Best Vertical GPU Cases To Flaunt Your Rig | Top 7 Reviewed

Top Picks
Thermaltake Tower 900 Black Edition Tempered Glass

Thermaltake Tower 900 Black Edition

Tt LCS Certified
Dismantlable Modular Design
5mm Tempered Glass Window
CORSAIR Crystal Series 680X RGB

Corsair Crystal Series 680X

DDR4 Memory
48 Customizable RGB LEDs
3 Included LL120 RGB Fans
thermaltake a700

Thermaltake A700

4 + 6 or 3 Drive Bay Rotational PCI E 8 Slots Design
Dual 4mm Thick Tempered Glass
money value

The graphics card is the masterpiece of your game rig. It clearly makes sense that you want to flaunt it off in front of your friends and other gamers. So, here you need the best vertical GPU case to make your GPU’s aesthetics more visually appealing. 

We as gaming geeks have reviewed the 7 best vertical GPU cases that will show your GPU in full glory. Each product is tried and tested on different levels like overclocking, airflow, looks, and whatnot! So, you will get only the best of the best here. 

You can push these GPU cases to their limits because each one is handpicked by us after a decent search. In the end, we’ve also shared some tips to help you with what to consider before buying any GPU cases. Let’s begin.

Best Vertical GPU Cases | A Quick Glance

RankingBest Vertical GPU CasesReviews
1.Thermaltake Tower 900 Black Edition5 out of 5
2.Corsair Crystal Series 680X5 out of 5
3.Thermaltake A7004 out of 5
4.NZXT H510i4 out of 5
5.Phanteks Evolv Shift Air4 out of 5
6.Cooler Master MCM-H500P4 out of 5
7.SilverStone Technology Slim Computer Case4 out of 5

Best Vertical GPU Cases | A Detailed Review

1. Thermaltake Tower 900 Black Edition

Thermaltake Tower 900 Black Edition

1. Brand: Thermaltake
2. Color: Black
3. Material: Tempered Glass
4. Cooling Method: Water, Air
5. Motherboard Compatibility: ATX
  • Vertical PSU Mounting
  • Three-Way Placement Layout
  • Open Frame Panoramic Viewing
  • Big and Heavy
  • Demand Extra Space
  • Mostly Out of Stock

The Thermaltake Tower 900 chassis is the most expensive pick in our best vertical GPU cases list. This chassis is a showpiece and will flaunt your hardware because it is built of only high-quality materials.

It has large, heavy glass panels that will show off each detail of your entire rig. The case can hold over 12 fans to ensure better heat exhaustion. Also, two side panel vents on the back cover four fan mounts.

Mounting locations are strategically placed so that maximum heat is drawn away from your components. And don’t worry about fitting other components inside because this case can house even the most extensive radiators.

The Tower 900 has a complete filtration system that includes nylon mesh filters. These filters are secured by magnetic strips on the metal panels, and the top panel has catch tabs that hold the filter in its place.

Thermaltake provided many drive bays for Tower 900 to meet your storage requirements. These drive bays are equipped with silicon-dampened pins that protect your storage devices and reduce vibration. We really love this feature. 

Tower 900 comes with various standoffs and screws for different drives, fans, and motherboards. This stunning case also gives you a decent amount of cable ties for neat and tidy cable management.

The Tower 900 may look intimidating but you can easily assemble or disassemble it with a single screwdriver. Fascinating right?  We won’t deny that Tower 900 is really expensive. But is it worth your money? Definitely yes.

2. Corsair Crystal Series 680X

Corsair Crystal Series 680X

1. Brand: Corsair
2. Material: Tempered Glass, Alloy Steel
3. Cooling Method: Air
4. Motherboard Compatibility: Micro ATX
5. Item Dimensions: 16.65 x 13.54 x 19.88 inches
  • USB 3.1 Type-C
  • Secure PSU Bay
  • Great Filtration System
  • Expensive
  • Exhaust Fan Not RGB-lit
  • Average Acoustic Performance

The Corsair Crystal Series 680X chassis is an elegant pick designed to keep your build as neat as possible. It comes with adjustable lighting and a tempered glass-hinged side panel that highlights the brightest elements of your PC build.

Crystal Series 680X has a plastic and steel structure with three glass panels to allow better airflow. These panels also come with washable magnetic filters to prevent dust and tiny particles from getting into your system.

This stunning case has a dual compartment design, with an ample chamber on the right side to manage cables easily. The panel also has holes for enhanced ventilation which is secured by captive thumbscrews. This is fascinating!

Crystal Series 680X comes with three Corsair RGB PWM fans and one preconfigured standard fan to allow high air pressure. Even if you do not add any additional fan, you will face no issue in maintaining a decent temperature during heavy load.

It’s worth mentioning that the three glass panels absorb sound so well that the noise output is extremely low. Also, the huge spaces between the case and glass panels allow it to create improved airflow. This is something we really appreciate. 

The Crystal Series 680X has a removable front and top panel. This makes it easy for you to install fans or radiators. Its design lets you configure the cooling system from outside and then smoothly slide it back into the system.

All in all, the Crystal Series 680X is a premium chassis that offers exceptional value for your money. This is our favorite pick because it is built from high-end materials and has premium features to offer you. So, you should definitely go for this best vertical GPU case.

3. Thermaltake A700

Thermaltake A700

1. Brand: Thermaltake
2. Material: Aluminum
3. Cooling Method: Water, Air
4. Motherboard Compatibility: Extended ATX
5. Item Dimensions: 20.91 x 11.6 x 23.46 inches
  • Swing-open Doors
  • Thick Aluminum Panels
  • Uncompromising Material Mix
  • Heavy
  • No Velcro Strips
  • Air Gap Due to Hinges

If you like hulk size or full tower PC cases, then the Thermaltake A700 will definitely fascinate you. It is the only case in which you can mount multiple graphics cards. All thanks to its patent-pending Rotational PCI-E slots. 

You can mount the 8 slots horizontally or vertically as per your needs. The Thermaltake A700 TG is a sleek case with excellent build quality. It has aluminum top/bottom panels, and two 5mm tempered glass panels (left & right).

This dual vertical GPU case comes with many fan mounts. Also, you get two 140mm fans already installed on the front and one on the rear. Its front I/O ports have 2 USB 3.0 ports, a USB Type-C port, two USB 2.0 ports, and a high-quality audio port.

Trust us, this is a big case that can conveniently accommodate a 200mm tall CPU, support 410mm-long graphics cards, and 420mm radiators. It is Tt LCS Certified which proves that you can use it for extreme water cooling configurations.

It has dust filters for the air intake and offers neat and clean cable management. What really impressed us more is that it allows you to perform a tool-free drive installation. So, if you are a newbie, you will face no installation problems.

Overall, it’s an best vertical GPU case for enthusiasts and gamers who love high-end gaming setups and want to flaunt their stylish internal components. But yeah, buy this case only if you have a big table because it’s massive.

4. NZXT H510i

NZXT H510i

1. Brand: NZXT
2. Material: Tempered Glass
3. Cooling Method: Air
4. Motherboard Compatibility: ATX
5. Item Dimensions: 16.85 x 8.27 x 18.11 inches
  • Built-in Mounting Bracket 
  • Upgraded Smart Device V2
  • Front I/O USB Type-C Port
  • OK Build Quality
  • Difficult Installation 
  • Few Functional Flaws

NZXT H510i is one the most stunning cases that allow a vertical GPU mount directly. While the case features a simple and clean style, it appears sleek and modern at the same time. It’s a mid-tower-style case that can accommodate up to ATX motherboards. 

Its build quality is exceptional and it will not cost you a fortune to buy this case. This cheap PC case with a vertical GPU mount offers you great airflow and comes with two preinstalled Aer F120 fans in the front, and another in the rear. You can easily install additional fans in the top and front to boost the airflow. 

We were really impressed with this case because the brand offers countless premium features. You can control its two integrated ARGB LED strips via NZXT CAM Software. Also, this huge case supports premium GPU, tall CPU coolers, and big radiators. 

The case has excellent cable management, and dust filters for air intake. It comes with a huge glass side panel that makes all the internal parts visible. So, flaunt them in front of your friends and family and get appreciation. 

Overall, if you’re looking for a top-quality, attractive and best vertical GPU case that offers you many features at less price then look no further than NZXT H510i. You can buy this case in black/white, black, and black/red color combinations.

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5.  Phanteks Evolv Shift Air

Phanteks Evolv Shift Air

1. Brand: Phanteks
2. Color: Gray
3. Material: Aluminum
4. Integrated D-RGB Lighting 
5. Built-in stylish Lighting Patterns
  • Small Footprint
  • Simple Interior Layout
  • Integrated D-RGB Lighting & Controller
  • Challenging Build 
  • Wobbly Switchgear at Top
  • Riser Cable only does PCIe 3.0

The Evolv Shift 2 is a high-end ITX chassis with lots of power. It has an innovative design that minimizes your desk size while staying accessible and intuitive. Because of its small footprint and flexible placement, the Shift 2 looks superb from anywhere in your house.

Accessing its interiors is extremely clever and is sure to impress you. You can just push down the vent which will release a latch that allows you to lift the top. After lifting the top, the four sides can be removed by loosening the underside thumbscrews. Easy right?

Talking about installation, Shift 2 has a sandwich layout. On the one side of the spine, there’s space for your motherboard with the 85mm cooler, and below that, there’s room to install an SFX PSU to the other half side. You can access your Mobo beneath the top vent.

We really love the airflow Shift 2 has to offer. This case can easily accommodate four 120mm/140mm fans. So rest assured about the airflow because what you get is the best. You sure won’t want to slip this case out from your hand. Don’t wait and get it now.

6. Cooler Master MCM-H500P

Cooler Master MCM-H500P

1. Brand: Cooler Master
2. Material: Tempered Glass
3. Cooling Method: Air
4. Motherboard Compatibility: ATX
5. Item Dimensions: 21.42 x 9.53 x 21.34 inches
  • Good Design
  • 200mm Intake Fans
  • Premium Materials Build
  • Not Great Value
  • Little Loud at 100%
  • No USB Type-C on Front Panel

Cooler Master is the most loved brand of hardcore gamers. And to be honest, we also love this brand because it performed really crazy in all our tests. You can get a full peek of your fancy components in the case through a big gray tempered glass side panel.

Besides 7 standard expansion slots, you also get two vertical slots to mount the graphics card. Furthermore, there are plenty of spots that help you install 140mm and 200mm fans for optimal cooling. We find this feature really fascinating. 

You can add x 2 USB 2.0s and x2 USB 3.0s on the top for quick data transfer. We found plenty of space in this case to install heavy hardware. But you get fixed drive bays for expanding the disk storage capacity. So, this might disappoint you.

Our main intention is to review a case that will make your graphic card look exceptional and visually appealing. And the Cooler Master H500P is the best fit to achieve this goal. You can buy this case in two colors: Black and white.

All in all, the Cooler Master H500P will be an excellent choice for PC gamers who want multiple mount brackets in their case. This is why it is extremely demanding and goes out of stock easily. So we suggest you grab it whenever you see it in stock.

7. SilverStone Technology Slim Computer Case

SilverStone Technology Slim Computer Case

1. Brand: SilverStone Technology
2. Cooling Method: Water
3. Motherboard Compatibility: Mini ITX
4. Item Weight: 9 Pounds
5. Item Dimensions: 15.04 x 13.78 x 4.13 inches
  • Tough Build Quality
  • Clever Interior Design
  • Supports Large Video Cards 
  • Fingerprint Prone
  • Limited interior Hardware Choices
  • 4th 2.5-inch Bay Takes PSU Space

Last but not least we have the SilverStone RVZ03. The RVZ03 is pretty nice and has one ARGB front panel available. It can accommodate dual-slot GPUs of 330mm length and 149mm wide and also supports tall CPU coolers. 

The case includes 2 pre-installed case fans with additional space for one more. This is why we consider it as one of the top performers in the industry. You can install at least four 2.5 SSD drives (if you are using an SFX PSU). 

Following the same design and style, as its predecessors, this best vertical mini ITX case sports an elegant and minimalist design. Sometimes it looks like a setup box, so it just takes up a little space on your gaming table.

A word of caution: The plastic is glossy and is made up of a fingerprint magnet. Once you start using the case, the fingerprints become noticeable. But the price factor is something why gamers prefer this case. This case has competitive pricing making it one of the best vertical GPU case on our list. It is perfect for enthusiasts who want nothing but the best. So grab your best gaming mouse or your best gaming keyboard and start flaunting your rig.

Things to Consider Before Buying Best Vertical GPU Case

1. Size

Be sure to verify the size of any case with your GPU dimensioning. Cases with vertical mounts for graphics cards are bought by gamers with premium GPUs. You can read the dimensions of GPU on the case itself.

best vertical GPU cases

2. Airflow

Be sure to check the airflow of the case because if you are a hardcore gamer or mean extreme overclocker, then you need a better airflow. Does not matter if you buy the world’s best vertical GPU cases, they are nothing without proper airflow.

3. PCIe Riser Cable

If you decide to purchase a case with a vertical mount then do check if it includes a PCIe riser cable or you have to buy it separately. Some brands include it and some brands ask you to buy it separately from their websites  

4. Thermals

Maintaining an optimal temperature is important no matter if you have an air or a water cooler. The two components that produce more heat within a gaming system are the CPU and GPU. If the temperature is above normal then the gaming experience will be reduced due to thermal throttling. So, before buying any best vertical GPU cases for your setup, check the case thermals first.

If you are using an air cooler, then check there is sufficient airflow to blow out the hot air from your system. Install at least 2 intake fans at both the front and the rear. This setup will draw cold air into your case and then blow hot air out of the back panel to boost positive air pressure.

5. Case Material

Certain cases are more effective at stimulating airflow in comparison to other cases. Although the majority of cases are made with restrictive materials, some have mesh front panels that allow improving breathability. You can buy the best vertical GPU cases after analyzing your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q1. Is it Better to Mount your GPU Vertically?

There’s nothing to gain in performance by placing your GPU vertically. Installing your graphics in such a way only adds visual appeal to your gaming rig.

For instance, if your GPU has RGB lighting, the best vertical GPU case will make it appear more appealing through the transparent glass.

Q2. What are some Best Vertical GPU Cases in 2023?

The best vertical GPU cases are:

  • Thermaltake Tower 900 Black Edition
  • Corsair Crystal Series 680X
  • Thermaltake A700
  • NZXT H510i
  • Phanteks Evolv Shift Air
  • Cooler Master MCM-H500P
  • SilverStone Technology Slim PC Cases

Q3. Why are PC Cases Vertical?

Nowadays, most cases are vertical since they take up less space on the desk. Furthermore, monitors are now bigger and look bad if they are positioned on the top of horizontal cases. So, today gamers prefer buying vertical cases only.

Q4. What are the Benefits of Vertical Mounting?

The vertical GPU mount looks great because it allows you to see your GPU cooler clearly. And you can flaunt it in front of your friends and competitors. It’s also worth noting that the majority of graphics cards nowadays have lighting, too. That’s why people tend to opt for a vertical case only.

Q5. What are the Best Tips to Mount GPU Vertically?

  • The vertically mounted graphics card blocks airflow inside cases. To prevent this from happening it’s recommended to put one exhaust fan in the back and two intake fans in front.  
  • Your graphics card’s width shouldn’t surpass 2.5 or 2.7 slots width. If the width exceeds the size, we suggest you purchase a new case with an upright vertical mounting bracket to ensure that airflow doesn’t get blocked. This is because if the GPU takes up more space, the fans will run at greater frequency and at a higher voltage due to congestion. In turn, your GPU will experience high temperatures. So, buying a case with a vertical mounting bracket becomes important here.
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