7 Best CPU Cooler for Ryzen 9 5950x (Review & Buying Guide)

Top Picks
BeQuiet! Dark Rock Pro 4

Be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4

Maximum Noise: 24.3 dB(A)
Maximum RPM 1500
250W TDP
Noctua NH-D15, Premium CPU Cooler

Noctua NH-D15

Maximum Noise 24.6 dB(A)
Maximum RPM 1500
Bearing Type SSO2
Noctua NH-C14S

Noctua NH-C14S

NF-A15 140mm PWM Fan
RAM Compatibility LGA20xx
Noise Level 24.6 dB
money value

As AMD releases one of the Best CPU Cooler for Ryzen 9 5950x, it pushes the limits of what consumers thought possible in a CPU. The CPU features 16 cores and 32 threads, making it one of the most powerful machines on the market today.

Simultaneous multithreading allows AMD’s Ryzen 9 5950X processor to have up to 16 cores and 32 threads of performance. By creating a task distribution scheme, similar to Intel HyperThreading, users can get the best utilization of available processor resources. Despite not all applications benefiting from multi-CPU usage, its specifications indicate that it is a good fit for heavy multitasking & multiple demanding applications concurrently. 

Due to this design choice, it not only offers excellent single-thread performance , but also exhibits impressive gains in throughput when running multi-threaded applications.

It can be difficult to choose the right CPU cooler out of the many options on the market. We have done our research to provide our recommendations for the best 7 CPU coolers for the Ryzen 9 5950x. On the list are some of the most powerful air coolers, AIO water coolers, & mid-range budget CPU coolers.

Best CPU Coolers for Ryzen 9 5950X in 2023

Ranking Best CPU Coolers for Ryzen 9 5950X Reviews
1. Be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4 5 out of 5
2. Noctua NH-D15 5 out of 5
3. Noctua NH-C14S 4 out of 5
4. DeepCool Assassin III 4 out of 5
5. Corsair H115i RGB Platinum 4 out of 5
6. ARCTIC Liquid Freezer II 280 4 out of 5
7. Alphacool Eisbaer LT360 4 out of 5

Best CPU Coolers for Ryzen 9 5950X in 2023 | Detailed Review

1. Be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4

Be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4

‎1. 5.3 x 5.7 x 6.4 inches
2. Weight 2.40 pounds
3. Voltage 12 Volts
  • 7 Heavy-duty Copper Heat Pipes
  • LGA & AM Compatible
  • Lacks Thermal Paste
  • Expensive Pricing

The Be quiet brand is known for producing high-quality PSUs that are highly efficient and perform well. This company has been focusing its attention on cooling solutions since 2008. They have recently released the Dark Rock Pro 4, their latest and most premium product. They have dual, virtually inaudible fans. 

While still delivering a strong sound signature of 24.3 dB(A), this product supports a TDP of 250W. Despite its size and the lack of LNA, the product looks promising.

In order to cool 250W of heat, you need a sizable heat sink. Overclocking is not possible despite its higher TDP. The heat sink is huge, so check the height of your RAM before installing it. In order for your RAM to fit beneath the heatsinks, its height must not exceed 40mm. A few enthusiasts have reported that under fully loaded conditions the noise level reaches 30dB(A), which falls just a little short of the company’s stated noise level.

The aesthetics of this heat sink is what sets it apart from the rest. There are black heatsinks, fans, heat pipes, and the base plate. All of that looks stunning on a black motherboard.

Air-based coolers have their advantages. There are fewer active components in liquid cooling, resulting in reduced life and greater energy consumption. They consume less power. With the Dark Rock Pro 4, you get better performance for just a few more dollars than Noctua’s NH-D15. These features make it one of the best CPU coolers for Ryzen 9 5950X

2. Noctua NH-D15

Noctua NH-D15

1. 5.91 x 6.34 x 6.5 inches
2. Weight ‎2.86 pounds
3. Voltage 12 Volts
  • Premium NF-A15 140mm Fans
  • 6 Extended Heatsinks 
  • Absence of SP3, TR4, sTRx4 support
  • Lacks RGB Lighting

A common recommendation for Ryzen 9 5950X is Noctua NH-D15. This product is based on the remarkable NH-D14 model and has a rich set of features. This top-class cooler is known for its improved and silent cooling performance. It features a dual-tower cooling system that meets all of its consumers’ needs. The company also offers a six-year warranty, which could be the most attractive part for its customers.

There are two 140mm top-of-the-line fans with brilliant PWM support and automatic speed control on the product. It has an extended heat-pipe structure. Gamers and enthusiasts who prefer silent operations will enjoy the cooler’s high level of features. 

Its top-class cooling system makes it particularly suitable for overclockers. In addition to the six heat-pipe dual-tower designs, the cooling kit has improved airflow and extra space while also providing efficient heat distribution. 

Its build quality is impeccable, but its limited colour choices and size have caused some buyers to complain. Furthermore, the buyers advised their customers to check whether the CPU cooler they choose is compatible with their case. It also comes with a thermal compound and is easy to install. Additionally, this product has made the list of the best CPU coolers for Ryzen 5950X.

3. Noctua NH-C14S

Noctua NH-C14S

1. 6.4 x 5.5 x 5.5 inches
2. Weight ‎2.24 pounds
3. Voltage 12 Volts
  • Low Noise Adaptor Equipped
  • Noise Level 24.6 dB
  • Expensive Pricing
  • Tough Installation

Noctua produces air-based coolers since they are simple, powerful, and come with the least amount of power consumption. During review, we will be looking at the Noctua NH-C14S; its design is offset slightly to ensure that the motherboard ports will not be covered. It’s a big advantage for those using larger RAM modules. These coolers can fit into a mini-itx or micro-atx case with ease.

Price plays a big role when choosing PC components. Although Noctua’s products are well known for their quality, they are expensive as well. A premium material and extensive research have led to a poor price-performance ratio for this fan. 

It will cost you hefty dollars if you need the extra fan. Besides the price, Noctua’s premium products have always had a problem matching the colour theme. Their beige and brown colours differ from most gaming machines.

In the cooler’s name, C indicates a C-type cooler, and S indicates an offset design with slots. Because of its innovative design, it offers 70 mm of memory clearance, the highest figure among the air-cooled heat exchangers we reviewed.

There is a 6-year warranty from Noctua, which speaks to the high-end quality itself. There is good PCIe clearance and the cooler has outstanding performance. It comes with a variety of high-quality accessories, and installation is also a breeze.

4. DeepCool Assassin III

DeepCool Assassin III

‎1. 8.19 x 72 x 11.57 inches
2. Weight ‎3.30 pounds
3. Wattage 2.52 watts
  • 280W Thermal Density Power
  • 7 Extended Heatsinks
  • High Noise Problems
  • Lacks Powder Coating

In terms of appearance, look, and style, the DEEPCOOL Assassin III Air CPU Cooler is a big hit with customers. We love its silver and black design. Its looks are not the only thing that impresses people but also its remarkable features and performance as well. Moreover, the unit is easy to install; everything you need will be in the box.

Nevertheless, you can run to 1400 RPM at only 29.5dB (A). The users of this unit, however, complain that it is slightly louder at its maximum capacity than its competitors. Other than that, there are seven 6mm heat sinks and two 140mm dual fans. The fans & heatsinks control airflow and maintain low temperatures.

The 165mm height of the CPU cooler makes it suitable for most cases (mid, full tower) without any problem. Additionally, the 138mm width means it will not interfere with the GPU. Nevertheless, the 54mm clearance allows it to accommodate the RAM and the adapter at the same time.

There is no RGB lighting on this air-based CPU cooler. Regardless, this product has a five-year warranty, making it a reliable option. This is the best CPU cooler for Ryzen 9 5900X from DEEPCOOL. It can, therefore, be considered without hesitation. You can still get RGB lighting though , if you don’t care about dead silence. This superior product, however, provides a more appealing appearance and is much easier to install. 

5.  Corsair H115i RGB Platinum

Corsair H115i RGB Platinum

‎1. 12.68 x 5.39 x 1.06 inches
2. Weight ‎2.16 pounds
3. Noise Level 36 dB
  • Pump RPM 2000 (PWM)
  • Maximum Noise 8.4 dB(A)
  • Noise Issues at Max RPM
  • Instabile tubes & RGB

Corsair is best CPU Cooler for Ryzen 9 5950X is the H115i RGB Platinum CPU cooler from Corsair that has every feature you would look for in a quality cooler. Corsair is a well-known brand that offers quality products and high performance. However, this pump is different from previous models. A popular choice for many customers is the Corsair square-shaped pump.

There are a lot of lighting effects in this cooler, giving it a stunning appearance. The cooler will turn your entire gaming setup into a dream setup for many gamers. It works with the most advanced sockets available today. 

Coolant is prefilled into the pump in a closed-loop system to eliminate leakage. The immense cooling performance of this AIO liquid cooler makes it the best AIO for 5950x. 

There were some complaints about the mess of cables in the main compartment, essentially pointing to non-compatibility with smaller 240 AIOs. Overall, it’s a top-notch product. 

PWM regulators can control the speed of both fans. Moreover, you are able to modify the fan and pump RPM speeds. You can also customize your RGBs with Corsair’s iCUE software.

6. ARCTIC Liquid Freezer II 280

ARCTIC Liquid Freezer II 280

1. ‎13.05 x 6.75 x 6 inches
2. Weight ‎3.47 pounds
3. Noise Level 0.3 Sones
  • Pump RPM 2000 (PWM)
  • Air Flow Capacity 72.8 cc/min
  • Lacks RGB Lighting
  • Expensive Pricing

It is unquestionably the best cooling option if the chassis is large enough and you require low noise. Pumps and fans operate very quietly. Technically, liquid coolers are also superior to air fans in terms of cooling performance. AIO water-based liquid cooling solution, the ARCTIC Liquid Freezer II 280 offers low price and low noise. 

There is maximum power consumption of 2.7W at 8.4 dB(A) or 0.3 sones. When the side panel is off, you can barely hear the noise. A PWM pump with a speed range of 800 to 2000 rpm is used. With liquid cooling it is possible to overclock the processor’s frequency. It is hard to manage long cooling pipes despite their popularity. AM4 sockets pose some mounting challenges. 

As far as the looks are concerned, a better lighting system could have made the game more appealing. As for the radiator itself, it is fairly large and takes up a lot of room, so be sure your case is large enough to accommodate its size before purchasing.

A unique feature of this cooling kit is the VRM fan mounted on the base plate. By doing this, the VRMs surrounding the processor will also be kept cool. PWM controls the speed of the fan between 1000 and 3000 Rpm. 

To ensure no leakage, the liquid is tightly contained within the loop. There is no need to change the water during operation. To keep the liquid cool, two 140mm ARCTIC P14 fans are installed on the radiator. It is claimed that the radiator consumes 80% less power than its competitors.

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7. Alphacool Eisbaer LT360

Alphacool Eisbaer LT360

1. 17.32 x 10.24 x 5.91 inches
2. Weight ‎2.20 pounds
3. Voltage 12V
  • Rated Speed 2600 RPM
  • Triple 120 mm Fan Solution
  • Not Extended Heatsink Option
  • Absence of RGB Lighting

This Alphacool Eisbaer LT360 liquid cooling solution has been making water cooling solutions for quite a while, and you could see the years of experience in it. It comes with an extremely powerful radiator. It comes with everything you need inside the box, so there isn’t any need for additional hardware.

With this cooling, even processors clocked at 3.7GHz like the Intel 3570K will remain below 50C even under high loads. The radiator’s 360mm width allows large heat to be removed. The AIO cooler’s appearance isn’t impressive. It does not have RGB, and the tubes included in the box are not the most beautiful. 

Besides having distracting red and blue rubber bands, the large connectors are also adorned with red and blue rubber bands. However, they can be easily removed if preferred. Although it does not have a VRM cooler, this cooler is more than worth its price.

In order to increase the pipes’ length, just disconnect a connector from the tubing and install a special clear tube or any other you prefer. Heat is transferred more efficiently with the radiator’s 100% copper material, reducing its power consumption. Although the AIO solution consumes slightly more power than the competition, the noise level and price cannot be beaten.

Shopping Tips To Buy Best CPU Cooler for Ryzen 9 5950X

Socket Size 

You should look at the socket size first. You cannot simply ensure you have a processor from AMD or Intel. The sockets of each brand change with time. Be sure that the cooler you buy fits the socket.


There are several types of CPU coolers on the market. Air coolers and liquid coolers are the two most common types. A PC built with an air cooler or liquid cooler uses air or liquid to cool the PC. Each type of CPU cooler offers a different level of performance. Air coolers and liquid coolers also provide different sizes and shapes. Before you buy a CPU cooler, you must decide which type you want.

Thermal Design Power

During normal operation, your processor produces a certain amount of heat. A higher frequency increases TDP. Be certain you will overclock before purchasing a product.


While some gamers who use gaming headset don’t mind the noise, others use their rig for work the rest of the time. With that in mind, you can either go for a cooler with an LNA to reduce the noise when working or a cooler with a liquid cooling system.


In the gaming world, aesthetics have become hugely popular. RGB coolers are available. Various types are available, including single-colored and multicolored multi-LED models. Choose the type you like.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How do I choose a cooler for my Ryzen 9 5900X? Air cooler or AIO water cooler?

Your build will depend entirely on your plans. Alternatively, if you plan on using it for less-demanding applications & are comfortable with moderate temperatures or a high-volume case, consider an air cooler. We recommend an AIO cooler, however, if you plan to overclock.

Q2. Is there a cooler included with the Ryzen 9 5950x?

No cooler is included with the Ryzen 9 5950x. The reason for this is that the processor can reach high temperatures under overclocked conditions, as it is an unlocked processor. Noctua NH-C14S is your best option if you’re after a cooler that provides overclocking headroom and supports RAMs and PCIe. The chassis is designed to perform well in low-noise environments.

Q3. Does Ryzen 9 require water cooling?

Under heavy workloads and heavy games, the Ryzen 9 5950x gets very hot, especially if it has been overclocked. Intel has a much higher TDP. With a water cooling system, this processor delivers top-tier performance. AMD’s latest multi-core processor is perfect for streamers due to its multicore performance. You will be amazed at Alphacool Eisbaer LT360’s performance in all kinds of situations.

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