Skadoodle Apex Legends Settings & Keybinds

Skadoodle’s Other Gameplay Settings:

Skadoodle Apex Legends Video Settings

Screen Aspect RatioFullscreen
Display Resolution (Native)1920×1080
Aspect Ratio (Native)16:9
FOV aka’ Field of ViewKeep it – 90
CB Mode (Color Blind)Keep it- Off
FSP – Adaptive Resolution in Display0
V-SyncDisable it
Anti-AliasingKeep it to None
Texture FilteringBilinear
Texture Streaming BudgetKeep it to None
Ambient Occlusion Quality – AOQDisable it
Sun Shadow DetailKeep it Low
Sun Shadow CoverageKeep it Low
Volumetric LightingDon’t Enable
Spot Shadow DetailDon’t Enable
Dynamic Shadow (Spot Shadow)Don’t Enable
Effects DetailKeep it Low
Model DetailKeep it Low
RagdollsKeep it Low
Impact MarksKeep it Low

Skadoodle Mouse Settings –

 Logitech G Pro Wireless


Game SettingsInput
Sensitivity Setting for Mouse2.5%
ADS (Multiplier) 1
Acceleration Off
Mouse Polling Rate500 Hz

Skadoodle Apex Legends Keybinds 


To Sprint
Key- L + Shift
To Access Health Item
Key- 4
Toggle to Crouch
Key- C
To Hold Crouch
Key- L + Ctrl
To Get Grenade
Key- G
Key- V
To Hold AIM
Right Click (Mouse)
To access Inventory
Key- Tab
Fire Mode
Key- B
Ability (Ultimate)
Key- Z
To Reload
Key- R
To Pickup or To Interact
Key- E
Ability (Tactical)
Key- Q
Toggle Shield
Key- H
To Jump

Skadoodle is a Twitch streamer and professional Esports player. His twitch channel is where he streams his gameplay and interacts with his viewers. On his Twitch channel Skadoodle has 606K followers. His twitter account has 419,848 followers and his Instagram account has 79,506 followers. Skadoodle also has a youtube channel where he uploads his clutch gameplay videos and other highlights from his streams. His youtube channel has 118K subscribers. He also has a Facebook page which he has hardly used since 2018. Skadoodle is now signed with T1 which is an esports team from South Korea.  

Skadoodle’s early childhood consists of him playing video games on consoles and playing outdoor sports like bike racing and running. In his teenage years, Skadoodle found Alliance of Valliant Arms on PC which introduced him to the world of FPS games and Esports. Before he started his professional gaming career Skadoodle used to help his father with farming. His first taste of competitive gaming was when he participated in Defkon in 2010 and won the championship of Alliance of Valliant Arms in south Korea. This was during the time when Esports were not very financially stable and were the wild west with no rules. Since there was little money in Esports Skadoodle started attending college and doing part-time jobs to keep himself afloat. He still participated in tournaments. Around 2012 Skadoodle switched to counterstrike global offensive as the game had just come out and Skadoodle like many others were drawn to this new FPS title. Even though Skadoodle did not like counterstrike in the beginning but he still played the game regularly to improve his skills. Over time with new updates and high competitiveness among the players made Skadoodle enjoy the game more. Later Skadoodle and some of his former teammates from Call of duty came together to form an Esports team called Hold Mouse One. 

Hold mouse one performance in Counterstrike was exceptional and got them recognized. Later Skadoodle switched to Team curse. After that Skadoodle dropped out of college and became a full-time professional player for iBuyPower. From there he switched to Cloud9 and his career as a professional player started taking shape. Skadoodle later stopped playing professionally for some time and focused on his streaming on Twitch. Now he is a part of a south Korean Esports team and plays Valorant.

Skadoodle was born in Iowa in the United states. 

Skadoodle is using the Logitech G Pro Wireless gaming mouse ghost to play Apex Legends.

Skadoodle is using the LOGITECH G PRO X gaming headset.

Skadoodle is using the BENQ XL2546 monitor.

Skadoodle is signed with T9 Esports team.

Skadoodle has set his mouse DPI to 400 and his sensitivity to 2.9.

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