Best RAM for i7 12700K | Detailed Review of Top 6 (2023)

Top Picks
CORSAIR Vengeance 5200MHz

CORSAIR Vengeance 5200MHz

1.25V Voltage
iCUE Software
DDR5 5200 Data Rate
CORSAIR Dominator Platinum RGB DDR5

CORSAIR Dominator Platinum RGB DDR5

DIMM 240 (PC4 19200)
Supports Intel XMP 2.0
5200 MHz Memory Speed
Adata XPG Lancer DDR5

Adata XPG Lancer DDR5-5200

In-built PMIC
5200MT/s Frequencies
On-die Error Correcting Code
money value

The Intel I7-12700k is an expensive and powerful processor excellent for video editing and gaming. To get the maximum benefit from your processor, you have to invest in the best-quality RAM. The best RAMs for i7 12700k depends on what kind of workloads you work on. Here, we will look at the best RAM kits to pair with i7-12700K.

We have reviewed the best RAMs after taking Amazon reviews, budget, features, quality, demand, and other crucial factors in our minds. Each product is tested on different levels to ensure maximum performance and high quality. This detailed review guide will answer all your questions and help you find the best RAMs for I7-12700k. 

In the end, we have also suggested some tips when buying RAM for the I7-12700k processor. These tips are helpful to ensure that your Intel latest processor works well with your PC and delivers years of durable performance. Let’s begin.

Best RAMs for i7 12700K | A Quick Glance

RankingBest RAM for i7-12700KReviews
1.CORSAIR Vengeance 5200MHz5 out of 5
2.CORSAIR Dominator Platinum RGB DDR55 out of 5
3.Adata XPG Lancer DDR5-52004 out of 5
4.TEAMGROUP Elite DDR5 32GB Kit4 out of 5
5.Crucial DDR5-48004 out of 5
6.G.Skill Trident Z5 RGB 5600MHz4 out of 5
7.GeIL Polaris RGB 4800MHz CL404 out of 5

Best RAMs for i7 12700K | A Detailed Review

1. CORSAIR Vengeance 5200MHz

CORSAIR Vengeance 5200MHz

1. Brand: Corsair
2. Form Factor: DIMM
3. RAM Memory Technology: DDR5
4. Computer Memory Size: 16 GB
5. Memory Speed: 5200 MHz
  • Low-profile Form Factor 
  • Incredible iCUE Software
  • Included Revision Number
  • On Expensive Side 
  • Lacks RGB Effects
  • Thin Heat Spreader

Corsair always exceeds customers’ expectations who have put their faith in the brand for a long time. This brand has established itself as one of the leading hardware companies that PC users worldwide admire and demand.

The CORSAIR Vengeance DDR5 memory is designed specifically for small form factor PCs. It’s a 32GB memory kit with two 16GB DDR5 modules and a low-profile heatsink. It combines a tough appearance with pure raw performance.

The high frequency of 5200MHz on this CORSAIR Vengeance ensures excellent overall performance in many applications. The major features of this best RAM for gaming PC are supported Intel XMP 3.0 profiles, CL40 latency, and 32GB capacity.

DDR5’s speed ensures that your CPU receives data quickly, allowing for faster processing and rendering than ever before. Through CORSAIR iCUE software, the “Onboard Voltage Regulation” makes overclocking easier and more stable.

This RAM features a PCB that ensures signal quality and a strong aluminum heat spreader that quickly conducts heat away from your memory in terms of construction and cooling. The design works well with modern system settings for a clean look and feel.

The CORSAIR Vengeance RAM is an excellent DDR5 memory option for enthusiasts and gamers who want to get the most out of their Intel Core i7-12700K processor. Overall, we really love it and won’t skip any chance of recommending it to you.

2. CORSAIR Dominator Platinum RGB DDR5

CORSAIR Dominator Platinum RGB DDR5

1. Brand: Corsair
2. Form Factor: DIMM
3. RAM Memory Technology: DDR5
4. Computer Memory Size: 32 GB
4. Memory Speed: 5200 MHz
  • Money Value
  • Keeps System Cool
  • Combines Raw Performance
  • A Bit Pricey
  • Difficult Software
  • Not Suitable for AIO Users

We’ve got Corsair Dominator Platinum, the only high-performance memory with a lifetime warranty. And it is optimized for overclocking on Intel’s fastest X99 systems. For further stability, it’s made with hand-screened ICs and an eight-layer PCB.

We love how each module is created with a custom-performance PCB for faster signaling and rigorously screened ICs for best overclocking and reliability. Dominator Platinum heat spreader’s unique shape helps dissipate heat, keeping your system cool.

This premium high-performance memory module meets the highest standards with hand-screened ICs and quality assurance at every manufacturing process step. It’s made for those who expect the most out of their computer.

Its look stands out from the crowd due to its sleek aluminum heat spreaders and vivid LEDs – but you’ll want to flaunt it more than just the design. It offers you a  lifetime warranty, top performance, a tech support team, and whatnot! 

With the all-new CORSAIR iCUE software, you can customize your memory modules’ speed, light effects, and colors. The Corsair LINK interface allows users to individually control the color of every RGB-LED light module for spectacular LED lighting effects.

For better heat dissipation, the heat spreader is built of pure aluminum. Each IC is tested for performance capability on a personal level. So, if you’re looking for the best RAM for i7 12700k, look no further than Corsair Dominator Platinum.

3. Adata XPG Lancer DDR5-5200

Adata XPG Lancer DDR5-5200

1. Brand: XPG
2. Form Factor: DDR5
3. RAM Memory Technology: DDR5
4. Computer Memory Size: 32 GB
5. Memory Speed: 5200 MHz
  • PMIC Integrated 
  • ECC Error Correction
  • Intel XMP 3.0 Compatibility
  • Difficult To Set Up
  • Lacks Built-in LEDs
  • A Single Rank RAM

Have you ever heard about the rule of thumb that the better the capacity, the stronger the performance? That is why we suggest the best RAM for i7 12700K with excellent features, a large capacity, and a pleasing appearance.

This piece offers incredible out-of-the-box performance for overclockers who want to freak out their systems with excessive pressures. This RAM is energy-efficient, all thanks to the built-in PMIC. The color scheme emphasizes the system’s appearance.

So, now let’s discuss RGB lighting, which is the primary focus for certain people. Adata did a good job of allowing you to keep the RGB lights on. That means you can adjust the RGB colors as per your liking.

There are a lot of colors and transition effects (breathing, static, comet) to choose from. Also, there is an excellent function called Music Mode, which allows you to synchronize your favorite sounds. Isn’t that fantastic?

The XPG Lancer ticks all the boxes in speed, efficiency, capacity, and look. This XPG Lancer DDR5 RAM is an excellent choice for any PC built with a Core i7-12700K processor.

Are you anxious about energy efficiency? Don’t be concerned! It comes with a power management IC (PMIC) that helps power supply stability. So, you’ll have excellent energy efficiency. All in all, we prefer this best RAM for gaming PC because of its enhanced power efficiency, performance, and, obviously, speed.

4. TEAMGROUP Elite DDR5 32GB Kit


2. Form Factor: DIMM
3. RAM Memory Technology: DDR5
4. Computer Memory Size: 32 GB
5. Memory Speed: 4800 MHz
  • High Build Quality
  • Improved Multitasking
  • Less Power Consumption
  • No RGB
  • Availability Issues
  • Lacks Heat Spreader

Everyone in the IT world was expecting that TEAMGROUP’s first DDR5 RAM would be an excellent product, and we were not disappointed. We all love the jet-black scheme of this module, which showcases enhanced architecture. 

TeamGroup intends to introduce a 32GB 4800MHz module that runs at 1.1V, a step higher than the 1.2V DDR4 predecessor. Data transfer speeds of 4800-5200 Mbps helps in a 10% reduction in power usage.

Team Group Elite has a 32GB memory kit at a low price, but there is a condition to expect because it is hardware that flows a lot. Consequently, worldwide semiconductor shortages have impacted memory rates.

In terms of cost, the memory kit is comparable to other high-end DDR4-4000 capacities 32GB memory kits available in the market. However, if you want to start switching to the next-gen build immediately now, then it is your choice.

The high-end performance is truly outstanding, and this is why we’ve chosen this product as the best RAM for i7 12700K at an affordable price.

The DDR5 has high data speeds, but the early manufactured modules still have terrible RAM timings. Still, you can ignore this, considering TEAMGROUP Elite DDR5-4800 holds all premium features of an expert-level product.

5.  Crucial DDR5-4800

Crucial DDR5-4800

1. Brand: Crucial
2. Form Factor: DIMM
3. RAM Memory Technology: DDR5
4. Computer Memory Size: 32 GB
5. Memory Speed: 4800 MHz
  • Cost-Effective
  • 50% Faster Performance
  • 4800 MHz Memory Speed
  • Installation Issues
  • No Premium Features
  • Difficult To Find in Stock

The perfect upgrade for your PC is incomplete without Crucial RAM Memory. Get faster speeds and more bandwidth, improved multitasking, and the power to run demanding apps smoothly. Because of its consistent performance, it’s perfect for data-intensive activities like gaming, film creation, engineering, design, and scientific research.

It has quicker speeds, more bandwidth, and less energy than earlier generations. This makes it excellent for high-performance computing systems where speed, reliability, and stability are critical. These features really impressed us. 

Furthermore, it is the most cost-effective solid-state drive update for your computer, resulting in a faster and more responsive PC. This best RAM for gaming PC is simple to set up comes with free software and a limited lifetime warranty. Isn’t it fascinating? 

We appreciate the manufacturers for doing an excellent job of carefully picking the memory chips while maintaining the item’s overall build quality and appearance. The software is competent, allowing you to boot the laptop quickly and work seamlessly.

It offers a 50% faster performance than previous DDR generations because it is a DDR5 memory kit. Crucial Technology enables you to work faster than ever, allowing you to complete everyday tasks faster and increasing your total productivity.

Overall, the Crucial DDR5-4800 is an excellent value for money. Whether you’re gaming or working on graphics-intensive projects, the DDR5 4800 RAM provides high speeds for a smoother PC experience. Buy it quickly.

6. G.Skill Trident Z5 RGB 5600MHz 32GB CL36

G.Skill Trident Z5 RGB 5600MHz 32GB CL36

1. Brand: G.Skill
2. Form Factor: DIMM
3. RAM Memory Technology: DDR5
4. Computer Memory Size: 32 GB
5. Memory Speed: 5600 MHz
  • Premium Quality
  • Supreme Durability
  • High Constructed RAM Modules
  • Stability Issues 
  • Set up Problems
  • Mostly Out of Stock

The Trident Z5 RGB RAM from G.Skill is another  DDR5 recommendation, and it, of course, offers a new standard of memory performance. The Trident Z5 RGB offers exceptional performance, with quicker speeds and reduced latency. 

This RAM boasts  G.Skill engineers selected hand-screened ICs because of their high-quality build, strong overclocking performance, stability, and compatibility with 12th gen Alder Lake CPUs. Now we know the reason behind its popularity. 

G.Skill brings the Trident Z5 RGB to run at 5600MHz with CL36-36-36-76 latency while running on Intel’s newest Z690 chipset architecture, supporting DDR5 memory natively (with Alder Lake CPUs). This is why it’s a bit expensive. 

Trident Z5 RGB has a dual-heatsink design, a metal heat spreader, and a translucent RGB light bar. It’s a revolutionary all-in-one LED light bar that you can manage with third-party software for a highly customizable lighting experience.

Not to forget, the G.Skill Trident Z5 runs flawlessly and smoothly with an Intel latest processor to deliver truly outstanding results. So, the G.Skill Trident Z5 RGB is strongly suggested RAM.

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7. GeIL Polaris RGB 4800MHz CL40

GeIL Polaris RGB 4800MHz CL40

1. Brand: GeIL
2. Form Factor: DIMM
3. RAM Memory Technology: DDR5
4. Computer Memory Size: 32 GB
5. Memory Speed: 4800 MHz
  • XMP Ready
  • High-Performance
  • Flashy RGB Lighting
  • Outlandish Design
  • Hard to Find in Stock
  • No Premium Features

GeIL is one of the first companies to unveil and show off the Polaris RGB, their new DDR5 memory. This RAM is more cost-effective than the other DDR5 RAMs listed above. The super performance and sleek look of this RAM amazed our experts. 

Undoubtedly, this DDR5 RAM astonished us with the variety of features it gives for the price.

It’s a solid product that truly so stands out from the crowd, all thanks to its brilliant RGB function. We’re sure that you will also love its RGB.

This GeIL Polaris RGB has a CL40 latency and 4800MHz OC speed, which gives the 12700K a lot more bandwidth than earlier generations. You can reach DDR5-7200 speed while overclocking without fearing any overheating issues. 

The single-channel memory kit comes in 8 GB, 16 GB, and GB Storage, while the dual-channel memory kit comes in16 GB, 32 GB, and 64 GB. So,  it has a lot of headroom in capacity and performance.

You will fall in love with the attractive heatsink and RGB lighting of GeIL Polaris RGB. And the rig’s total performance flaunts the company’s cutting-edge technologies. So let’s get rid of the old DDR4 RAM and appreciate this high-end DDR5 RAM.

Quick Shopping Tips to Buy Best RAM for i7 12700K 

So, we listed the best RAMs for the processor reviewed above and described their noteworthy qualities so that you can pick one that meets your demands. Now let’s check what you should look for while buying the best RAM for i7 12700K processor.

RAM for i7 12700K

1. Form Factor

Well, the form factor reveals a few criteria that you can use to verify compatibilities, such as the dimensions and pin configuration. Many sockets only support a particular form factor, so it means you can’t just put anything in your computer.                             

When examining a RAM form factor, keep in mind that its speed and capacity will be irrelevant if the stick doesn’t really fit in your system. The form factor of your RAM must match that of your motherboard.

2. DDR Generation

Before buying RAM, it’s probably a good idea to examine the DDR generation. A product from an older DDR generation would be incompatible with the most recent models on the market. Because hardware standards are always changing, it is impossible to continue with outdated models, and a PC user must have the most up-to-date product. Some systems can still use the best RAM DDR4 but DDR5 is the new standard. So get your hands on DDR5 memory as soon as possible.

3. Latency

It measures the time between command input and data output in any form. The latency displays the overall number of clock cycles and the length of each action that the data undergoes. That means you must select the best gaming memory with the lowest latency. Responsive RAMs that have lower latencies are much more popular.

4. Capacity

8GB is insufficient for a passionate user, but it is adequate for average users with moderate demands. For the majority of folks, 16GB is sufficient. It’s ideal for users who play computer games or have multiple tasks to complete simultaneously. 

Although 32GB is not something everyone needs, it is unquestionably something everyone desires because it delivers flawless performance with no delays or visual distortion.

5. Speed

The RAM speed is the total opposite of the Ram latency. If the rate is high, the RAM’s performance will improve. A faster RAM allows the gamer to boost the tempo and take control of the gaming space. 

Higher speeds improve a PC user’s overall performance. Although not all games provide this convenience, it improves in-game performance in many cases. Individuals often confuse up speed with latency, although the two are directly opposed to each other. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Should I Use DDR4 or DDR5 RAM with I7-12700k?

When looking for the best RAM for i7 12700k processor, the first question that comes to mind is whether to go with DDR4 or DDR5. And the answer is that DDR5 RAM is the way to go. However, this does not rule out the possibility of using DDR5 RAM with your i7-12700k because  these two are easily compatible. When hunting for RAM i7-12700k, it’s advised to stay with DDR5 memory.

This is because DDR5 RAM has faster memory rates. DDR4 RAM has slower rates than DDR5 RAM. So, first, decide whether you want faster memory rates or slower rates. After that, you can buy a suitable product.

Q2. What is the Best RAM for I7-12700K?

The Intel I7-12700K is a high-performance entry-level processor from Intel. The build quality of this processor is excellent and does not cause any problems. You can buy the best RAM for i7 12700 K processor from the list above. All these seven RAMs have the best design and outstanding performance. Our top-quality picks have a beautiful design, aggressive looks, and unbeatable features. You will get the best-in-class experience with these premium-quality RAMs. So pick the best one for you and have the best gaming experience. 

Q3. Is DDR5 Better than DDR4?

The answer is straightforward. Go with the latter if you have to pick between DDR3 and DDR4. However, compared to DDR5 RAM, it’s identical in gaming performance since both run at a similar frequency.

DDR5 RAM has a better information rate, and you can use it to transport huge files faster. DDR5 RAM is more secured and future-proof. It has established itself as the leader for gaming and high-performance systems. DDR5 RAM is a better standard; this is why gamers favor it instead of DDR4.

Q4. How to Pick RAM for I7 12700k?

We’d like to point out that if you can’t have DDR4 RAM, it’s best to purchase DDR3 RAM with at least 4GB. However, if your budget allows it, DDR4 is something that you should go for.

We advise you to select the RAM speed with a similar processor speed. Select RAM based on the processor’s speed if you intend to use the I7-12700k for playing games. Go for 8GB RAM for 2.7 processor speed and prefer DDR4 over DDR3.

If your routine does not involve gaming, and you are hunting for RAMs for other uses like photoshop, CAD/CAM design processes, or Video Editing, choose DDR4 with 16GB RAM. A RAM with a higher speed and lower voltage is always a good choice.

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