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Are you tired of wasting hours doing repetitive actions on your PC? And looking to edge over your competitors in the game? What if we say you can experience using macros without having them physically?  Well, you can do so by using TG Macro on your device. But what is it? So, TG Macro is software replicating the recorded action on a loop to save time. With this revolutionary software, you can customize your gaming session and enhance them. You are just required to read the article all the way through its conclusion to unlock the advanced capabilities of magical gameplay.   

TG macro Download

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What is TG Macro?

TG Macro

TG macro is an automatic tool that helps you to repeat the sanction on a loop. You can set the speed of macros playback and also customize your macros as per your needs. Through this revolutionary tool, you can simply avoid doing a repetitive task on your own and wasting time on the same. Well, some games are so intricate that we end up scratching our heads in leveling ourselves up. Here is when TG Macro comes into use. Simply by repeating actions, you can get an edge over your competitors in your game. Not only this, you can customize your macros simply on your high-end PCs. There are various other alternatives present on the market, such as Tiny task and auto clicker.

TG Macro Download Requirements

Before we get to dive into the download and installation process, there are several things that we have to prepare prior to its downloads. These things are standard system requirements that we need to fulfill to download TG Macro for PC.

Tg macro Download
  • A Windows PC is a must with Windows version 7 or more.
  • 32-bit is the minimum required configuration.
  • 2GB RAM 
  • Free storage space: at least 100 MB.
  • Consistent Internet

How To Perform TG Macro Download?

If you have fulfilled all the above-written requirements on your device, then you are quite ready to download it on your device. However, the download process is quite easy if you are a newbie in the gaming world. Still, you can download it without many hassles and challenges. You just need to click the download button above for downloading and wait for a few minutes to let it complete. This way, you will unlock the ultimate gaming experience of advanced Roblox FPS and other capabilities.

How To Install TG Macro?

This special software doesn’t require any special process for installation. You can simply start using it after completing the download. It is a lightweight software that won’t come up with huge brunt for your PC, and you can simply get into it. However, you need to have a Winrar application prior to your device to launch the software as it comes in .exe format. Else you won’t be able to open it. 

As you are done with the download, you are required to get in the downloads and copy the file and paste it into the desktop for more handy and efficient use. Launch it and get done with the common coming on-screen wizards to use it.

How To Use TG Macro For PC?

TG Macro For PC

Using the Tg macro on your PC is not a difficult task. You can simply use it without any hassles. However, it has an easy-to-use interface, so don’t worry about doing any of the tasks with it. Let’s look below for a better rationale for using the guide. However, you will definitely be going to enjoy your gaming sessions whether in the Roblox apk, Minecraft, or any other game.

Creating Manulal Macros

The very first thing that one person should do after getting done with the installation and downloading is created macros. So, first, we will go to look at how one can create macros in the below pointers.

  • Launch newly downloaded software.
  • Look for adding a new option in the bottom right pane.
  • Name your macro.
  • Now, you are required to set triggering options, coming in the left pane.
  • You will encounter a key status option where you need to select the key, which will perform an action when pressed.
  • Another option that you will come across is the recording section. Here you are required to select the input devices so that the actions will be recorded by those devices only.
  • After customizing the settings, click the + option coming in the right pane.
  • Select an action from the drop-down menu and start recording your action.
  • Here you must note that pressing Alt+X can save your cursors’ position.
  • Recheck all the settings or customization you just made and hit save to create the macro.

Adding Actions

This section is another very important aspect if you have made any mistake in creating a macro. You can carry out some changes if you want. Let’s look at the point below through which you can actually make changes.

  • Click the + or edit option coming on the first screen you see after the software launch. 
  • Here. the action editor will come up in front of you. You can edit any action you want. Here are basically four types of action. 
  1. Mouse keys
  2. Keyboard key
  3. Mouse movement
  4. Wait for action
  • This way, you can add or edit any kind of action in the editor. However, you must not forget to hit save to actually save the changes.

Configuring Key Statuses

Another change that you can make in the action editor is key status. How do you want your action to be looped while pressing keys? You can simply click the + or edit option to get into the action editor prompt. Let’s see what key status you can set. However, there are only three statuses that you can carry out.

  • Up Key: Through this key status, action will be launched as you release the key.
  • Down Key: In this type of status, you will need to press the key and hold it until the action is done.
  • Press Key: Through this key, you can release the action within 1 millisecond.

Setting Keys

Now that you have got the idea of key statuses, you must be thinking about what key you are required to press when you want to execute the action. Thus, we are coming up with the below pointer through which you can actually get the idea of the settings key for looping actions.

  • Launch your program and click edit.
  • Now, choose a macro that you want to play in a loop.
  • Here you will get the option  “Click here to set key” click it.
  • Now, select the key through which you want to play loop actions.

Recording Events

The main and primary function of this software is to record the actions that you want to play on a loop. Thus, you are just required to record the events on your software. Let’s see how one can do so.

  • If you are done with creating a macro, then it is good. If not, then you must do it first.
  • Now, locate the start recording option coming in the below right pane.
  • You can press the record option, or else you can press the hotkeys combination Ctrl + F10.
  • This way, the recording will be started. You can press the record button again to stop the recording.

Creating Loops and setting playbacks 

Now last but not least, how to execute the recorded actions on a loop. So, let’s get into the steps below to understand it. But before that, make sure you have that you have created and macro and record an action series in that too.

  • Choose a macro that you want to make playing on a loop.
  • Click + or edit on the macro’s prompt.
  • Get in the triggering windows. Here, you can set the key events.
  • Hit the key toggle option.
  • Now, you must hit save to execute it.

How To Import AMC Recoil Scripts on TG Macro?

AMC scripts are those scripts that are made out of the TG Marco, and you can execute these scripts with TG Macro, and you can enjoy your game with full potential through these scripts. Well, these scripts are made to record the smallest of the mouse events and other keyboard events to make your gameplay efficient. Hence, it is known as the AMC recoil script. Let’s check how you can import these scripts into the software.  

  • Launch the software TG Macro on your device.
  • Click on the file section in your Windows.
  • You will be able to locate various options.
  • Here, locate the import option coming in the last. Click that.
  • Here, a window will open in your file folder. Select the script you have saved in your computer.
  • Now, click next to allow the import, and you are all set to get started with the macro actions. 

TG Macro Worth a Shot?

TG Macro is compatible with most devices and worth giving a try. You can simply experience the top-quality macro records and their applications to enhance your gameplay sessions. You can record every tiniest action, even the cursor movement as well. Moreover, it is one of the safest automation tools that will help you to achieve the ultimate gameplay without wasting many hours on it. Thus, we would advise you to give it a try and experience the revolutionary fame play. However, this way, you can cope with stress through technology, as this will resolve your hassle in the game with increasing levels.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is TGM, and how does it work?

TGM is an automation tool that helps you to repeat the actions as recorded on a loop. You just need to record the action and play it when you need to do the same action. This way, you can simply enhance your gaming level.

Q2. How to install TG Macro on a PC?

Installing TG Macro on your device is not that tough. You just need to download it from a trusted site or from its official website. You can download it with the above button in our article. After that, you can simply open it and use it. It won’t need any special installation process.

Yes, Tg Macro is legal as you are not using any cheat or exploit in your game. It is just an automation tool that you are using for automated actions. So, you must not fear getting banned or any other thing charged from the game.

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