Innocents Fortnite Settings & Keybinds

Innocents Fortnite Settings

 Innocents is a Twitch streamer and professional esports player.   His twitch channel has 497,789 followers and is close to getting 500,000 soon.


Display Mode Fullscreen
Screen Resolution 1920×1080
Frame Per Second: FRL 240 FPS
User Interface Contrast 1x
Brightness 100%
Color Blind Mode Tritanope
Color Blind Strength 5
Resolution For 3D 100%
Shadows Off
View Distance Far
Effects Low
Textures Low
Anti Aliasing Off
Motion Blur Off
Vsync Off
Post Processing Low
Multithreaded Rendering On
Show Frame Per Second On
HUD Scale 70%
Real NamePaweł Mocek
BirthdayDecember 20, 1993
Country Poland United State of America
TeamTempo Storm
Innocents Video Settings
Innocents Fortnite Keybinds
Innocents Gaming Gear
Innocents Mouse Settings


Mode Switch Y
Jumping A
Reload Ammo X
Crouch R3
Upgrade And Repair U
Building Wall R1
Building Floor R2
Building Stairs L1
Trap Left On Pad
Edit On Release Off
Edit Building B
Reset Building RB
Access Inventory Up On Pad
Open Map M
Building Roof L2


Use Advanced Options On
Look Speed Vertically 38% - 0% Boost
Look Speed Horizontally 44% - 0% Boost
ADS Speed Vertically 11% - 0% Boost
ADS Speed Horizontally 11% - 0% Boost
Edit Sensitivity 2.9x
Build Sensitivity 2.6x
Aim Assist Strength 100%
Curve Sensitivity Linear
Edit Hold Time 0.1
Sprint Default
Build Immediately On
Mouse Polling Rate 1000 Hz

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Innocents Fortnite Settings FAQs

Ghost Innocents is a Twitch streamer and professional esports player. His twitch channel is where he streams Fortnite. His twitch channel has 497,789 followers and is close to getting 500,000 soon. He also has a channel on Youtube where he posts his Fortnite stream highlights and commentary. His youtube channel has 427,980 subscribers. His Youtube channel helps him gain a new audience. Ghost Innocents also has a twitter account where he has 219,082 followers and he posts about his stream timings. His Instagram account has around 212,749 followers and his posts are mainly of his Fortnite clips and his usual life. Ghost Innocents is a part of team ghosts. 

Ghost Innocents was born as Daniel Rebelo. He is from Milford Massachusetts. Ghost Innocents is an American Esports player. He is 22 years old. Ghost Innocents’ early gaming journey starts with him watching his elder brother playing Halo professionally. He came from a household where gaming was normal and encouraged. He started playing games like call of duty and halo like his brother. He started playing Fortnite from season 1 of the game but it was in season 3 when he started actually playing Fortnite as a professional player would. After climbing the leaderboards of the game he started feeling confident to stream the game on Twitch. He started streaming on the platform on August 11 of 2018. After getting a good response on the streaming platform and getting an offer from Ghost Esports team he decided to quit college to pursue streaming and a professional career in gaming. His family supported his decision. Ghost Innocents quit the Ghosts Esports team in February 2020.  

Ghost Innocents is one of the few professional Fortnite players who use an Xbox controller to play the game. He used to play with a keyboard and mouse but later switched to a controller. Ghost innocents twitch channel gained a lot of traction after he became a part of the Ghost gaming esports team. Ghost Innocents has always believed in being unique. When he started streaming Fortnite he realized that not a lot of streamers are doing videos where they get 30 or more kills in a game. So he decided that each match his goal is going to be to get 30 or more kills. Ghost Innocents is now a part of Team Kungarna. 

Ghost Innocents was born in Milford Massachusetts. He is an American citizen. 

Ghost Innocents uses an XBOX ELITE WIRELESS BLACK to play fortnite on his gaming PC.

Ghost Innocents is using the ASUS GEFORCE RTX 2080 in his gaming PC. 

Ghost innocents uses the Dell ALIENWARE AW2518H gaming monitor.

Ghost Innocents is now signed with Team Kungarna. He was previously with Ghost Gaming. 

Ghost Innocents uses an Xbox controller to play Fortnite with custom settings. His aim assist on the controller is set to 100%.

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