Lirik Apex Legends Settings & Keybinds

Lirik’s Other Gameplay Settings:

Lirik Apex Legends Video Settings

Screen Aspect RatioFullscreen
Display Resolution (Native)1920×1080
Aspect Ratio (Native)16:9
FOV aka’ Field of ViewKeep it- 110
CB Mode (Color Blind)Keep it- Off
FSP – Adaptive Resolution in Display0
V-SyncDisable it
Anti-AliasingKeep it to None
Texture FilteringBilinear
Texture Streaming BudgetKeep it to High (4GB VRAM)
Ambient Occlusion Quality – AOQDisable it
Sun Shadow DetailKeep it Low
Sun Shadow CoverageKeep it Low
Volumetric LightingDon’t Enable
Spot Shadow DetailDon’t Enable
Dynamic Shadow (Spot Shadow)Don’t Enable
Effects DetailKeep it Low
Model DetailKeep it Low
RagdollsKeep it Low
Impact MarksKeep it Low

Lirik Mouse Settings –

 HyperX Pulsefire FPS


Game SettingsInput
Sensitivity Setting for Mouse2.0%
ADS (Multiplier) 0.9
Acceleration Off
Mouse Polling Rate1000 Hz

Lirik Apex Legends Keybinds 

HyperX Alloy Elite RGB

To Sprint
Key- L + Shift
To Access Health Item
Key- 4
Toggle to Crouch
Key- C
To Hold Crouch
Key- L + Ctrl
To Get Grenade
Key- 5
Key- V
To Hold AIM
Right Click (Mouse)
To access Inventory
Key- Tab
Fire Mode
Key- B
Ability (Ultimate)
Key- Q
To Reload
Key- R
To Pickup or To Interact
Key – F
Ability (Tactical)
Key- E
Toggle Shield
Key- H
To Jump

Lirik is a twitch streamer and content creator on Youtube. His twitch channel is where he streams games. His twitch channel has 2.6 million followers. His Youtube channel has 263,000 subscribers. He mostly uploads his game highlights and commentary videos on youtube. His twitter account has 664,769 followers and his Instagram account has 89,538 subscribers. He is one of the few Twitch streamers of Arab descent. He is mostly known for playing Battle Royal games. He also is one of the few streamers who does not have a face cam.      

Lirik is also known as Saqib Zahid. He started streaming on Twitch with World of warcraft around 2011. He played world of warcraft for a year before switching to DayZ. DayZ was a horror game and that’s why Lirik’s switch to PUBG was surprising. Lirik started playing PUBG almost as soon as the game came out. He then played Fortnite for some time and then switched to Apex Legends. Lirik does not have any main games. He streams different titles but all from the battle royal genre. He is one of the bigger streamers on twitch with more than 2 million followers. His audience loved his personality and his overall persona on his streams. His gaming skills in FPS games very impressive. Lirik has been playing FPS games for a long time and his aiming and understanding of game mechanics is impressive. 

Even though Lirik does not show his face on his streams he has amassed a huge number of followers on his channel. Lirik has had the shortest bans ever on twitch. His channel was banned for 42 minutes. He later clarified that it was due to a clip that was not supposed to be displayed on stream. It was later found out that it was a mistake on Twitch’s platform. Lirik has always been very open about his ethnicity. Lirik channel rose to prominence with DayZ. His gaming skills in FPS games have been impressive due to a large part of Counterstrike. 

No matter what Lirik plays his streams are watched by thousands of viewers. His speed in Apex Legends was impressive. He was fast and used to get kills almost immediately he dropped on the map. His main in Apex legends was Bangalore. Lirik has done collaborations with many streamers. He is well known in the gaming community.  Even in fortnite Lirik skill were good. His building speed was very fast in the game.

Lirik’s native place is Boston. He is an American citizen. 

Lirik is using the HyperX Alloy Elite RGB gaming keyboard with mechanical keys to play Apex Legends.

Lirik is using the HyperX Pulsefire FPS gaming mouse to play Apex Legends. 

Lirik is using the Audio-Technica ATH-M50x studio headset.

Lirik is using the Asus ROG Swift PG258Q gaming monitor.

Lirik is not signed with any Esports team. 

Lirik has set his DPI to 800 and his mouse sensitivity to 2.0 in Apex Legends. 

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