Viss PUBG Settings & Keybinds

Viss’ Other Gameplay Settings

Viss PUBG Video Settings

Game SettingsInput
Resolution of Display (Native)1920×1080
FOV aka’ Field of View96
Aspect Ratio16:9
Refresh Rate240 Hz
Screen Scale120
View DistanceLow
Motion BlurOff

Viss Mouse Settings 

 Logitech G Pro Wireless

Game SettingsInput
Targeting Sensitivity45
General Sensitivity45
Vehicle Sensitivity55
Vertical Sensitivity1.00
15x Scope Sensitivity36
8x Scope Sensitivity36
6x Scope Sensitivity36
4x Scope Sensitivity36
3x Scope Sensitivity36
2x Scope Sensitivity36
Iron Sight Sensitivity36

Viss PUBG Keybinds 

Logitech G910

WalkLeft Ctrl
SprintLeft Shift
Move ForwardW
Move BackwardS
Strafe RightD
Strafe LeftA
FreelookLeft Alt
FireLeft Mouse Button
AimRight Mouse Button
Reload R
Toggle CameraV
Auto Run=
Peek LeftQ
Peek RightE
Toggle Firing ModeB
Next WeaponMouse Wheel Up
Previous WeaponMouse Wheel Down
Primary Weapon 11
Primary Weapon 22
Side Arm3
Melee Weapon4
Increase ZeroingPage Up
Use First Aid Kit8
Use Bandage9
Use Boost ItemShift
Use Heal ItemHyphen
Use Energy DrinkF4
Push to TalkT

TSM Viss is a known name in Player Unknown’s Battleground. Everyone who is a fan of PUBG must have heard about him. He is a part of the SoloMid team and is used to play many games like PUBG, apex legends, and call of duty. There are fewer known facts about TSM Viss but here, in this article, we have mentioned almost every one of it. If you are also his fan and want to know more about him, this article is for you. 


Basic Facts

  1. His full name is Colton Visser. He opted for his name Viss from his surname.
  2. He is 26 years old and was born on 22 August.
  3. Other than this, he is from the US. His hometown is in Utah. 
  4. He is a team SoloMid member and mostly streams PUBG.
  5. There is very little known about his childhood in the public domain and therefore, there is not much information about his family. All we know is that he has one brother.
  6. One interesting fact that is known about TSM Viss is that he used to play football and it is what made him competitive. 


Career Growth

TSM Viss has been interested in gaming since his childhood. Following his interest, he started playing Halo 3 and COD. Fortunately, he achieved a good position in all the games he played. Later on, he decided to post videos on YouTube and Twitch in 2015. After the release of PUBG, he started playing it and then decided to continue with it. He started gaining ranks in both solo matches and duo matches in PUBG. His followers increased rapidly because of his gameplay. After some time, the followers may have decreased when he switched to Fortnite. Even with the downfall, he became a professional streamer, and then he joined TSM.



The income of Viss is not properly known and cannot be decided accurately. Though we can estimate his income and net worth. He has around 2000 subscribers which can gain him a lot of views. It is expected that he can earn up to 7000 USD monthly from streaming only. Other than this, he may get a percentage of his income from the salary he is getting from TSM, sponsorships, and advertisements. So, this is all we can estimate from the information that we have about him.


Stream Schedule

He does not have a particular time to stream. Usually, Viss streams between 3-10 hours. There are chances that you may find him streaming at some other time of the day also. So it is better to subscribe to him and know when he is streaming on his channels.


Social Influence

You will be able to easily find Viss on different social media platforms. You can find him with the username “TSM_Viss”. He is active on Twitter, Instagram, and Twitch. He has around 42.1k followers on Instagram and around 5,35,000 followers on Twitch. You can follow him and know more about his lifestyle and his personal life. Subscribe to his channels to watch  his streams.

Viss was born in Utah, US

Viss uses the Logitech G Pro Wireless gaming mouse to play games. 

Viss uses the ASTRO A40 gaming headset when playing games. 

Viss uses the ASUS ROG SWIFT PG258Q gaming monitor.

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