Faze Dubs Fortnite Settings & Keybinds

Faze Dubs’s Other Gameplay Settings

Faze Dubs Fortnite Gameplay Video Settings

Video SettingsInput
Display ModeFullscreen
Screen Resolution1920×1080
Frame Per Second: FRL240 FPS
User Interface Contrast1x
Mode – Color BlindOff
CB Strength – (Color Blind) 10
Resolution for 3D 100%
View DistanceEpic
Anti AliasingOff
Motion BlurOff
Post ProcessingLow
Multithreaded RenderingOn
Show Frame Per SecondOn
HUD Scale89%

Faze Dubs Mouse Settings

Finalmouse Air58 Ninja CBR Edition


Game SettingsInput
Mouse X Sensitivity6%
Mouse Y Sensitivity6%
Sensitivity for Targeting100%
Sensitivity for Scope 100%
Mouse Polling Rate500 Hz

Power Supply

EVGA SuperNOVA 750 G3

Faze Dubs Fortnite Keybinds 

Steelseries Apex Pro TKL

Action Input
UseKey E
To Reload Ammo or to RotateKey R
To CrouchCtrl Key Left
Upgrade and RepairMiddle Button on Mouse
Harvesting ToolKey 1
1st Weapon SlotKey 2
2nd Weapon Slot Key 3
3rd Weapon Slot Key 4
4th Weapon Slot Key 5
5th Weapon Slot Key X
Building WallMouse 5th Button
Building FloorKey F
Building StairsMouse 4th Button
Building RoofKey C
TrapKey T
Edit on ReleaseOff
Edit BuildingCaps Lock
Reset Building Right Click and Scroll Wheel Up
To access InventoryKey I
To open MapTab
To play EmoteKey B
Push TalkKey Y

Faze Dubs is a Twitch streamer and professional Esports player for Faze clan. Faze dubs streams Fortnite and other games on his twitch channel. His twitch channel has 288,000 followers. On his youtube channel is where he posts his stream highlights and gameplay videos. His youtube channel has 281,000 subscribers. He has a twitter account that has 498,040 followers. He mostly posts about his streams and engages with his followers. His Instagram account has 775,553 followers. His Instagram account is where he posts his gameplay clips and photos of himself. He is a fairly young Esports player and is mainly known for his duos in Fortnite. Faze Dubs was recently involved in a controversy where he used a racial slur while playing and has been put on indefinite ban by faze clan but he is still a part of their Esports team. 

Faze Dubs also known as Daniel Walsh was born in the Pennsylvania United States. He is a 17 Year old American Esports player and streamer who is known for his Fortnite gaming skills. Faze dubs early gaming days revolve around him playing Call of duty with his brother.  He started playing Fortnite at the suggestion of his friends and loved the game mechanics. The building aspect of the sandbox survival game really appealed to him. He started playing Fortnite with his friends. Faze dubs started streaming fortnite on twitch around 2018 in September. His gameplay during the Fortnite WorldCup qualifiers warmup got the attention of Faze Clan on him. The Faze clan approached him and he became a part of their team. 

The controversy still surrounds Faze Dubs as he waits for his ban to end. His ability and natural knack for Fortnite is something to behold. Faze dubs also trains a lot and his streams are a good example of his training and the daily grind. Faze dubs is completing his education through online courses. 

Faze dubs was born in Pennsylvania in the United states. 

Faze Dubs uses the Steelseries Apex Pro TKL mechanical gaming keyboard to play fortnite.

Faze Dubs is using the Finalmouse Air58 Ninja CBR Edition mouse when he plays fortnite.

Faze dubs is using the Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070 FE in his gaming setup.

Faze Dubs is using the Logitech G Pro X gaming headset when he is streaming and playing Fortnite.

Faze Dubs is using the Dell Alienware AW2518H gaming monitor to play fortnite.

Faze Dubs is signed with Faze Clan. 

Faze Dubs uses custom settings when he is playing fortnite. His DPI is set to 800. His X and Y axis sensitivity is set at 6%. His target sensitivity is set at 100% and his scope sensitivity is set at 100%.

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