The 7 Latest Best Quiet PC Cases for 2023 | Tested By Our Experts

Top Picks
Be Quiet! Silent Base 802 Window Black

Be Quiet! Silent Base 802

Ultra Silent Noise Operation
3 140mm Pre-installed Fans
Mesh & Solid Panels Included
Fractal Design Define 7

Fractal Design Define 7

7+2 Expansion Slots
Cable Routing Grommets
3.5/2.5 Universal Drive Brackets
The 7 Latest Best Quiet PC Cases for 2023 | Tested By Our Experts

Corsair Carbide Series 100R Silent Edition

7.1 Channel Audio Support
Two 120mm Fans Pre-installed
Dual USB 3.0 Front Panel Ports
money value

If you really hate annoying PC noise or your job needs complete silence then getting the best quiet PC case is the only solution. High noise irritates gamers and PC enthusiasts a lot. It distracts them a lot and they can’t focus on their activities. So, here the quiet PC case become a necessity.

A quiet computer case will help your PC dissipate less heat to maintain a cool temperature and enhance airflow. Here we will review the 7 best quiet PC cases to help you pick the perfect one for your build. We know that our readers love overclocking therefore, we made it 100% sure to check it out.

Each product here is tried and tested by us on various levels. We considered all crucial factors like features, price, size, and a lot more into consideration. Now, you can feel confident knowing you can push these cases beyond their normal capabilities. Let’s begin and get the best silent PC cases for you.

Best Quiet PC Cases for Ultra-silent Builds | A Quick Glance

RankingBest Quiet PC CasesReviews
1.Be Quiet! Silent Base 802 Window, Black5 out of 5
2.Fractal Design Define 75 out of 5
3.Corsair Carbide Series 100R Silent Edition4 out of 5
4.Be Quiet! Pro 900 Full Tower4 out of 5
5.Thermaltake Suppressor F314 out of 5
6.Cooler Master MasterCase SL600M4 out of 5
7.NZXT H510 Elite4 out of 5

7 Best Quiet PC Cases| A Detailed Review

1. Be Quiet! Silent Base 802 Window, Black

Be Quiet! Silent Base 802 Window, Black

1. Brand: Be Quiet!
2. Material: Tempered Glass
3. Cooling Method: Air
4. Motherboard Compatibility: ATX
5. Item Dimensions: 24.5 x 13 x 24.5 inches
  • Simple to Build Inside
  • Good AIO Cooling Support
  • Interchangeable Front and Top Cover
  • A Little Bulky
  • Weird Case Feet
  • No SIde Fans

Be Quiet! Silent Base 802 is our top pick because it allows you to work in pin-drop silence. It is available in black and white with a steel and plastic body. Despite having only two color options, this case can grab your attention within seconds.

This best quiet PC case comes with an open side window which is tempered glass and detachable side panels. And it truly makes your case look so different yet classy. Because of its upgraded low noise option, this case only makes a whisper-like sound.

One of the most impressive features is fan controllers through which you can control PWM mode fans. You get a clean and tidy desk because cables are properly taken care of. The case has rubber grommets to provide the wires with the safety they deserve.

This stunning case can accommodate a GPU with 11.3 inches in length and a 280mm high PSU. Not only this, but you also get extra drive bays, USB ports, and audio jacks with this case. This is really rare and impressive at the same time.

Be Quiet also offers the latest dust filters to ensure that your PC is tidy and attractive to look at. With these countless features, we recommend this to the gamers who want a reliable and quiet PC case for themselves.

2. Fractal Design Define 7 VIII Formula

Fractal Design Define 7

1. Brand: Fractal Design
2. Material: Aluminum
3. Cooling Method: Air
4. Motherboard Compatibility: ATX
5. Item Dimensions: 21.54 x 9.45 x 18.7 inches
  • Easy Cable Management
  • Best Airflow Nylon Filters
  • Adjustable Drive Brackets
  • Lacks RGB Lightning
  • No Hard Drive Activity Light
  • Lacks Pre-installed HDD Header

Fractal Design Define 7 is among the best PC cases in our list. The inbuilt features and insulation pads guarantee that the sound doesn’t reach you. The insulation pads also improve the airflow even during high intensity. This is really impressive!

The door’s design is super attractive on the chassis’s front and you can remove the filter without opening the front door. The chassis offers sufficient filter support at each air entry point. But the thermal performance isn’t best until you open the front door. 

Fractal Design Define 7 is among the most silent computer cases because it allows enough airflow to transfer heat. The front panel supports USB ports, Audio I/O ports, reset, and power buttons. It’s a little heavier, so make sure you don’t have a thin table.

This best airflow PC case comes with a replaceable top cover made from an insulated plate. It makes sure your computer is dead silent even during heavy loads. With its support, you can replace the solid plate and put a mesh plate to allow more airflow.

With this best Quiet PC case, you get neat cable management, great features, better cooling, and most importantly dead-drop silent airflow. Fractal Design Define 7 is out of stock mostly due to its high demand. So buy it quickly before it slips out of your hands.

3. Corsair Carbide Series 100R Silent Edition

Corsair Carbide Series 100R Silent Edition

1. Brand: Corsair
2. Case Type: Full Tower
3. Cooling Method: Air
4. Motherboard Compatibility: ATX
5. Item Dimensions: 18.5 x 7.9 x 16.9 inches
  • Adjustable 4 Drive Bays
  • 7. Channel Audio Support
  • Two 120mm Fans Pre-installed
  • Screw Thread Issues
  • No ATX Power Supply 
  • No Enables Corsair Link

The Corsair 100R Silent Edition is our budget quiet PC case which looks like a beast. This case is extremely quiet and performs exceptionally. The airflow is correctly placed inside the chassis which ensures the hardware gets efficient airflow.

Corsair has made a lot of effort to deliver this PC case at a reasonable price. We appreciate the efforts by Corsair to make this a budget-friendly pick and still not compromise with the quality, looks, features, and performance.

The sheet metal used in the chassis is lightweight and specially designed to maintain its shape and stability. Side panels are light and bend easily. You get a three-speed switch on the back of the chassis to modify its temperament from quiet to violent. 

The power and reset buttons are well-positioned to minimize the clutter. However, sometimes, it causes the system to reboot instead of shutting down. And the cable management is missing which might disappoint some gamers.

What we love most is the chassis is simple to maintain and clean because it has no mesh front. The chassis is tightly closed from everywhere which reduces the sound levels. This is why both hardcore gamers and PC enthusiasts prefer buying this PC case. 

We understand that making an affordable best quiet PC case is really difficult. But Corsair has made every effort to give you the best value for your money. We proudly declare this case the best budget Quiet PC case and recommend you go for it.

4. Be Quiet! Pro 900 Full Tower

Be Quiet! Pro 900 Full Tower

1. Brand: Be quiet!
2. Material: Tempered Glass
3. Cooling Method: Air
4. Motherboard Compatibility: ATX
5. Item Dimensions:  26 x 13 x 27 inches
  • Solid AIO Liquid Cooling 
  • Fans and LEDs Controller
  • Adjustable Motherboard Tray
  • Heavy as Rock
  • Lacks Separate Reset Button
  • Weaker Thermal Performance

If budget isn’t something you’re concerned about then Be Quiet! Pro 900 is a fantastic choice. There’s plenty of space to play around with. So, if you are thinking of building something huge or massive, trust us, this case will have more than enough airflow.

The case has exceptional space given its high modular capabilities, full tower specification, and control. With 5 relocatable/removable HDD slots and many customization options within the case, this case is best for E-ATX/XL-ATX motherboards.

Be Quiet! has managed to make this case capable of water cooling, with four areas that can accommodate radiators with up to 420mm and 7additional fans for air cooling. So, the Pro 900 is close to the quietest that you can get with a big PC.

You get three Silent Wings 140mm PWM fans included to make your system work in pin-drop silence. This case offers the most features-packed front panel, a sophisticated fan controller, USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type C port, a QI charger, and a lot more!

Well, we will never be tired of discussing the features of this case, but its high price might drag you back from buying it. But if you are a hardcore gamer, a PC enthusiast, or fond of quality products, you get it all with this case. So grab it quickly!

5.  Thermaltake Suppressor F31

Thermaltake Suppressor F31

1. Brand: Thermaltake
2. Material: Tempered Glass
3. Cooling Method: Water, Air
4. Motherboard Compatibility: ATX
5. Item Dimensions: 20.3 x 9.8 x 19.5 inches
  • Heavy Sheet Metal Support
  • Dual GPU Placement Support
  • Sufficient Radiator and Fans Space
  • Low Flow Fans
  • No USB 3.2 Port
  • Flimsy Magnet Filter

Thermaltake is the most reputable manufacturer that lives up to its reputation for each new product it brings to the market. Thermaltake Suppressor F31, a sound suppression chassis has the best damping materials, which enhances the user’s experience. 

This best airflow PC case is packed with protective sheets to secure the case better. The front panel offers maximum ventilation and is available to both sides for sufficient airflow. Also, the front door has sound insulation padding to reduce sound to the minimum.

The front panel has no USB-C connector, however, it has a dedicated reset button. Also, you cannot change the front panel door orientation because of the high-quality material this case is built of. Impressive right?

The top panel has a magnetic dust filter that allows maximum airflow for the radiator. The front panel features two USB 2.0 ports and two USB 3.0 ports. Also, the PSU has rubber that helps in reducing rattling and protects the body’s finish.

We were extremely impressed by the cable management system of Thermaltake. It is excellent because the kit comes with cable ties and screws that make it really easy to install. So, we literally love this gaming PC case and recommend this to you also.

6. Cooler Master MasterCase SL600M Black Edition

Cooler Master MasterCase SL600M Black Edition

1. Brand: Cooler Master
2. Material: Aluminum
3. Cooling Method: Air
4. Motherboard Compatibility: ATX
5. Item Dimensions: 544 x 242 x 573 inches
  • Two 200mm Fans
  • Premium Rich I/O Panel
  • Silent Even Under High Load
  • High Price
  • Dust Gets Accumulated
  • Sensitive Proximity Sensor

If you have experience in PC building and have an extra budget for unique cases with premium features, then we have the Cooler Master Mastercase SL600M for you. With huge low-rpm fans and a chimney-like design, this is a silent PC case with good airflow and cooling.

With so many features and boosting a PCI bracket plate that is rotatable, this case offers good bells and whistles. The tempered glass, anodized aluminum, and steel design work best to keep noise within the case itself and not irritate you. 

The MasterCase S600M has excellent quality of life features like an adjustable sliding fan, motion-activation sensors, lots of USB ports, and more. And since the vents are oriented vertically, it offers adjustable brackets to maximize the cooling capacity.

You get this stunning gaming PC case in a special black and standard silver edition. And both colors look exceptionally out of the world. It looks like it’s specially designed for pro gamers and skilled PC builders. So, don’t let it slip out of your hand and grab it quickly.

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7. NZXT H510 Elite – CA-H510E-B1

NZXT H510 Elite – CA-H510E-B1

1. Brand: NZXT
2. Material: Tempered Glass
3. Cooling Method: Water, Air
4. Motherboard Compatibility: Mini ITX
5. Item Dimensions: 16.85 x 8.27 x 18.11 inches
  • Three RGB-lit Fans
  • USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C
  • Included RGB Lighting Strip
  • No Drive Caddies
  • Limited Front I/O
  • No Top Exhaust Fan Included

The NZXT H510 Elite is another excellent addition from the highly-respected brand NZXT. The case’s mid-tower design is in competition with other premium models like Be Quiet! 802. The case is classic, sleek, stylish and we know you will love it.

The PC casing has a minimal exterior design but its tempered glass panels set it apart from its competitors. Like its previous model, this one also has quite cooling fans, a sturdy PSU shroud, the best water cooling, and a clean cable management system. 

It is compatible with all ATX motherboards. This strong and quiet mid-tower PC case is made for all gamers and is ideal for high-end gaming builds. Despite its tiny dimensions, it has the most efficient cooling system we have ever seen under heavy loads.

The case can efficiently handle big and demanding GPU, Vertical graphics mounting, best AIO coolers, and other custom-designed hardware. It also comes with the Smart Device V2 hub that offers solid RGB support. Isn’t it fascinating? 

The case also has RGB fans and stunning RGB lighting strips which look like heaven. These features are ready to use straight out of the box. The NZXT quietest PC case allows you to adjust the vertical cooling positions according to your needs.

NZXT H510 Elite PC cases have an improved look, premium builds, high-quality glass which feels like it’s a perfect match for all gamers and PC enthusiasts out there. For a quiet gaming PC case look no further than the NZXT H510 Elite PC case.

Quick Shopping Tips to Buy Best Quiet PC Case

There are a few things that you should consider before buying the best PC cases for yourself. Let’s explore them. 

Best Quiet PC Cases

1. Form Factor

This aspect is important as purchasing a MINI-ITX-compatible chassis for an EATX motherboard is nothing but waste right? Make sure you align your chassis to the motherboard’s form factor.

2. GPU Clearance

Today, graphics cards are becoming large because when GPUs increase performance while remaining on the same design then expand in size. Therefore, make sure your chosen GPU can fit within the chassis.

3. Front Panel

It is crucial for all users. Peripherals are plugged in the front panel mostly. You need the latest USB ports like charging port, mic port, and headphones port for a better experience.

4. Material

The finishing of the material and metallurgy is very crucial. A light chassis bends when the force is applied to it and damages your hardware when placed under physical stress.

5. Aesthetics

Colors, sizes, glass side windows, and compartmentalization can significantly change the look of your hardware. If it looks great then you will feel happy every time you look at it. So, you must select the right aesthetics to enhance the look of your build.

6. Case size

Size matters! The size of the PC case is important as it determines the size of the motherboard to install. Cool PC cases come in various sizes like Mid-Tower, Full tower, Micro-ATX, and Mini-ITX. The full tower is the largest and the Mini-ITX is the most compact.

A case can accommodate motherboards that are smaller than or similar in size. For instance, the Full-tower PC case will fit all types of motherboards. And a Mini ITX case can only accommodate the motherboard that is similar to it in dimensions. Choose a case for your PC that is spacious and offers the best cable management.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What are the Best Quiet PC Cases in 2023?

The best quiet PC cases in 2023 are:

  1. Be Quiet! Silent Base 802 Window, Black
  2. Fractal Design Define 7
  3. Corsair Carbide Series 100R Silent Edition
  4. Be Quiet! Pro 900 Full Tower
  5. Thermaltake Suppressor F31
  6. Be quiet! Pure Base 500dx
  7. Cooler Master MasterCase SL600M
  8. NZXT H510 Elite

Q2. How to Choose a Quiet PC Case?

When you’re looking for a quiet PC check whether it has noise-dampening materials or not. Also, if the case has a solid panel or tempered glass window. We recommend going for the solid panel only for the best sound absorption. This is because the glass vibrates more than solid metal.

Some high-end models come with optimized fans that move cool air throughout the case and still operate in complete silence. If you’re looking for the most effective acoustic and thermal performance from a best quiet PC case then spend some extra bucks on the case.

Q3. Do Quiet Cases have Good Airflow?

Heat always rises, so, you will notice that it is cool inside the case but the top surface is hot. Now the quiet PC cases are designed for this type of airflow only. So, quiet cases always have good airflow as compared to standard cases.

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