5 Best GPU Coolers ( AIO, Air, Liquid) | Review Guide (2022)

Top Picks
NZXT Kraken G12

NZXT Kraken G12

Comes with a 92mm Fan
40% High Cooling
Capacity Compatibility with 30 Coolers
Corsair Hydro X Series XG7

Corsair Hydro X Series XG7

All RTX Compatibility
50 high-density Cooling Fins
6 RGB LEDs Integrated Directly
Anidees Graphic Card Cooler

Anidees Graphic Card Cooler

1600 RPRGB
Fusion 2.0
80 mm Dual Ring RGB Fans x3pcs
money value

These days, almost all graphics cards come with complete cooling solutions. But many of these solutions have some drawbacks. These solutions are either too loud or inefficient to cool the GPU at its default settings. 

If you are a pro gamer or a cryptocurrency miner who wants to keep the mining equipment cool then buying the best GPU coolers is the only solution. It will not only keep your system fresh and cool but also increase its life expectancy. 

But finding the best one for you is extremely hard. There are tons of things to keep in mind while buying the GPU coolers. We as extreme gaming enthusiasts went through deep market research and tested dozens of GPU coolers.

Finally, we have the best 5 GPU coolers for air, AIO, and liquid setups. We tested each product on different levels to find the best one for you. These GPU coolers are sturdy, durable, stylish, and whatnot! Let’s check the detailed review of each pick below.

Best GPU Coolers for Air, AIO, Liquid Setup | A Quick Glance

RankingBest GPU Coolers for Air, AIO, and Liquid SetupReviews
1.NZXT Kraken G125 out of 5
2.Corsair Hydro X Series XG75 out of 5
3.Anidees Graphic Card Cooler4 out of 5
4.GDSTIME Graphic Card Fans4 out of 5
5.EKWB EK-Quantum Vector GPU Water Block4 out of 5

5 Best GPU Coolers (Air, AIO, Liquid) | Detailed Review

1. NZXT Kraken G12

NZXT Kraken G12

1. Brand: NZXT
2. Cooling Method: Fan
3. Noise Level: 0.38 dB
4. Item Dimensions: 7.9 x 1.26 x 4.45 inches
  • Highly compatible
  • Affordable Mounting Kit 
  • 40% Enhanced Cooling Capacity
  • Expensive to Complete
  • Mostly Out of Stock
  • Poor Manual Instructions

NZXT Kraken G12 is one of its best GPU liquid coolers that offer excellent performance with exceptional cooling. NZXT coolers have the most impressive RGB fans and our pick NZXT Kraken G12 will impress you the moment you look at it.

NZXT Kraken G12 mounting kits are very affordable. But converting it to an AIO is a bit expensive and that’s totally justifiable. With the G12, you can attach 30 different coolers which give you lots of options while choosing an AIO cooler.

If we talk about thermal performance, there is nothing that can beat NZXT. Despite its high price, this cooler is extremely demanding among gamers. This is why NZXT Kraken G12 tends to go out of stock easily. 

While testing it on various systems, we found no problems in installing the unit and we never experienced overheating or noisy fans issues. This is why we ranked this NZXT GPU cooler at 1st as it has everything that you can expect from a GPU cooler.

2. Corsair Hydro X Series XG7 RGB

Corsair Hydro X Series XG7 RGB

1. Brand: Corsair
2. Cooling Method: Water
3. Material: Aluminum, Copper
4. Item Dimensions: 10.55 x 4.76 x 0.79 inches
  • Amazing VRAM Temps
  • 50 high-density Cooling Fins 
  • 6 RGB LEDs Integrated Directly
  • Loud at 100%
  • Only One Pump Option
  • Limited Marketplace Availability

Hydro X Series is a full conversion liquid cooling block that converts your GPU’s temperature to an optimal level. This liquid cooling block allows you to fully explore the potential of your GPUs. So, we find it pretty impressive.

The CNC-milled nickel-plated copper block is shrouded in the amazing RGB lighting for incredible cooling and beautiful looks. This block not only keeps your GPU cool but also keeps your RAM and VRM at the right temperature.

This GPU cooler is extremely unique because it has 16 RGB LEDs directly installed into the GPU block. And Corsair’s software iCUE allows you to customize the RGB lighting as per your taste and preferences. 

The best feature we love is that you don’t have to modify RTX cards, as it is compatible with almost all premium RTX series like RTX 2080 Ti, RTX 2080 Super, RX 5700, RTX 2070 Super, and XG7 2080 FE. 

Overall, we give a huge thumbs up to the Corsair Hydro X series because this best GPU cooler gives you an exceptional thermal solution. So, we don’t see any reason to not buy this pick because it offers so many things at less price.

3. Anidees Graphic Card Cooler

Anidees Graphic Card Cooler

1. Brand: A ANIDEES
2. Cooling Method: Air
3. Noise Level: 19.3 dB
4. Item Dimensions: 11.22 x 1.02 x 3.7 inches
  • An Affordable Pick
  • Appealing RGB Lighting
  • Remotely Controlled Fan Speed
  • Made of Plastic
  • Takes up a PCIe Slot
  • Poor Cooling Performance

Sometimes, you just need a little extra bling to make your system stand out. If you think the same, then Anidees has the perfect VGA cooler for you to add personality and flair to your system. So, antithetic lovers will love this pick. 

The VGA cooler comes with three RGB rings, that you can program via software like Aura Sync, RGB Fusion, or MSI Mystic Light. The cooler is not mounted directly on top of a GPU, instead, it is placed into the PCI slot below your graphics card.  

This cooler increases the airflow in your computer case and feeds your GPU’s stock cooler more air to improve cooling and get fresh air. Anidees VGA cooler has three 80mm dual ring fans and 12 RGB LEDs that support both static and rainbow colors. 

You can adjust the fan speed and customize RGB lighting with the remote controller already included in this cooler. The cooler supports ASUS Aura Sync, Gigabyte RGB Fusion systems, and MSI Mystic Light systems. 

What impressed us a lot is that you get three 80mm fans that spin at 1600 RPM to keep high-powered GPUs cool. To buy it, you can either get it online or contact the seller directly. Trust us, this case is worth your investment. 

4. GDSTIME Graphic Card Fans

GDSTIME Graphic Card Fans

1. Brand: GDSTIME
2. Cooling Method: Air
3. Noise Level: 27 dB
4. Item Dimensions: 7.28 x 4.92 x 1.18 inches
  • Three Types of Voltage
  • One interface Runs all Fans
  • 2 Fans are Combined into One
  • Bland Design
  • Difficult Installation
  • Poor Manual Instructions 

If you love high-quality fans but are on a restricted budget then grab FDSTIME Graphic Card Fans. Don’t think that if this product is cheap then you will get fewer features. We ranked it third here because it offers high-end features and still costs less than its competitors.

We love how the fans work at their best and make noises up to 27 dBA only. Its noise level is much lower than other noisy blocks that go extremely loud under heavy load. So, this cooler surely wins when it comes to buying the best quiet coolers.

A D-type interface cable is included in the package and runs at three voltage powers, 5V, 7V, and 12V. Its fans run at different speeds and with different airflow, so, you can choose the right voltage power depending on your system requirements and the gaming mode.

The fans are great for those gamers who want simple, yet powerful fans for their GPUs. So, if you have less budget and want to spend money on other PC components, then buy this cooling solution. We proudly declare this pick as the best budget GPU cooler for you.

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5.  EKWB EK-Quantum Vector TUF RTX 3080/3090

EKWB EK-Quantum Vector TUF RTX 3080/3090

1. Brand: EKWB
2. Cooling Method: Water
3. Material: Brass
4. Item Dimensions: 10.51 x 5.83 x 0.65 inches
  • Hidden RGB LED Strip
  • Great Thermal Performance
  • Best GPU Cooler for RTX 3080
  • No Backplate Included
  • Unclear Installation Instructions
  • Needs pro-level Understanding

EK-Quantum Vector Series water block uses an Open Split Flow cooling engine design. This proved to be a better solution for GPU water blocks. It has low hydraulic flow restriction which allows it to achieve top performance even during heavy loads.

The Vector water block direct cools the GPU, VRAM, and VRM (voltage regulation modules). A cooling liquid is directed right over these areas. To maximize cooling and reduce coil whine, the water block comes in direct contact with MOSFETs.

The fin array is made up of 27 0.5mm micro fins. These microchannels provide optimal cooling performance without clogging hazards or flow restrictions. Also, you get an even flow distribution with the jet plate and fin structure geometry

The D-RGB addressable LED strip is housed in the aesthetic end-piece. The water block has 5 individually addressable RGB LEDs and is compatible with all major motherboard manufacturers’ RGB sync technologies. Remarkable right? 

This product is ideal for anyone who wants to control their GPU and for enthusiasts with good PC knowledge. The cost is also not high leaving you with more choices. Therefore, we conclude this cooler as the best graphics card cooler for heavy PC gamers.

Quick Tips To Buy Best GPU Coolers

You can’t throw your money on any GPU cooler because there are certain things to keep in mind. Below are some tips to buy the best GPU coolers for maximum cooling and better performance. 

5 Best GPU Coolers

1. Features

Buying a GPU cooler is best to ensure you get the most optimal temperature. You’ll notice a huge improvement in performance if your VGA cooler can blow air directly onto your GPU fans. GPU coolers are available with many options. You can purchase your GPU cooler equipped with RGB elements. If you’re planning to buy the best GPU coolers that are specially designed for gaming, equipped with RGB elements, you have to ensure that the lighting in the cooler can be controlled by an RGB header or your motherboard’s software. If you don’t, you’ll be poked with pre-programmed sequences.                                                              

2. Compatibility

You can face some compatibility issues even if you’ve made your PC familiar with other major components. Since you’ll need to create space to accommodate the cooler, so, the cooler’s dimensions will be a crucial factor to consider.  

Certain coolers come with designs while others do not. The compatibility varies by the brands and the coolers themselves. We have given the proper dimensions of each GPU cooler above to give you a decent idea about the sizes.

3. Check the Performance

One of the most crucial aspects to consider when buying the GPU cooler will be its performance and cooling capabilities. A GPU cooler provides you with the best gaming experience as it makes your gaming PC cool and runs smoothly despite using heavy graphics.

The most effective GPU cooler has many fans and low noise impellers that make the cooling process completely silent and quiet. The extra cooling that comes with the graphics card cooler can help gamers enjoy gaming for a long time without interruptions.

A GPU cooler can help cool your computer, especially if you’re in the middle of playing or are editing HD videos. The most noteworthy thing is that the best GPU coolers offer silent cooling, to prevent any noise while you’re working. Is not it impressive?

4. Noise Level

You’ll be happy to know that all the best GPU Coolers mentioned above operate silently and make no noise. They are equipped with quiet impellers, making the cooler completely silent. This means you won’t have to be concerned about sound while involved in an intense game or working on important work.

Always remember that you must not use a GPU cooler without fans because the GPU will overheat and harm your overall build.

5. Hybrid or AIO?

Buying a GPU AIO cooler is an absolute relief since these coolers are all-in-one and do not need maintenance because they have a closed lid. Even though you can’t refill these coolers but GPU AIO cooler significantly improves GPU cooling because they’ve high cooling potential.

Talking about Hybrid coolers, they transfer the GPU heat to the radiator and then blow it out in the air. The hybrid cooler can be a good option to reduce heat radiation and keep the temperatures to the lowest. 

6. Liquid or Passive?

The GPU can be overclocked easily with liquid cooling. And GPU liquid coolers help in keeping the high core speed and preventing CPU throttling.

A passive cooler allows you to work under complete silence because these coolers have low noise levels. But it can shut down unexpectedly or start throttling if the temperature rises. So always choose the best GPU water cooling AIO or passive cooling solution after keeping your interests in mind.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What are some Best GPU Coolers to Buy in 2022?

Some best GPU coolers for efficient cooling and exceptional PC performance are:

  1. NZXT Kraken G12
  2. Corsair Hydro X Series XG7
  3. Anidees Graphic Card Cooler
  4. GDSTIME Graphic Card Fans
  5. EKWB EK-Quantum Vector GPU Water Block

Q2. Do I Need a GPU Cooler?

If you’re a dedicated gamer and want to go even higher then cooling a GPU is important for you. You also need a GPU cooler, if you don’t like noisy fans or loves video rendering. 

The reason is while using your system for hardcore gaming and other power-consuming tasks, GPU becomes extremely hot and needs to cool down. 

To prevent overheating to damage your PC components experts recommend users buy the best GPU coolers for full performance. 

Q3. How can I install a GPU Cooler?

It’s fairly easy and requires little effort. Firstly install the GPU and secure the baseplate. After that, proceed to install the fans onto the radiator. 

Attach and fix the radiator and then clean up all the cables and wires. Attach them in a proper manner. Then, you can make some modifications to the pump. Finally, attach the clips, and get started with your GPU Cooler.

Q4. How to maintain an AIO GPU Water Cooler?

Will the most efficient GPU AIO cooler need any maintenance? Absolutely. To function properly, it must undergo a check to prevent problems that can occur in the future. The comfortable part is that you will only need the fan and radiator inside the AIO GPU Cooler. 

Regularly checking is crucial to see if dust particles are stuck there inside. There’s no need to open or maintain the pump as it comes with an enclosed lid that you can’t remove.

Q5. Which GPU Cooler is Better, Blower or Open Air?

Finding the best GPU cooler to use with Mini ITX can be difficult when you don’t have sufficient knowledge about the best. The blower-type GPU cooler releases the heat out which means it doesn’t affect the temperature much. Additionally, blowers have restricted heat sink ability with smaller fans. So, if you want additional cooling then a blower GPU cooler won’t be the best.

An open-air GPU Cooler can provide you with 10% better performance than a blower-type GPU Cooler. It will maintain an optimal temperature so that your GPU continues to function properly. Also, it has improved overclocking capabilities, making your computer perform faster and improving your graphics card and processing speed. But, one downside is that instead of taking the heat out it keeps the heat inside.

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