What Is Mouse Acceleration? How To Turn It Off?

What is mouse acceleration? Here’s CSGO pro gamers think about it

Be it a first-person shooter like CSGO or any third-person shooting game, your performance will depend on how nicely you control your mouse and how fast you react in the game. Mouse Properties are something that certainly helps you in gaining an advantage in these games. Professional players are highly skilled at this. You must … Read more

A list of Best Carpal Tunnel Braces

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Heavy Vs Light mouse- Full comparison.

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Best Assault rifles in COD: WARZONE.

Picking up an assault rifle can be tricky because there are many types and many variations for this class of weapon. They are the most needed weapon to face your enemies. There are fast-firing rifles like M13 and Kilo141 and there are many hard-hitting rifles like oden and scar. You can make the best out … Read more