunch of additional features in your chest.

Anyway, we at Map Mod News have brought you the latest mods and addons of FFXIV fresh from the oven. You can select the ones that suit your style and gaming strategy. 

Albeit, it is one of the dopest lists available on the web, don’t anticipate anything wacky because most of the mods are going to be cosmetic and quality of life type mods.

It doesn’t matter whether you are an AR, GLA, or ROG – we have got something for everyone. So, without wasting any more of your time which is supposed to be utilized in gaming, Let’s get this article started.

Top Free Final Fantasy XIV Mods

1. Imperium Graphic Pack

fxiv mods

This is one of the finest graphic packs that you can make use of. The Imperium Graphic Pack is a consolidated package of several graphic presets. You will be mesmerized by it.

This ff14 mods is really elegant and soothing. Although many others have aimed to emulate this mod – they are not even close to what Imperial has to offer.

There is also some criticism about Imperial that it tends to wash out the details in moving decals. For instance, when your character is running in water. Whatsoever, it is worth the trade because that is just a minor glitch.

2. Heavensward SweetFX

final fantasy xiv mods

It is time for us to get into the colossal league of shades and shader presets. The Heavensword Sweet FX is a personally picked shader mod. The reason behind this is Heavensword’s top-notch shading effect.

It has been done so subtly that sometimes you may not even realize you are playing a game. Enhances the realistic real-time gaming experience of FFXIV. You will definitely blend in the world of Final Fantasy using this mod.

You will observe that the seriousness of the game will also resolute with the help of Heavensward SweetFX. So, witness this yourself because it is kinda difficult to express these things using just words. You can uninstall Heavensworld in case you don’t like it.

3. Hair Defined

ffxiv hair mods,

Moving on to major cosmetic updates, hair defined should be considered as one of the most prominent FFXIV hair mods.

Using the Hair Defined mod you will have the accessibility to almost 1000 new hair textures and colors. You can also upscale and enhance the source material.

The specialty of this add-on is that you can customize the NPC hair, eyelash, eyebrow, and beard asset of each individual player.

4. Face Defined

ffxiv mod

The Face Defined mod can be called a companion mod to Hair Defined. This modification is often called the complete enhanced face overhaul for FFXIV. 

The Newness HD with the help of Face defined, you will be able to generate more structured and sharp facial features for your characters. Rest depends on your creativity – you are the master of designing your character. Face Defined will just be a stepping stone to that.

5. HD Buffs Icons & HD Skill Icons

final fantasy xiv mods

We’ve all been there, right? Ever since Version five.2x launched, it’s virtually not possible to stay track of your actions, traits, buffs, and debuffs by making an attempt to decrypt the little icons. Sure, you’ll create changes within the UI, however Square-Enix’s redesigns extremely don’t scale all right.

That’s wherever these mods are available. LePitBenny’s HD Buffs & Skills Icons mod will increase the size of the buffs and debuffs icons, taking advantage of the waifu2x image scaling program to upmarket the icons.

It’s a reasonably chickenfeed, however it makes a large difference!

6. HD Vanilla Redefined

ffxiv shaders

This is a mod produced by the same creators of face and hair defined. HD Vanilla Redefined is basically an HD combination that comprises all the vanilla textures.

You may understand that Saika Darkmoon focuses on keeping things a lot or less identical because of the base game, including the vanilla textures upscaled properly on not lose any detail or quality as you see in just about all HD retextures.

7. Griffin Mount Retexture Pack

ffxiv griffin mount

One of the coolest mods in the entire game is the griffin mount.

You may have also felt that looking at the griffin for so long is kinda monotonous. This is why with the help of this pack you can add 4 different textures to the griffin.

Not just that, as you proceed further in the game, you can customize the aesthetics of the game. Yet another important thing is that this mod is hassle-free and has nearly zero compatibility issues.

Damn! You have good taste in games. CSGO Autoexec could be of your interest. 

8. Alex’s Reshade Preset

alex's reshade

Well, no other word other than “breathtaking” would do justice to how amazing Alex’s Reshade preset is.

The color grading, lighting, and shading take the game to a level that is literally out of this world. You may get confused whether you are playing the same old FF14 or a brand new graphical remake. Truly phenomenal graphics.

Anyway, it is important to note that you have to have great hardware specifications in your computer to process all those hardcore graphics. Otherwise, it will be like rowing your boat in a drought land.

9. HD Eyeworks V3

hd eyeworks v3 ff14 mods

As the name suggests, HD eyes V3 is a modification to the original eyes that appears in the base version of the game. This simply means that the HD eyes would look 8times better in the game. Hurray!

As it is a very dramatic upgrade to the aesthetics of the character and the game itself, it definitely is worth a shot.

10. Owl’s Eyes of Eorzea

hd owl' eyeworks

If you are a person who is intrigued by the wide range of Eyeworks – then trust me, you are in for a treat. The Owl’s Eyes of Eorzea is probably one of the finest frameworks that you can find in this category. It is a major update to the eyes which even includes races, sexes, sub-races, and faces.

You should probably give it a shot.

11. HD Item Icons

hd icons final fantasy xiv mods,

Like me, are you also obsessed with HD icons? Well, then LePitBenny brings you yet another add-on. Using this, you can experience a better picture of the icons. This mod is capable of replacing 20,000 object icons within the vanilla game.

Another interesting fact is that all the features work great together and do not stall the GPU.

12. Flicker Optimisation & V-Sync Stutter Fix

Flicker Optimization

There is nothing worse than having a poor FPS because then the game will not be rendered properly especially when you are walking through the grass. This will also tend to bring flickering while you are surfing through the game.

With the help of this mod, you can easily rectify these issues. So, basically, the aim of this modification is to enhance the refresh rate to power smooth gaming.

13. Alive Gshade Preset

alive ghade preset

…and here we have another graphical preset mod. The Alive Gshade preset sets the saturation right and smooths the picture quality giving the game a lifelike portrayal. So, you can make use of this awesome color grading provided by Alive Gshade Preset.

A thing that you have to note is that the better the game is going to look the more GPU-enabled processing power will be required.

14. Custom UI

ffxiv shaders

First things first, this is actually not a mod.

It is just an advanced improvement to the overall UI and features of the game. You can customize the UI according to your liking with the help of this mod.

Let me also tell you a little secret. This UI is actually hidden in the game itself. Nobody except the creators knows why.

15. HD Hrothgar Faces

hd hrothgr face

Honestly, I am not a big fan of the original Hrothgar faces. I mean they are not that impressive. Luckily, the HD Hrothgar faces mod is a huge relief because it replaces the Hrothgar faces with HD figures.

You know, those sharp features are to be enjoyed in HD instead of SD.

16. The Newness HD

The Newness HD

I don’t have to tell you how important it is to process a great pc performance to play high-end games, right? So, it is better to have this mod because you can experience top-notch gaming without wrecking your pc hardware. Isn’t it a smooth and friendly approach to play your games.

17. Touch of Real Female

FF14 female face hd

You may have noticed that the vanilla female face that is in the base game is mainly outdated in the FF14. So, to spice things up you can give your characters more and more realistic facial textures. As this mod is particularly designed for females, you can give all the female characters HD faces.

18. Touch of Real Male

final fantasy xiv mods

It is essentially the same mod as earlier with the gender reversed. In this mod, you can improve the clarity and resolution of the vanilla male face. Another point that is vital for you to know is that both these mods are smooth and efficient. Apparently, you don’t have to worry about burning out your GPU.

19. AP’s Male Texture Pack

AP’s Male Texture Pack

Lemme give you a NSFW warning for this mod. Anyway, you can checkout what all the fuzz is about. Using this mod will let the male character look more masculine and hardcore. Basically, rock hard abs, HD nipples, and many more subtle detail has been covered in this mod.

20. Moogle Maps

moogle maps

Vec7rex’s Moogle Maps delivers a reasonably straightforward modification, dynamical the vanilla map texture. It’s a reasonably basic reskin, however, can facilitate over you’d expect whereas trying to find treasure throughout your daily hunts. It gives an illusional effect just like Fortnite Creative Maps.

21. Advanced Combat Tracker

advanced combat tracker ffxiv shaders

Now, most of those mods’ area unit is pretty lowkey. They’re largely clientside, largely pretty moderate, and largely unlikely to induce you in bother with sq. Enix.

But Advanced Combat huntsman could be a totally different kettle of fish. ACT could be a third-party program accustomed record your stats throughout gameplay. It’s been used for years by gamers to review their performance, pinpoint any mistakes, and transfer stats to leaderboards.

But here’s the issue: third-party programs area unit actively proscribed in FFXIV. though all of those mods area unit is technically illegal, you’re unlikely to be caught dynamical the color of your character’s eyes.

Programs like ACT area unit a much bigger deal, with the developers, actively speaking out against them and reaffirming that those found to be victimization they are going to be disciplined.

All in All, give it a go if you may, however, don’t say we tend to didn’t warn you. If you’re trying to find one thing a touch safer, there’s over enough to decide on from within the Final Fantasy XIV mod archive. A good mouse smoothing helps in leveling the game up.

22. Viera Refined

viera refined

As you may have guessed, this mod clears up the face in the Viera reskins. It changes the Viera face to 1k from the very low vanilla 128×256 resolution.

23. Ruta’s Custom 2k Scales

ruta's 2k fxiv mods

This mod changes the means the scales look inbound characters within the game.

The creator of the mod created a bunch of recent hand-painted scale models and compiled them here that is admittedly impressive.

The crafting job is unbelievable and it simply falls short for the primary spot due to restricted selection compared to the thousands of recent additions that Hair outlined has.

24. Chat Gray Box Remove

Chat Gray Box Remover

This is a small but highly pragmatic mod. The gray chat boxes don’t really blend in with the game’s interface. So, you can seek the help of this mod to remove and customize the chat box according to your choice. In other words, less ugly and more elegant.

Words of Wisdom!

That’s it! It is time to say goodbye! Hope it is not very emotional for you. Well, it sure is for us.

In case you are not yet ready to leave us, you can check out other articles on our website. You can easily find out all gaming-related information on your fingertip.

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