Top 10 Game App Development Firms in UAE 2024

We all see how the demand for immersive and intriguing gaming experiences, so the UAE is becoming the center for game app development. Because of this reason, the developers of the gaming industry are exploring a range of boundaries, in order to develop unique and captivating games. These fascinating games ensure the developers engage a wider range of viewers, due to the rapid evolution of technology.

Understanding The Opportunities in The UAE Game App Development Industry 

As the UAE is becoming the center of several technologies and their development, the game app development industry is no exception. We all love to play games, while enjoying our time in a café, or just pass the time while waiting for our bus. In short, Mobile game apps are not just for kids. 

From mobile game apps like Candy Crush to video games that upgrade their journey to the mobile app world, like Call of Duty: Mobile, the demand for Mobile apps is standing out in the UAE market. This will eventually result in providing significant opportunities for app developers in the UAE, making their way easier in this competitive industry.  

List Of The Best Game App Development Firms in The UAE


ABTACH DMCC is placed at the top of our list, as it is emerging as a leading game app development company in UAE. To satisfy their customers with their services, ABTACH DMCC ensures to entertain their customers with astonishing outcomes to stay ahead in the market. 

This game app development firm has gathered some of the experienced and talented developers under a roof, that use these skills to create apps with creativity and innovative solutions. Thus, whether you want to avail of the services of game app development, or web development to app designing and marketing at affordable pricing, ABTACH DMCC is the place you are looking for. 

2. RetroCube 

When it comes to combining creativity with efficiency, RetroCube is another game app development company you can consider. With a proven history of developing the most trending gaming apps, RetroCube has been part of the gaming app industry for more than a decade. It has gained excellence in providing its game applications, ensuring seamless, and engaging gaming experience.

The team of developers and designers at RetroCube, try their best to keep themselves up-to-date with trending and innovative solutions in the development industry. As the main motto of this mobile app development company is to deliver mobile gaming apps for their customers, that ensures gamer enthusiasts will come back for more. 

Another top game app development firm in the UAE is Blink 22. What makes this company outstanding from others, is its team of skilled developers and designers who know how to develop apps that keep the players engaged for a longer time. 

The team at Blink 22 always prioritizes the instructions of their customers. So, from the idea sharing to the game app launch, Blink 22 keeps their customers updated with every step. They are known in the gaming industry of UAE for developing end-to-end game app development services, by guaranteeing a seamless and engaging gaming experience. 

4. CodeCrafters Inc. 

With the increasing popularity of mobile game apps, from interesting puzzles to adductive action adventures, CodeCrafters Inc. is the place you can consider. This app development company has an extraordinary track record of creating some of the successful gaming apps. 

With their years of experience in creating gaming apps, the developers of CodeCrafters Inc. have showcased their skills by delivering not only games that are visually stunning, but also games with immersive gameplay and unique gaming experience. 

5. TechGropse UAE

When it comes to choosing an app development company from the UAE, TechGropse stands out as one of the leading players in this industry. This company is known for providing on-demand solutions with innovation to every development issue. 

TechGropse offers a range of services for app development with budget-friendly packages. So, whether you are looking for assistance to create a casual game or a high-end multiplayer game, TechGropse has got you covered. So, connect with them and avail the game app development services with efficiency. 

6. DXB Apps

DXB Apps is a top-notch app development company in the UAE, which is making its way into the international industry. They have the expertise to provide their customers with apps that completely reflect the visions and ideas of, but with their creativity. 

DXB Apps promises to their customers to provide their dream gaming apps, with a seamless and efficient development process. Moreover, they also procure post-launch and ongoing maintenance and support to ensure optimal performance and most importantly gamer satisfaction. 

7. Apphitect

With a record of constantly delivering gaming apps, that ensure outstanding results and ensure enhanced gaming experience, Apphitect is one of the top game app development firms. With an impressive reputation in the gaming industry and a portfolio of game app projects, they have proven their skills and expertise. 

Apphitect’s team of developers has created a wide range of games of various genres and trending gaming solutions. They offer a comprehensive range of services that cater to all the unique requirements of their clients with creativity. 

8. The NineHertz

The NineHertz is another prominent name in the game app development industry of UAE. With their skilled and expert developers, designers, and artists work collaboratively with clients to create games that are visually appealing, engaging, and intuitive. 

This game app development company’s commitment to innovation and technological advancements ensures that its games stand out in a competitive market. With their innovative and cutting-edge solutions, they offer a range of services that cater to the gaming needs of clients.

9. Ajath 

With an impressive range of services with custom game app development services, Ajath is UAE’s well-known game app development firm. Their team of skilled developers and designers work closely with clients to understand their vision and bring it to life.

From conceptualization to deployment, Ajath ensures a seamless and efficient development process. They also provide ongoing maintenance and support to ensure optimal performance and user satisfaction.

10. Fluper 

Last on our list is Fluper, which is known for its thriving services that ensure its customers deliver games and mobile apps that will surely stand out in this competitive industry. The team at this firm has with ability to develop apps that have stunning visuals and amazing sound effects. This makes the gaming experience more engaging and captivating for game enthusiasts.  


To summarize, the UAE has become the host to several of the leading game app development companies, who demonstrate their proficiency through accomplished projects and satisfied customers. To stay ahead of others in the fast-paced world of game app development in the United Arab Emirates, choose the best game app development firm from this list. =

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