SOLIDFPS PUBG Settings & Keybinds

 SOLIDFPS’s Other Gameplay Settings:

SOLIDFPS PUBG Video Settings

Resolution of Display (Native)1920×1080
FOV aka’ Field of ViewKeep it- 103
Aspect Ration16:9
Refresh Rate240 Hz
Screen Scale100
View DistanceKeep it to Medium
Anti-AliasingKeep it to Very Low
TextureKeep it to Medium
Post-ProcessingKeep it to Very Low
ShadowsKeep it to Very Low
EffectsKeep it to Very Low
FoliageKeep it to Very Low
V-SyncKeep it Off
Motion BlurKeep it Off
SharpenKeep it On

SOLIDFPS Mouse Settings 

 Logitech G Pro Wireless

Game SettingsInput
Targeting Sensitivity50
General Sensitivity50
Vehicle Sensitivity50
Vertical Sensitivity1.00
15x Scope Sensitivity50
8x Scope Sensitivity50
6x Scope Sensitivity50
4x Scope Sensitivity50
3x Scope Sensitivity50
2x Scope Sensitivity50
Iron Sight Sensitivity50



Key- Left Ctrl
Key- Left Shift
Key- C
Move Forward
Key- W
Move Backward
Key- S
Strafe Right
Key- D
Strafe Left
Key- A
Key- Left Alt
Left Mouse Button
Right Mouse Button
Key- R
Key- Z
Key- F
Toggle Camera
Key- V
Key- =
Peek Left
Key- Q
Peek Right
Key- E
Key- X
Toggle Firing Mode
Key- B
Next Weapon
Key- Mouse Wheel Up
Previous Weapon
Key- Mouse Wheel Down
Primary Weapon 1
Key- 1
Primary Weapon 2
Key- 2
Side Arm
Key- 3
Melee Weapon
Key- 4
Key- 5
Increase Zeroing
Up to Page
Use First Aid Kit
Key- 8
Use Bandage
Key- 9
Use Boost Item
Key- 0
Use Heal Item
Use Energy Drink
Key- 0
Key- M
Key- I / Tab
Push to Talk
Key- T
Decrease Zeroing
Down to Page
Motorcycle Air Control
Key- Left Ctrl + Space
Cook Grenade
Key- R
Use Med Kit
Key- 7

SolidFPS’s real name is Alexandru Cotiga. He is an American streamer and was born in Seattle, WA. He is popular for streaming different games. He is known for his skills and his knowledge of the game. He was born on the 9th of November and he is 29 years old. Like many other streamers, he started playing at a very young age. He was also a former team member of team Cloud9. Unfortunately, there is no information available about his family and his personal life because he may prefer keeping it a secret.

If you are also one of his fans, read this article till the end. Here is everything that you need to know about SolidFPS.


In 1993, he started playing games and was interested in gaming. After that, in 2015, SolidFPS started his streaming channel and first streamed H1Z1. After that, in 2016, he switched to streaming The Division and he then signed with Twitch in the same year. After that, in 2017, SolidFPS started playing PUBG when it was released and then formed a duo with Chappie and the two used to play together then. They then used to earn a high position on the leaderboard.

After some time, when PUBG decided to launch its eSports league, the two of them decided that they will need an organization to take part in the event. They then signed for Cloud9 in 2017. For one year, he played as a part of their team but in 2018, he decided to switch to TSM. Also, he then 2018, he announced that he is going to retire from professional gaming and he then joined the stream team. After that, he decided to play Escape from Tarkov and he is trying to main it. You may still find him streaming for different games on his Twitch channel.


The principal type of revenue for SolidFPS is his Twitch channel. He has a good number of followers on his channel and he figures out how to get a decent number of views on his streams. Other than this, he brings in cash from Twitch cheer bit commitments and gifts on his channel. Likewise, he procures a decent sum from the competitions that he partakes in or wins in just as tips and sponsorships on his channel. He additionally gets a decent team salary.

Streaming schedule

There is no specific timetable that SolidFPS follows to stream. You will generally discover him gushing between 4-16 hours of the day. He streams every day, along these lines, you can watch him streaming whenever between the given hours. He has other work duties also which makes it hard for him to plan his streams.

Other than this, SolidFPS is available on different social media handles and you can follow him there to know more about his personal life. You can also consider following him on his Twitch channel to watch his streams. You can also subscribe to his YouTube channel to get notified whenever he posts a new video on his channel.

SOLIDFPS was born in Seattle, WA

SOLIDFPS uses the Logitech G Pro Wireless gaming mouse to play games. 

SOLIDFPS uses the LOGITECH G PRO X gaming headset when playing games. 

SOLIDFPS uses the BenQ Zowie XL2540 gaming monitor.

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