Vivid Fortnite Settings & Keybinds

Vivid Fortnite Settings

Vivid’s full name is Noah Wright and he is famous for streaming Fortnite. He is 21 years old and he is born on the 28th of April. He is an American and he was born in New Jersey.


Display Mode Fullscreen
Screen Resolution 1920×1080
Frame Per Second: FRL Unlimited
User Interface Contrast 1x
Brightness 0.50
Color Blind Mode Off
Color Blind Strength 0
Resolution For 3D 100%
Shadows Off
View Distance Medium
Effects Low
Textures Low
Anti Aliasing Off
Motion Blur Off
Vsync Off
Post Processing Low
Multithreaded Rendering On
Show Frame Per Second On
HUD Scale 0.99
Real NameNoah
Country United State of America United State of America
Vivid Video Settings
Vivid Fortnite Keybinds
Vivid Gaming Gear
Vivid Setup
Vivid Mouse Settings


Use F
Reload Ammo And Rotate C
Sprinting Shift Key- Left
Crouch C
Harvesting Tool X
1st Weapon Slot 1
2nd Weapon Slot 2
3rd Weapon Slot 3
Access Inventory Tab
Open Map M
Push Talk Y
4th Weapon Slot 4
5th Weapon Slot 5
Building Wall Q
Building Floor Mouse- 4th Button
Building Stairs E
Building Roof Mouse- 5th Button
Trap T
Edit On Release Off
Edit Building G
Reset Building Right Click And Scroll Wheel Up
Play Emote B
Auto Run Caps Lock


Mouse X Sensitivity 17%
Mouse Y Sensitivity 12%
Sensitivity For Targeting 60%
Mouse Polling Rate 500 Hz
Sensitivity For Scope 60%
DPI 800

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VIVID Fortnite Settings FAQs

full name is Noah Wright and he is famous for streaming Fortnite. He is 21
years old and he is born on the 28th of April. He is an American and
he was born in New Jersey. You can find him with his alias names NotVivid,
VividFN, and Liquid Vivid. Talking about his family, he has 2 brothers and he
is currently living with his father and a younger brother. First, he used to
play with various names at the starting of his career. Later on, he managed to
settle on Vivid Calamity. After that, he shortened it more by making it Vivid.
Currently, he is a member of Team Liquid.

you are also one of his fans, this article is for you. Read the article to know
more about Vivid.


Vivid was pursuing his high school, he used to play League of Legends. After
that, he started playing RuneScape, Gears of Wars, COD, PUBG, and Halo. After
that, he finally switched to Fortnite. He first used to prefer to play OSRS
than Fortnite. After that, in 2018, he started playing Fortnite and since then,
he is playing it only.

2018 only, he had enough followers on his channel to earn a decent amount. Then
he decided to drop out of college and to pursue streaming as his career. He
used to then enrich his skills and he managed to get an invitation for Week 1
in Summer Skirmish. He performed extremely well there and then he was
appreciated by many streamers. He was then offered a place in the Team Liquid
and he accepted the offer and ever since, he is playing as a member of their


on his twitch channel, has almost 2000 subscribers and manages to get a decent
amount of views. These many views can earn him approximately 6000 US dollars
per month. Other than this, he has won almost 2000000 US dollars by
participating and winning in different tournaments in his career. Also, his
team provides him a decent salary of at least 70,000 US dollars. Also, he earns
from advertisements, sponsorships, and subscriptions. Lastly, his source of
income is his tips and merchandise sale.


has participated in and won many events in his career. He always manages to
secure a good position and perform extremely well in every competition he
participates in. In 2018, he participated in Fortnite Summer Skirmish Series
and managed to win it in Week 1, Week 4, Week 5, and Week 7. In the same year,
he participated in Legion Sunday showdown week 12 and won that too.


does not follow a fixed schedule to stream because of his other commitments.
You can find him streaming between 5.5-17 hours in a day. There is also no
particular day on which he streams, but you can see him streaming four to five
times a week.

can also follow him on his social media handles to know more about him. Also,
you can subscribe to his YouTube and Twitch channel to watch his streams or to
know when he is streaming.

Vivid was born in New Jersey.

Vivid keeps changing his gadgets, at present he uses a gaming keyboard known as-  Logitech G Pro Mechanical.

His favourite gaming mouse is – FinalMouse Air58 CBR Edition, lately he has been caught using many other mouse however this is the latest.

Currently Vivid is using HyperX Cloud II

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