Unearthing the Riches: A Guide to Fallout 76 Treasure Maps

Fallout 76 treasure maps are the important resources that are, in fact, part and parcel of the Map of Fallout 76 that contains other specific maps. They are essentially advantageous during the course of your play sessions leading to achieving your final objective. With the clues assigned to these maps, you can explore and discover the buried pile of treasure loot underground, and some other important weapons, armor, and associated battle strategies. At some point in time, you would discover it accidentally if your luck so defines for you; however, using the FO76 map you can find them effortlessly.

Actually, when it comes to participating in a massively multiplayer online game where uncertainties are high, these resources increase your chance of victory even more. Within your gaming environment or so to say battleground, maps are everywhere but they lay unnoticed to you.  Hence, this guide on Fallout 76 treasure map locations will be the ultimate help to locate those treasures.

What Are FO76 Treasure Maps in Fallout 76 Appalachian Mountainous Regions?

What Are FO76 Treasure Maps in Fallout 76 Appalachian Mountainous Regions?

When exploring the Appalachian mountainous regions or mounds, you would stumble to the containers—treasure maps—giving you clues of where the treasure loot lies. In other words, you would accidentally find these resources while you are fully absorbed into your adventures as the plot goes on in Fallout 76. These Fallout 76 treasure maps give a clue or sketch of a particular location. Using that clue if you are able to find the exact location of something that it holds, it unlocks the hidden treasure along with some other potential ammunition you can use to achieve your objectives.

As a whole, Fallout 76 is four times bigger than what Fallout 4 map is; and because of this, it holds an important role in the strategy of gamers during the play sessions. And utilizing the resources such as FO76 treasure map locations, a gamer can manipulate the winning strategy to the greatest level owing to the exploration of munitions and armor that it unfolds. Moreover, the Fallout 4 best builds will be incomplete until and unless you do not have the map handy.

Where to Find FO76 Treasure Map Locations: Outline Structure?

Where to Find Fallout 76 Treasure Map Locations: Outline Structure?

Now as for the outline structure of the map goes, the middle portion of the map will have mountain ranges and molds. And in sporadic locations, you will find features such as abandoned farms, factories, mines, and even small towns in the valley or at the foothills of mountainous ranges. You will also find the forest. Not just that, it will also display steel vented only Savage Divide treasure map 1 can help you locate it.

Hence, this article will guide you to locate the particular map without having to approach Minerva Fallout 76 for a strategic-plan purchase. In terms of broad ideas, the Fallout 76 treasure maps have forests in the center and the west of the area and just below it lies Ash Heap while Toxic Valley is above the former.

And middle part of the map is the Savage divide whereas Cranberry Bog and the Mire lie to the east as far as the FO76 treasure map locations go. Now that luck never always accompanies you all the time during your adventure, this guide shows the major treasure maps along the way throughout your gaming adventures. 

Savage Divide FO76 Treasure Maps

To begin with, we have the Savage Divide which is the middle part of the mountain—Appalachia. It separates the west from the eastern geographical regions. Within this region, you will need to look for where the large steel-vented tower which has spikes on its back and fences made of chains with dangerous symbols on them. You can find the savage divide treasure map 1 located below it or somewhere near or underground.

Ash Heap Treasure FO76 Map  Location

As regards this location, it has the highest impact of radiation owing to the fallout of bombings and other military attacks. It means it can result in radio-active sickness in you if you enter this area. However, the more dangerous a place, the better fortune it holds. Hence, you can easily locate the  Ash Heap treasure map 1 right next to AMS(Atomic) Testing Site.

To be more specific, try looking up north when standing near the testing site and nearby the fence just on top of the tunnel entrance; you can also see an overturned truck there. If you don’t find it there, you would certainly find Ash Heap Fallout 76 treasure maps near the dirty mound near the fence(or left of it). 

Toxic Valley Treasure Map 1 Location

Now, comes the Toxic Valley which has some important places such as Becker Farm, Morgantown, the airport, and Vault-Tech University. This could be one of the haunted places in the gaming zone because you will come across monsters but you can easily escape them with your own ingenuity/tricks. This is the second most visited place to track the Fallout 76 treasure map locations. 

Apart from the monster, you will see aquatic beasts which mutated from the toxification. The spot is white in appearance to white power spread across the place, making the place quite unpleasant. You can find the toxic valley treasure map 1 on the west of Becker Farm, near the destroyed building beside the slope of the hill next to it.   

Cranberry Bog Fallout 76 All Treasure Map Locations 1 to 3 

Cranberry Bog Fallout 76 All Treasure Map Locations 1 to 3 

Well, this location gets its name from the cranberry red floras or forest area which has dangerous creatures and life-threatening locations. This is the reason why many survivors try to avoid it completely. However, this region holds the treasure in it; if you are brave and intelligent, you can certainly get hold of Cranberry Bog 1 or Cranberry Bog treasure map 2 and even.

Cranberry Bog 2 Treasure Maps 
Cranberry Bog 2 Fallout 76 Treasure Maps 

In fact, it is one of the toughest jobs to find these maps owing to the location. It has both dangerous animals as well as hazardous ridges and bridges. When you reach the Ranger’s lookout starting point, you need to go toward the east sector until you arrive at the small bridge made of wood. You will find the Cranberry Bog treasure map 2 right in the water passing through below this bridge.

Cranberry Bog FO76 Map 3 Location
Cranberry Bog FO76 Map 3 Location

In order to find this map, you have to move toward the southwest of Overgrown Sundew Grove where you will find a leafless tree that is almost withered. After you are in there, you need to look for some pile of earth at the base of this tree. This pile of earth would be next to a rock where you will find the Cranberry Bog Treasure Map 3. In case you have experience searching the Mushrooms or Bats Stardew, you will undoubtedly take less time on how to find this map as well.

Mire FO76 treasure Maps  Location

Mire FO76 treasure Maps  Location

Unfortunately, the mire, once a remote rural region, has turned to be a shallow swamp full of vines, tall herbs, and grasses, and also it now hosts some dangerous animals there. In order to find the treasure map, you will need to move and position yourself to the east of Hopewell Cave and look for an abandoned shack or cabin. Besides the cabin/shack, you can locate the Mire treasure map 1 in the mound or underground beneath the mound.

Is it Worth Having Fallout 76 Treasure Maps?

Undoubtedly, having possession of these maps can be quite helpful if you are a newbie in this gaming platform or you are in the initial stages of adventure within the region. It gives you a great inventory such as arms and ammunition as well as shields/armor. Because of all these, your winning chance gets higher using the Fallout 76 all treasure map locations.

However, if you are an all-time player, it might be not a useful resource to go with. The reason is that you are already aware of all the locations where the treasure lie, keeping looking at your treasure map might turn out to be time-consuming. Resultantly, Ash Heap or Cranberry Bog Treasure Map 3 or any other one might not be of much help except if you are a newbie or beginner. Hence, for beginners, these maps are great help and can be exclusivity if you are familiar with Sentinel Nine Re4.


If you are stuck in the Mire region and don’t know how to escape or if you want to explore the treasure within that region, Mire Treasure Map 1 can be a great inventory to get your reward. And the same goes for the toxic valley; you have got a toxic treasure map to track the rewards. Therefore, all of these maps are going to help you at different levels of your journey during your play sessions; Fallout 76 treasure maps come in handy to help you out at each level of adventure.

Considering the importance that it has for any game lovers, especially for the newbie or beginners, we have produced this article on how to track the inventory/resources—Fallout 76 treasure map locations. You can locate these treasure maps in-game adventures to achieve your objectives using the guide we have discussed above.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q1. What are FO76 treasure maps? 

It refers to the mysterious things in the world of Fallout 76 games. It can get you inventory or treasure unfolding arms, weapons, armor, and even wealth. Hence, these Fallout 76 treasure maps are a great help to every game lover, especially new and beginner players. 

Q2. What are major FO76 treasure map locations?

When talking about the various types of treasure maps in Fallout 76, there are indeed plenty of them. However, the ones which are of great importance are Savage Divide, Cranberry Bog, Mire, Toxic Valley, and Ash Heap Treasure Map 1. All these maps will help you to locate treasure at different locations.

Q3. Is there any benefit to having the Fallout 76 maps?  

Of course, there are a lot of benefits to having the Fallout 76 maps and if you want to acquire treasure loot or inventory, possessing Fallout 76 treasure maps can be a great help. With this, your chance of winning the game is higher because you have a lot of arms and ammunition with you.

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