TinyTask: Best Way To Record Your Games (Download, Install, & How to Use)

Are you looking for a recorder that can record all your actions while playing a game? If yes, then your search ends here. We got TinyTask for you that will allow you to record your game videos. This application is quite famous in the U.S.A. and many professional gamers use it on a daily basis. Instead of just recording the screen display, this tool records your keyboard and mouse events. Now let’s find out more about Tink Task!

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An Intro to TinyTask

An Intro to TinyTask

Tiny Task is a simple and easy-to-use software that allows you to record your screen. You can record videos with just a single click. But it is not like any other ordinary screen recorder. It does not just record your screen but also records your mouse and keyboard actions. Many Roblox and Minecraft players use Tiny Task. 

The best part about this application is, it does not come with any limits. So your video can be as long as you want. You can record any number of videos and play them as many times as you want. Moreover, this application is completely free, so you do not need to pay any fees in order to use this tool. 

If you lack technical knowledge about computer languages and do not know how to do scripting then this is an ideal tool for you. With the help of Tiny Task, you can create loops and macros without scripting. With just one click, you will get to record your videos and save them in .rec format. 

Tiny Task Top Features

Tiny Task Top Features

In this section, we are going to introduce you to the most attractive features of TinyTask, so that you can choose this software over other ordinary screen recording software.

1. User-Friendly Interface

Where most high-tech tools come with complex user interfaces, Tiny Task got a simple and easy-to-use interface. So even if you are not a tech geek, you will be able to record your screen and actions with the help of Tiny Task. 

2. App Does Not Take up Too Much Space on Your System

One of the most commendable things about Tiny Task is, it does not take up a lot of space on your PC. So even if you have just 200 MB of free space on your system, you will be able to download and use this software. But in order to record and save videos, you will need free space in your system. 

3. You Can Use it For Free

Another attractive feature of Tiny Task is, it is completely free. Moreover, this app does not come with any limitations, so you can record as many videos as you want, that too without paying a single penny. 

4. Easy to Use: No Installation Needed

Where other screen recording tools come with a long and complex installation process, Tiny Task does not even need an installation. As soon as you download this software on your PC, you can just open the folder and start recording your actions. 

5. Record Events

This is the most important and primary feature of Tiny Task. It allows you to create screen recordings by recording your mouse and keyboard actions. So instead of creating a loop or macro, you can play the videos recorded by Tiny Task to repeat the action. You can use this tool to record games like Dragon City APK and Pandora City APK.

6. Adjustable Speed and Countdown 

With the help of Tiny Task, you can record the videos and then adjust their speed while playing. This simply means that you can play the video at a slower or faster speed. Also, while recording the video, a countdown shows up so that you can be ready to record the video. 

7. Keeps Getting Better

Tiny Task never stops. It keeps getting better every day. The developers of Tiny Task keep updating the tool from time to time so that the users can use better features. 

TinyTask Download 

In this section, we are going to tell you how you can download and install Tiny Task on your PC. First of all, you will need to make sure that you are using Windows 7 or any other higher version of Windows and that there is some empty space on your RAM, then only you will be able to use this tool. 

Download Process

1. To download Tiny Task, click on the Download button given above, it will redirect you to the tinytask website. 

2. Now again tap on the Download option to download the latest version of Tiny Task. 

Installation Process

As we told you, you do not need to install Tiny Task on your system in order to use it. You can follow the step-by-step process given below. 

1. First of all, go to the download folder. 

2. Copy the Tiny Task file that you just downloaded. 

3. Now Paste this file on your Desktop. 

4. After this, when you tap on the Tiny Task icon, the interface will open and you will be able to record your actions and screen. 

How to Use TinyTask ?

Tiny Task performs various functions, like recording and saving the recordings. So, in this section, we will tell you how you can put the functions of Tiny Task into action. 

1. Video Recording 

There are two simple ways to record videos on Tiny Task. You can either open the tool and then tap on the “Rec” option that has a camera below it or you can just press Ctrl + Alt + Shift + R to start the recording. 

2. Stop Video Recording 

The process for starting and stopping the recording is the same. You can either tap on the “Rec” button or press “Ctrl + Alt + Shift + R” on your keyboard. 

3. Save the Recorded Video 

In order to save the video, once you stop recording the video, click on the “save” icon. When you click on it, a pop-up will come asking you to name the video first. Once you name the video, tap on the final button, and your video will be saved in your system. 

4. Play the Recorded Videos

Want to play the videos that you have been recording via Tiny Task? Go to the software and click on the “Open” option. A list of all the videos that you have recorded will show up. Tap on the video that you want to see and then click on the “Play” button.  

Conclusion: Why Tiny Task is Better Than Other Software? 

All in all, if you are a gamer and you want to record your screen while playing games then you should definitely try TinyTask. It is an amazing tool to record your keyboard and mouse actions along with the screen. With the help of this tool, you can create loops and macros without scripting. Also, this tool is absolutely free and does not have any limitations. 

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. Is Tiny Task legal? 

Yes. Tiny task is legal. It is developed by reliable developers and does not make any harm to your PC or system. But make sure that you download this tool from trustworthy sources only. 

Q2. How can I use TinyTask Roblox? 

In order to record your Roblox game, you just need to download Tiny Task on your PC. After this, you can simply just hit Ctrl + Alt + Shift + R while playing the game to record the screen and mouse, and keyboard actions. You can follow the same procedure for Tiny Task Minecraft. You can also use FPS Unlocker to make your Roblox game better.

Q3. How to download TinyTask for Windows & Mac? 

If you want to download Tiny Task on your PC, you can just simply tap on the Download button given above. It will redirect you to the main website and then you can download the latest version of Tiny Task.

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