Tfue Valorant Settings & Keybinds

Tfue Valorant Video Settings

Video SettingsInput
Screen ModeFullscreen
Frame Per SecondUnlocked
Screen Resolution1920×1080
Texture Quality High
Material Quality High
UI Quality Low
Detail Quality High
Anisotropic Filtering8x
Anti-AliasingMSAA 4x
Gun Skin VisualsOn
Improve in ClarityOff

Tfue Mouse Settings 

 Razer Viper Ultimate

Game SettingsInput
Scoped Sensitivity1.00
Mouse Sensitivity0.65
Mouse Polling Rate500 Hz

Tfue Valorant Keybinds 

Ducky One 2 Mini

Game SettingsInput
WalkLeft Shift
CrouchLeft Ctrl
JumpSpacebar/Mouse Wheel Down
Equip Primary Weapon3
Equip Secondary Weapon2
Equip Melee Weapon1
Equip Spike4
Use/Equip Ability 1Q
Use/Equip Ability 2E
Use/Equip Ability 3C
Use/Equip Ability: UltimateR
Use ObjectF
Inner Lines1/5/2/2
Outer Lines0/0/0/0
Movement/Firing ErrorOn
OutlinesOn /1/1
Center DotOn

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Tfue Valorant Settings FAQs

Tfue was born in Canada in Mississauga. 

Tfue uses the Razer Viper Ultimate gaming mouse to play games. 

Tfue uses the ASUS ROG RTX 2080 TI graphics card.

Tfue uses the Sennheiser HD 800 S gaming headset when playing games. 

Tfue uses the BenQ ZOWIE XL2546 gaming monitor.

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