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Free is a term that you must be quite wary of. The words ‘free’ might be attractive but it is dangerous for you at the same time. Since it looks like you are quite curious about earning some Coin master spins for free, we wrote a bit about it. But, before we tell you all the ways in which you can earn these coins you must know that everything that you get for free online comes at a cost. The cost that you pay to them is information related to you.

However, in this article, we will tell you some of the trusted and easy ways of earning free spins for Coin Master. There are a dozen methods that can be implemented to get free spins and minimize your expenses. This will also help you in boosting your progress in this addictive game.

What is a coin master? Why do you need coin master spins?

Count master is a free casual game. It is a single players game that can be played on mobile. The mobile game is created by Moon Active, an Israeli gaming studio. The magnitude of download on this game is around 100 million as of February 2021. 

The main objective of the game include:

  • Collect coins & items
  • Upgrade your Viking village
  • Advance to higher levels
  • Unlock attractive features and develop your village

The game is pretty simple. All you have to do is spin the slot machine before performing any action in the game. Thus the gambling feature makes things quite easy for you. The players earn coins from using the spin machine and develop their village accordingly.

Coin Master Free spins

However, you also get additional stuff from the spins that enables you to do the following

  • Attack the villages(s) of your opponents 
  • Raid stashes of other players
  • Enable shields on your village to reduce the impact of opponent’s attacks

Now you know that the spins play a crucial part in the game, plates go to buying spins. In this article, we will tell you about how to get free spins for the Coin master? And also about how to level up yourself with these free spins? If you are interested and want to find this out read the article till the end.

Methods to Earn Spins in Coin Master

Since its launch in 2015, the mobile game has managed to generate as many as 81 million downloads till now. For this data, you can imagine the popularity of the game. Just to inform you, Coin Master is the highest-grossing mobile game in the United Kingdom and Germany. 

So if you haven’t played the game you might still be aware of the game as its ads are quite frequent on social media and in-app feeds. However, most of us are aware of the fact that the coin master is a pretty simple and straightforward game. This basic mobile adventure game basically revolves around free spins to earn coins, spend those coins to build a village, attacking opponents and raiding their stashes, defending your village and buildings from opponents.

Free Coin Master spins spring festival

So spins are the main part of the game without which your progress will stop and you remain at one point in the game. Here are the mentors that you can use to either buy or get Coin Master spins and coins for free

  • Buy the spins from the in-app purchase option using online banking
  • Winning on the slot machine
  • Raiding stashes of other players 
  • Attacking the base (village) of opponents

However, there are other ways to earn the coin masters free spins too and boost your levels in-game.

Other top working ways to earn free Coin Master spins and coins

Social Media pages and handles of Coin Master

In the age of digitalization, social media is an integral part of the growth of any organization. One of the main reasons behind the popularity of the Coin Master is the organization’s active presence on social media and the way they interact with the audience there.

The developers of this mobile game are well known for rewarding their loyal users with valuable gifts that can be used in-game for progress. They provide links that can help you earn Coin master free spins.

However, in order to avail these, you should keep a regular tab on the official social media forums and handles of the coin master. So, by keeping an eye on the latest activities of Coin Mater on their Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram you can easily get your hands on a regular flow of freebies with minimal effort.

Free Coin Master spins Social media rewards

Steps to keep in mind for regular update and links containing free Coin Master Spins and Coins
  • Follow the official handle of Coin master on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram
  • Turn on the Notification for posts on these social media platforms  
  • Keep checking for links containing free Spins and Coins
  • Keep interacting with the posts by liking, commenting, and sharing them

 Using the mailing system | Signing up for updates through Email

Many of you might generally ignore subscribing to updates via email. We understand that having a pretty organized and clutter-free email helps you to identify the important ones easily. But, at times avoiding subscribing for information makes you miss some of the very good offers and freebies of many marketers. The same is in the case of the Coin Master.  

By subscribing to the newsletter of the Coin Master, you will get access to a number of coin master free spin links on your email. Such links are generally given to players every day through emails. So like this, you will have your hands on Coin Master daily free link

The best part is you can easily do it by following a link on the application which will ask for your email Id. Moreover, it will not land you up in receiving spam emails as you are providing the information to the developers and they are very careful about the user data.

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Inviting Your Friends to Join Coin Master community

Network marketing is a great way to grow and the developers of the Coin Master are well aware of this fact. So, they give you an option to invite your Facebook friends to join the coin master community. Once, the person you invited registers himself/ herself as a coin masters player, you will receive a wealthy amount of free spins as a reward.

All that you need to make sure to avail this reward
  • Invite your friends on Facebook using the Coin Master application
  • Once they have accepted the invitation, they will be prompted to download the game from the Google play store
  • After downloading and installing the game, they will be asked to log in.
  • Ask them to login using Facebook
  • Once they have logged in, you are entitled to 40 free spins that will be added to your gaming account

Free Coin Master spins Invite friends

So just by inviting a friend you get  40 spins, imagine how many you can get if you end up inviting multiple? Also, the amount of progress that you will do from these spins would be considerable. All in all, it is a win-win situation.  Why? We will tell you about this in the next point!

Free Coin Master Spin request as a gift

One of the most used and the best ideas to earn free spin is the daily spin quota. The players of Coin Masters are allowed to send and receive as many as 100 free spins daily. But before you can use this feature to its full capacity you need to have 100 active and dedicated Coin master players so that every one of them can send you one gift daily helping you collect a total of 100 spins.  This might sound hectic to send gifts to 100 people every day, but it is not. All that you have to do is keep sending/ requesting until you are done sending/ requesting the gift to and from 100 in-game friends. 

Watching Video Ads get Free Coin Master Spins

Sponsored videos are a great way to earn freebies in-game. At the same time, they tell you about a product. Since the game is a mobile game you can opt for watching 10- 30 seconds Ads and earn a limited amount of spins every day. 

Steps to use this feature to earn free spins
  • Open Coin Master Application
  • Navigate over to the coin master slot machine 
  • Locate the spin energy icon and click on it
  • This is located on the lower right corner of the app on your display
  • A 30-second long ad will popup

Note: If you don’t find the icon there, it means that you have exhausted the allocated free spins through the ads limit for the day.

Participation in Special Events:

Most of you might not be aware of it, but the experienced players would certainly know of the special events. To let you know, there are some of the other special events always going down in the Coin Master’s community. The developers keep the players involved and keep on doing something to keep them involved. 

Free Coin Master spins

If you participate and win any one of these events, be assured to be rewarded with a considerable amount of free spins.

Steps to check about the details of the event and participate 
  • Open the game on your mobile and navigate to the slots machine screen
  •  Now look for buttons on the top right corner of your screen, if available
  • If you are able to find one, click on it to check details and register
  • If you don’t find any, then it means that there is no special event active currently
  • Make sure to keep a tab, for active event

As mentioned earlier, these events can reward you handsomely, so you must be prepared to take full advantage of such events at all times. 


With the methods that have been mentioned above along with the steps, you must be able to earn a sufficient amount of Coin Master free spins. Also, you need to be aware of scams and fraudulent websites that are promising you free spins. 

We have already informed you that, when an inauthentic source is promising you something for free, there might be something fishy about it that you need to be aware of. So, follow above mentioned authentic steps to fill your bag with spins rather than getting scammed

Hope we were able to solve your issue and tell you about the ways in which you can earn free spins for Coin master. If you have any questions, queries, suggestions, or feedback related to this article, feel free to let us know in the comments box.

Thanks for reading! To stay updated subscribe to our newsletter and keep visiting.

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