Aceu Apex Legends Settings & Keybinds

 Aceu’s Other Gameplay Settings:

Aceu Apex Legends Video Settings

Screen Aspect RatioFullscreen
Display Resolution (Native)1920×1080
Aspect Ratio (Native)16:9
FOV aka’ Field of ViewKeep it – 110
CB Mode (Color Blind)Keep it- Off
FSP – Adaptive Resolution in Display0
V-SyncDisable it
Anti-AliasingKeep it to None
Texture FilteringBilinear
Texture Streaming BudgetKeep it to None
Ambient Occlusion Quality – AOQDisable it
Sun Shadow DetailKeep it Low
Sun Shadow CoverageKeep it Low
Volumetric LightingDon’t Enable
Spot Shadow DetailDon’t Enable
Dynamic Shadow (Spot Shadow)Don’t Enable
Effects DetailKeep it Low
Model DetailKeep it Low
RagdollsKeep it Low
Impact MarksDisable it

Aceu Mouse Settings –

 FinalMouse Ultralight 2 Cape Town


Game SettingsInput
Sensitivity Setting for Mouse4.2%
ADS (Multiplier)1
Acceleration Off
Mouse Polling Rate1000 Hz

Aceu Apex Legends Keybinds 

Ducky One TKL RGB White on White

To Sprint
Key- L + Shift
To Access Health Item
Key- 4
Toggle to Crouch
Key- C
To Hold Crouch
Key- L + Ctrl
To Get Grenade
Key- G
Key- V
To Hold AIM
Right Click (Mouse)
To access Inventory
Key- Tab
Fire Mode
Key- B
Ability (Ultimate)
Key- Z
To Reload
Key- R
To Pickup or To Interact
Key- E
Ability (Tactical)
Key- Q
Toggle Shield
Key- H
To Jump

Aceu is a Twitch streamer and professional Esports player. His twitch channel is where he streams his gameplay. He is twitch channel has 719,366 subscribers. He also has a twitter account where he has 613,202 followers. He has no Instagram or youtube account. Aceu has always maintained a low profile online. He is a dedicated Esports player first and a streamer later. 

Aceu was born in Indiana in the United States. Aceu is also known as Brandon Winn. He is a 25 year old professional player. His mother is of Vietnamese descent and his father is caucasian. Aceu lived in a small city where there was not much to do. He used to watch his father play PC games with his friends which enamored Aceu. He started playing with his father and his father’s friends which motivated him to prove himself. He started to train to play against his father and his friends from a very early age. Aceu was very competitive from a very early age. As Aceu grew he started to play more FPS games like Call of Duty and Counterstrike. Aceu participated in many tournaments before he started streaming. The crowd in those tournaments was very supportive towards Aceu which led to him becoming more confident in his gaming skills. 

Aceu has been a part of many Esports teams. He has played many different games at a professional level. Aceu has been a part of EclipseGG which he left for Rise Nation. After rise of the nation, Aceu was a part of eUnited. Now Aceu plays for NRG Esports as a part of their Apex Legends lineup. Apex Legends caught Aceu’s attention due to it being different from most battle royals. There was no building or camping in Apex. He liked the fast gameplay of Apex Legends. 

Aceu is one of the few streamers who are a part of streetwear culture. He wants to have his own clothing line in the future. Aceu’s parents have been very supportive of his gaming career. He also has a cat named Kira. 

Aceu was born in Indiana in the United states. 

Aceu uses the Ducky One TKL RGB White on White gaming keyboard to play Apex legends. 

Aceu uses the FinalMouse Ultralight 2 Cape Town gaming mouse to play apex legends. 

Aceu uses the Apple EarPods when he plays Apex legends. 

Aceu uses the BenQ Zowie XL2540 to play Apex legends. 

Aceu was a part of EclipseGG, Rise Nation and eUnited. He is now a part of NRG Esports. 

Aceu uses custom settings when he is playing Apex Legends. His DPI is set to 400. His sensitivity is set to 4.2. 

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