How to convert Quickbooks Enterprise file to Quickbooks Premier or Pro?

You bought QuickBooks Enterprises to organize your new business accounts, but later on you noticed that you did not need QB Enterprises as its too expensive, you are using it for your basic accounts and  you are not that big organization, its too extra than what you need, you know QuickBooks Pro or Premier will do your accounts effectively. Now, you want to downgrade from QB Enterprises to QB Premier or Pro.

Or, you might have bought QB Enterprises on the bases of your business future plans, but for any reason, you wish to work with QB Premier or Pro as of now to manage your accounts. So, you want to downgrade from QB Enterprises to QB Premier or Pro.

You definitely have this question in mind, “It is possible to downgrade QuickBooks without losing any of your data and you can work on the downgraded version right from where you left in upper version?”, “Is there any way to downgrade instead of start over all again with the new product?”

The answer is “Yes”, you can definitely downgrade from the upper version of QB that is QB Enterprise to QB Premie or Pro, but you would need a third-party professional to do this work for you as it’s not simple neither easy to do. However, there is a way you can do it yourself by expoting your QuickBooks Enterprises files to QuickBooks Online and then export it back from QuickBooks Online to QuickBooks Desktop version.

But, first, you will need QuickBooks Online to perform it by yourself. Second, you might do any mistake in any step, you did everything well and you can not use the files properly, there is something missing on files and the worst you might lose all your data. To avoid any mishappening I would recommend you to hand over the downgrading process to a third-party professional to get it done for you.

Business owners who don’t have much data or nearly a month old data, they decided to do it by themselves as third party conversion would seem way expensive in this case.

So, here I am providing you some important points you should keep in mind before you begin importing of files from QuickBooks Enterprises to QuickBooks Online.

Things you should know before start.

  • Keep your QB files under 350,000
  • Make a QB Online free trial account as an administrator.
  • Make sure you using Internet Explorer as other browsers noted as not working for it.
  • You may lose your data while importing QB Enterprises files to QBO.
  • Imported files could be trimmed as based on limitations of importing.
  • Take a backup of your QB Enterprises and restore it, that you will have two copies of your data. Export the second copy of your QBE data so your original files data remains untouched.

Now, you are all ready to import files from QBE and export it back to QBD, but anytime you feel like something has messed up, do not hesitate to get help from conversion professionals.