Dakotaz COD: Warzone Settings and Keybinds

Dakotaz‘s Other Gameplay Settings

Dakotaz COD: Warzone Video Settings

Video SettingsInput
Screen ModeFullscreen
Refresh Rate240 Hz
Aspect RatioAutomatic
Resolution (Render)100
Field of View103
Quality of ModelHigh
Filter Anisotropic (Texture)High
Resolution (Texture)High
Effects Quality (Special)High
Shadows (Dynamic)All
Quality of ShadowLow
Shadow (Weapon)Off
Special Shadow EffectsOff
Weapon Switch (Automatic)On
Ambient OcclusionHigh
View DistanceLow
Subsurface ScatteringOn
Blur MotionHigh
Quality of Blur MotionDisable
Weapon Switch Delay250

Dakotaz Mouse Settings 


Game SettingsInput
Mouse Sensitivity12.00
Polling Rate1000 Hz
Filtering 0
Low Zoom (ADS)1.00
High Zoom (AdS)1.00
Sensitivity (ADS)Relative

Dakotaz COD: Warzone Keybinds


Action Input
ProneLeft Ctrl
Sprint/Steady AimLeft Shift
Move ForwardW
Move BackwardS
Move RIghtD
Move LeftA
Firing Mode (Toggle)B
Toggle CameraV
MeleeCaps Lock
Open MapM
Auto RunH
Aim Down Sight (ADS)Right Finger Mouse Button
Equipment4th Mouse Button
Health KitX
Special Ability Q

Dakotaz is a known name in the field of streamers. He is a Youtuber and Twitch gamer. He streams for different games like PUBG and Fortnite. Dakotaz has millions of followers on both channels and is famous among teenagers. Every fan of Fortnite or PUBG may follow Dakotaz. If you are also his fan, then this article is for you. Read the article to know everything about Dakotaz. 


Personal Information

Here is all the personal information about Dakotaz that you need to know. Read some of the

facts below.

  • He was born on 12 July 1986 and is now 34 years old.
  • He is living in Michigan, United States.
  • His full name is Brett Hoffman and you can find him with aliases named “Dakota”. He used to like the name Dakota, but it was not available, therefore, he added a ‘z’ at the end of the name.
  • He is a member of Team SoloMid and usually streams for Fortnite and PUBG.
  • Talking about his family, he has one twin brother. He also has one sister and one older brother.



Dakotaz developed his interest in games in his childhood when he used to play with his brothers. He started playing Final Fantasy VII, Donkey Kong, Super Mario Bros, and other such games. He has some medical issues and therefore, he was much more interested in playing indoors. When he started playing online games, his first game was Splatterball. He became very addicted to that game but because he had fewer resources, he had to stop himself from playing it. After some time, he switched to World of warcraft and later on, left that too.   



In 2012, Dakotaz got to know about Twitch and then he started his streaming channel. He got his other inspiration from other top streamers and tried to make his channel work. Because he didn’t have many skills, he could not get many followers, and then he decided that he wants to learn skills and then come back to it. After some time, he wanted to get back to it after polishing his skills and he did the same. he came back as “Nerdlife” and then played. he gained a great number of followers. When he gained enough followers, he decided he is not going to stick to “Nerdlife”. He then again changed it to Dakotaz.


Net Worth

Being one of the top streamers, Dakotaz has earned a good amount of money. He mostly earns through his streams. He has a huge number of followers that help them to gain a good number of views on his streams. He usually streams 6:00-16:00 UTC from Monday to Friday. On Saturday, he streams only for two hours, which is from 19:00 to 21:00 UTC. Moreover, he does not stream on Sundays. Other than streaming, he can earn a good amount on donations and subscriptions. It makes his total worth to around 1 million USD. He is also active on different social media accounts on which you can follow him to know what is going on in his life.

Dakotaz was born in Michigan, United States

Dakotazv uses the Logitech G502 HERO gaming mouse to play games. 

Dakotaz uses the Logitech G Pro Gaming Headset gaming headset when playing games. 

Dakotaz uses the Asus ROG Swift PG258Q gaming monitor.

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