Tfue PUBG Settings & Keybinds

 Tfue’s Other Gameplay Settings

Tfue PUBG Video Settings

Video SettingsInput
Display Resolution (NAtive)1920x1080
Field of View103
Aspect Ratio16:9
Refresh Rate240 Hz
Screen Scale100
View DistanceVery Low
Anti-AliasingVery Low
Post-ProcessingVery Low
ShadowsVery Low
EffectsVery Low
FoliageVery Low
Motion BlurOff

Tfue Mouse Settings 

Finalmouse Ultralight Pro White

Game SettingsInput
Targeting Sensitivity40
General Sensitivity45
Vehicle Sensitivity40
Vertical Sensitivity1.00
15x Scope Sensitivity40
8x Scope Sensitivity40
6x Scope Sensitivity40
4x Scope Sensitivity40
3x Scope Sensitivity40
2x Scope Sensitivity40
Iron Sight SensitivityDefault

Tfue PUBG Keybinds 

Ducky One 2 Mini

WalkLeft Ctrl
SprintLeft Shift
Move ForwardW
Move BackwardS
Move RightD
Move LeftA
FreelookLeft Alt
FireLeft Finger Mouse Button
AimRight Finger Mouse Button
Reload R
Toggle CameraV
Auto Run=
Peek LeftQ
Peek RightE
Toggle Firing ModeB
Next WeaponMouse Wheel Up
Previous WeaponMouse Wheel Down
Primary Weapon 11
Primary Weapon 22
Side Arm3
Melee Weapon 4
Increase ZeroingPage Up
Use First Aid Kit8
Use Bandage9
Use Boost Item0
Use Heal ItemHyphen (-)
Use Energy Drink0
Open MapM
Push to TalkT
Decrease ZeroingPage Down
Motorcycle Air ControlLeft Ctrl + Spacebar
Cook GrenadeR
Use Med Kit7

Tfue is an American streamer who is famous for playing Call of duty. He is also a social influencer having millions of followers on his social media handles. He is a young streamer who has achieved fame and has become an inspiration for others. Tfue is a well-known name when it comes to Call of duty streamers. He also plays other games but has become popular for playing COD. If you are also his fan, then this article is for you. Here is everything that you need to know about Tfue.



The real name of Tfue is Turner Ellis Tenney. He is an American streamer and also a social influencer. He is 22 years old and was born on 2 January 1998. His hometown is Indian Rocks Beach, FL. You may also see him playing other games like Call of Duty, H1Z1, PUBG, and Halo. But he is much more famous for playing Fortnite.

Other than this, no personal information is present in public. Other than gaming, he likes Skimboarding, longboarding. Also, he likes to build gaming PCs. There is no particular reason for which he chose his alias name as Tfue, but it has been his username since he created his Xbox account back in 2013. He was a former team member of the FaZe clan.



Tfue started playing games when he was 12 years old; the first game that he played was Halo. He was good at it but he started taking interest in gaming when he played Call of duty. Because Tfue was home-schooled, he could give more time to streaming and he started streaming for Call of Duty. He became very popular and his streams gained followers when he started streaming with his friends. He used to stream on Twitch as well as YouTube.

After some time, Tfue started streaming for PUBG and H1Z1 and he used to make some money through those streams. Finally, when he started playing Fortnite, his followers grew massively and he has gained a great fan base. Also, he is considered one of the best players on Fortnite.



He earns a good amount from his channels and streams. He has around 38,370 subscribers on his channel that can get him approximately 121,550 dollars per month. Other than this, he has earned a good amount from different tournaments in which he takes part in and advertising and sponsorships. Also, he earns a good amount from donations made while streaming.


Stream Schedule

You may only find Tfue streaming for 4 hours in a day. Other than streaming for games, Tfue also streams other content based on his interests. He has a perfect timing schedule to stream. 


Social Influence

Tfue is active on every social media. You can visit his YouTube channel or Instagram handle to know about him. He posts his content on the YouTube channel. You can easily find him with his alias name. Follow him on his social media handles to know more about him.

Tfue was born in Indian Rocks Beach, FL

Tfue uses the Finalmouse Ultralight Pro White gaming mouse to play games. 

Tfue uses the Sennheiser HD 700 gaming headset when playing games. 

Tfue uses the ASUS PG258Q gaming monitor.

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