Grimmmz PUBG Settings & Keybinds

 Grimmmz’s Other Gameplay Settings:

Grimmmz PUBG Video Settings

Resolution of Display (Native)1920×1080
FOV aka’ Field of ViewKeep it- 80
Aspect Ration16:9
Refresh Rate144 Hz
Screen Scale100
View DistanceKeep it to Low
Anti-AliasingKeep it to Low
TextureKeep it to Low
Post-ProcessingKeep it to Low
ShadowsKeep it to Very Low
EffectsKeep it to Very Low
FoliageKeep it to Very Low
V-SyncKeep it Off
Motion BlurKeep it Off
SharpenKeep it On

Grimmmz Mouse Settings 

Logitech G502

Game SettingsInput
Targeting Sensitivity55
General Sensitivity61
Vehicle Sensitivity62
Vertical Sensitivity1.00
15x Scope Sensitivity45
8x Scope Sensitivity45
6x Scope Sensitivity50
4x Scope Sensitivity55
3x Scope Sensitivity50
2x Scope Sensitivity50
Iron Sight Sensitivity55

Grimmmz PUBG Keybinds 

Razer BlackWidow Ultimate

Key- Left Ctrl
Key- Left Shift
Key- C
Move Forward
Key- W
Move Backward
Key- S
Strafe Right
Key- D
Strafe Left
Key- A
Key- Left Alt
Left Mouse Button
Right Mouse Button
Key- R
Key- Z
Key- F
Toggle Camera
Key- V
Key- =
Peek Left
Key- Q
Peek Right
Key- E
Key- X
Toggle Firing Mode
Key- B
Next Weapon
Key- Mouse Wheel Up
Previous Weapon
Key- Mouse Wheel Down
Primary Weapon 1
Key- 1
Primary Weapon 2
Key- 2
Side Arm
Key- 3
Melee Weapon
Key- 4
Key- 5
Increase Zeroing
Up to Page
Use First Aid Kit
Key- 8
Use Bandage
Key- 9
Use Boost Item
Key- 0
Use Heal Item
Key- Hyphen (-) 
Use Energy Drink
Key- 0
Key- M
Key- I / Tab
Push to Talk
Key- T
Decrease Zeroing
Down to Page
Delete My Marker
Key- Delete
Cook Grenade
Key- R
Use Med Kit
Key- 7

Grimmmz is an American streamer who streams a variety of games. You can find him streaming different games but he is more popular for streaming ATLAS, COD, and PUBG. He is one of the known streamer and social influencer who influences youth and inspire them to turn their passion into their profession. He has a good number of subscribers on his channels and followers on his social media handles. If you are also his fan, read this article till the end. Here is everything that you need to know about Grimmmz.


The full name of Grimmmz is Brian Rincon and he is an American. He was born in CA. He was born on the 7th of January and is now 32 years old. You can easily find him on social media with his alias name MrGrimmmz. He is famous for streaming COD, PUBG, and ATLAS. For now, he is a member of the Team ASUS Republic of Gamers. He has not revealed many things about his personal life and is secretive about it. Grimmmz got married to Brianna Sharon Rincon who is also a streamer. You can often find the two of them streaming together. Other than this, there is not much information present in the public domain about Grimmmz.


Grimmmz used to play video games from his childhood. He used to play it on different consoles. By the time he grew up, he found that many people stream their games and earn money. He found that streaming can be a career option for many people. Though, he didn’t have any source to start streaming at that time. But in 2012, he found a means so he can start streaming. He then started streaming different games like Dark Souls.

After some time, when PUBG released, Grimmmz started playing PUBG and his popularity grew with it. He then started streaming regularly to maintain his channel and grow the audience on it. In his career, he has been a part of many tournaments and events. He has also won many tournaments and has represented his team.


The major source of income of Grimmmz is being a streamer. He earns the majority of his income from his streaming channels. Also, by the time his subscribers are going to increase which is going to increase his income also. Moreover, the other part of his income comes from tournaments, subscriptions, sponsorships, and advertisements. However, we cannot estimate his net worth.

Social influence

He is active on Twitch, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. You can find him with his alias name. He has a good number of followers on his channels. On his Twitch channels, he has 945000 followers whereas on his YouTube channel he has around 250,000 subscribers. Talking about his social media handles, on Instagram he has approximately 300,000 followers, and on Twitter, he has 100,000 followers. These stats make him a popular streamer and a social influencer. You can also follow him on any of his accounts and know about him more.

Grimmmz was born in California. 

Grimmmz uses the Logitech G502 gaming mouse to play games. 

Grimmmz uses the Sennheiser HD 700 gaming headset when playing games. 

Grimmmz uses the Asus ROG Swift PG258Q gaming monitor.

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