Daequan Fortnite Settings & Keybinds

Daequan’s Other Gameplay Settings

Daequan Fortnite Gameplay Video Settings

Video SettingsInput
Display ModeFullscreen
Screen Resolution1920×1080
Frame Per Second: FRL160 FPS
User Interface Contrast1x
Mode – Color BlindOff
CB Strength – (Color Blind) 0
Resolution for 3D 100%
View DistanceEpic
Anti AliasingEpic
Motion BlurOff
Post ProcessingLow
Multithreaded RenderingOn
Show Frame Per SecondOn
HUD Scale90%



Daequan Mouse Settings

 Logitech G600

Game SettingsInput
Mouse X Sensitivity7%
Mouse Y Sensitivity7%
Sensitivity for Targeting75%
Sensitivity for Scope 75%
Mouse Polling Rate1000 Hz

Daequan Fortnite Keybinds 

Logitech G Pro Mechanical

Reload AmmoR
Upgrade & RepairLeft Side Ctrl Key
Harvesting Tool1
1st Weapon Slot2
2nd Weapon Slot3
3rd Weapon Slot4
4th Weapon Slot6
5th Weapon Slot7
Building WallQ
Building FloorMouse 8th Button
Building StairsF
Building RoofMouse 9th Button
Edit on ReleaseOff
Edit Building G



AData XPG Z1 32GB

Daequan or TSM Daequan is a Fortnite streamer on twitch and a professional Esports player. Daequan was born in Florida in the United States. He is 26 years old and is a team member of Team Solomid or TSM. Daequan is one of the bigger Fortnite streamers on twitch. On his Twitch channel, Daequan has 3,777,754 followers. He streams regularly on Twitch where he plays games like Overwatch and COD when he is not playing Fortnite. Daequan also has a youtube channel where he posts videos of his gameplays, his highlights, and videos in which he analysis new game updates. His youtube channel has 5,310,000 subscribers. His twitter account is where he posts regular updates for his streams and has 1,793,796 followers on the platform. His Instagram account has photos of him and his gameplay clips where he has over 5,174,317 followers. Daequan also has a discord channel where his fans interact with each other. 

Daequan also is known as Daequan Loco was born in Florida on 12 May 1994. He lived with his parents and older brother. It was his older brother who introduced him to the world of video games. He started playing Fortnite one day at the request of his friends and fell in love with the game. The gaming skills that he had cultivated over the years made his playstyle unique. He later started to stream himself playing Fortnite on twitch where a huge number of viewers started to watch him for his unique style of commentary and gameplays. His gameplays show him almost getting 40 kills in one match alone. Daequan was later approached by TSM or Team SoloMid to become a part of their Fortnite team. He agreed and moved to California to focus on his professional gaming career. Daequan lives in California with his girlfriend Exie. 

In his professional gaming career, Daequan has gained a lot of laurels. He is part of one of the best Esports Fortnite lineup. He has most wins in Fortnite invitation matches in North America. He has a huge fan base on both Youtube and Twitch. Daequan also has a collaboration going on with Gfuel where he has his own flavor energy drink. 

Daequan was born in Florida, United states. 

Daequan uses the Logitech G Pro Mechanical gaming keyboard to play fortnite.

Daequan is using the Logitech G600 gaming mouse with custom settings to play fortnite.

Daequan uses the Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 FE Ti as his graphics card.  

Daequan uses the ASTRO Gaming A50 headset to play fortnite. 

Daequan uses the LG 24GM79G-B monitor with 160 Hz refresh rate. 

Daequan is a part of Team Solomid or TSM fortnite squad. 

Daequan uses custom settings on his mouse when he plays fortnite. He has set his DPI at 600. His X axis sensitivity is set at 0.07 and his Y axis sensitivity is set at 0.05. His target sensitivity and scope sensitivity is set to 0.75.  

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