SypherPK Fortnite Settings & Keybinds

SypherPK Fortnite Settings

Ali “SypherPK” Hassan is a full-time Twitch streamer from Austin, Texas. He started streaming Runescape for fun in 2012 and has since grown a large fanbase.


Display Mode Fullscreen
Screen Resolution 1920×1080
Frame Per Second: FRL 240 FPS
User Interface Contrast 1x
Brightness 50%
Color Blind Mode Off
Color Blind Strength 0
Resolution For 3D 100%
Shadows Off
View Distance Epic
Effects Low
Textures Low
Anti Aliasing Off
Motion Blur Off
Vsync Off
Post Processing Low
Multithreaded Rendering On
Show Frame Per Second On
HUD Scale 100%
Real NameAli Hassan
BirthdayMay 10, 1996
Country United State of America United State of America
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SypherPK Fortnite Keybinds
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SypherPK Mouse Settings


Use V
Jumping Space
Reload Ammo And Rotate Wheel Button Mouse
Sprinting Default
Crouch Left Ctrl
Upgrade And Repair Caps Lock
Harvesting Tool Tab
1st Weapon Slot E
2nd Weapon Slot R
3rd Weapon Slot C
Access Inventory 3
Open Map M
4th Weapon Slot X
5th Weapon Slot Z
Building Wall Q
Building Floor Mouse 4th Button
Building Stairs Mouse 5th Button
Building Roof Left Shift
Trap T
Edit On Release Off
Edit Building F/ Mouse Wheel In Up Direction
Reset Building Right Click And Scroll Wheel Up
Play Emote B


Mouse X Sensitivity 10%
Mouse Y Sensitivity 10%
Sensitivity For Targeting 50%
Mouse Polling Rate 1000 Hz
Sensitivity For Scope 50%
DPI 400

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SypherPK Fortnite Settings FAQs

Ali Hassan AKA “SypherPK” is a 23 years-old american professional fortnite player born on May 10th 1996 in Austin, Texas having more than 3.2M followers on Twitch streamer and had achieved a gigantic subscription on Youtube under the name ‘SypherPK’ started in 2011 with over 4.19M+ subscribers with the viewership of 123 million. He has also gained an impressive following on Instagram with 2.7M+ followers and 963.5K+ followers on Twitter. 

As a child, he entered into the world of gaming with fantasy MMORPG ‘Runescape’. Later on he also started playing first person shooter ‘Halo 3’on Xbox 360. He soon developed a great addiction for popular games of that time such as ‘Crash Bandicoot’ and ‘Jack and Dexter’. 

The 23 years-old began his streaming career in 2012 with Runescape and The Elders Scroll Online. Back in the year 2014 marks a new turning point in his online gaming career when he partnered himself with Twitch Streamer. SypherPK’s move to Fortnite saw his popularity grow as he started making various educational videos for the game which gained him a lot of name and fame among the fortnite lovers and millennials too. 

Many have the curiosity of knowing in his name what actually ‘PK’ stands for as his origins in Runescape, it is believed that ‘PK’ simply means “player killing” as PKers being those who engage in battle with other Runescape players. SypherPK has a great fan base and they are popularly known as #SypherHood. 

SypherPK plays Fortnite as his base game and he has earned fame for his IQ trap-plays, for building trap towers to troll players, fast movements and aggressive build plays. 

SypherPK joined Luminosity Gaming in April 2018, He also collaborated with other popular Fortnite Players like Ninja, NickMercs HighDistortion and Dakotaz. SypherPK successfully managed to sit within the top 60 for global wins and top 15 for the kills in Fortnite. 

Ali Hassan better known as SypherPK currently lives in Austin,Texas with his wife Daniela. 

Ali “SypherPK” Hassan is a streamer for Luminosity Gaming. 

In-game sensitivity is 0.09.

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