AndyPyro PUBG Settings & Keybinds

 AndyPyro’s Other Gameplay Settings

AndyPyro PUBG Video Settings

Video SettingsInput
Resolution of Display (Native)1920x1080
Field of View103
Aspect Ratio16:9
Screen Scale240 Hz
View DistanceVery Low
Anti-AliasingVery Low
TextureVery Low
Post-ProcessingVery Low
ShadowsVery Low
EffectsVery Low
FoliageVery Low
Motion BlurOff

AndyPyro Mouse Settings 

 BenQ Zowie EC1-A

Game SettingsInput
Targeting Sensitivity52
General Sensitivity60
Vehicle Sensitivity63
Vertical Sensitivity1.00
15x Scope Sensitivity59
8x Scope Sensitivity59
6x Scope Sensitivity59
4x Scope Sensitivity59
3x Scope Sensitivity59
2x Scope Sensitivity59
Iron Sight Sensitivity59

AndyPyro PUBG Keybinds 

Corsair K70 RGB MK.2

WalkLeft Ctrl
SprintLeft Shift
Move ForwardW
Move BackwardS
Strafe RightD
Strafe LeftA
FreelookLeft Alt
Fire Left Mouse Button
AimRight Mouse Button
Toggle CameraV
Auto Run=
Peek LeftQ
Peek RightE
Toggle Firing ModeB
Next WeaponMouse Wheel Up
Previous WeaponMouse Wheel Down
Primary Weapon 11
Primary Weapon 22
Side Arm3
Melee Weapon4
Increase ZeroingPage Up
Use First Aid Kit8
Use Bandage9
Use Boost ItemDefault
Use Heal ItemHyphen (-)
Use Energy Drink0
Open MapM
Push to TalkT
Decrease ZeroingPage Down
Motorcycle Air ControlLeft Ctrl + Space
Delete MarkerDelete
Use Med Kit7

AndyPyro is a young streamer from Finnish. You can easily find him on the internet by his alias name which is AndyPyro or Andy. His real name is Anssi Houvinen. He was born on the 3rd of July and he is 30 years old. He is famous for streaming CS: GO, GTAV, and many other games. He is a member of the team Method. Talking about his family, he has two brothers and a single mother. Also, he has two daughters and a poodle but he is single. Other than gaming, he is interested in body-building. 



AndyPyro was delinquent in behavior and he spent most of his childhood in a Children’s home until he turned 16. While he was a teen, he used to play games on a controller. But when he turned 17, his friend died in an accident. At that time, his friend’s parents offered him to use his games and his PC. 

His friend’s death changed him as a person and he finally started giving thoughts about his life. He then started playing World of Warcraft to distract him from this incident. Also, he realized that he can spend his competitive energy in gaming and use it for a better thing.

After some time, in 2013, he used to watch many streams on twitch so that he can interact with different streamers and know them. He then started his Twitch channel. He used to stream his gameplay there and he enriched his skills. In 2016, he decided to turn this passion of gaming into his career and he decided to become a streamer. Because of his somewhat aggressive nature, it is not recommended to watch his channel or streams with your family. Now, he is working as a full-time streamer and entertaining people.



The main source of income for AndyPyro is his Twitch channel. He has almost 1050 subscribers on his channel and he manages to get a good number of views on his channel. This can make him almost 2625 US dollars in a month. His other source of income is tips, sponsorships, and advertisements. Also, he earns the amount from his team. Lastly, he also earns a good amount of money from sales and advertisements on his YouTube channel.


Streaming Schedule

Usually, AndyPyro does not have a fixed schedule on which you can watch him streaming, but you will find him streaming between 1-11 hours per stream. There are chances that he streams more than once a day and the schedule is not very predictable. If you want to know about his schedule, you can subscribe to his channel. AndyPyro has participated in many events in his career. He has managed to secure a good position in different events. In 2017, he won the first position in Legends Arena Pro League S1. 

We are looking forward to much more success for him and winning events in his life. If you want to know more about AndyPyro, you can follow him on his social media handles or you can watch his streams.

AndyPyro was born in Finland. 

AndyPyro uses the BenQ Zowie EC1-A gaming mouse to play games. 

AndyPyro uses the Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro 250 Ohm gaming headset when playing games. 

AndyPyro uses the ASUS ROG Swift PG258Q gaming monitor.

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