Best Mouse for Fortnite: 5 Best Gaming Mouse For Battle Royal Games

We all are well aware of how the battle royal arena has recently noted a huge spike in its popularity. Interestingly, with the spike in the number of gamers in the Battle Royal gaming scene, the search for the best gaming mouse has also spiked. In this article, we will be talking about one of the fastest rising battle royal games from Epic Games, Fortnite. Moreover, we will be discussing the best mouse for Fortnite too! 

Fortnite, despite all the competition from other battle royal games like PUBG and Apex Legends, found its way to becoming one of the top battle royal games among PC gamers. Fortnite certainly has gained a lot of momentum and audience in recent times. However, with the popularity comes responsibility and the makers have taken that very seriously by enhancing the quality and competition in the game. So, if you are looking to improve your Fortnite gameplay, obviously on PC, let us tell you all about the most important piece of equipment, “The Mouse!”

Best Mouse for Fortnite | Top 5 Gaming mouse for Fortnite at a glance

You must be wondering, what would we be telling you about the best mouse for Fortnite? So, in order to understand this, firstly you should understand how computer mouses function and secondly you must know all technicalities related to it. Not only that, but you must also know which are the best gaming mouses in the market that offer the best functionality along with the visual aesthetic because obviously, you would not like to disturb the appearance of your rig.

Best Mouse for Fortnite in 2021

  1. Logitech G Pro Wireless
  2. Finalmouse Air 58 Ninja
  3. Razer Deathadder
  4. Finalmouse Ultralight 2
  5. Logitech G703

Now since we have told you which are the top mouses that we have picked in the list of best gaming mouses for Fortnite, let’s understand how and why they made it to our list. But before we give you a detailed description of our ‘best mouse for Fortnite’ list. You must know all about a gaming mouse.

What is a Gaming Mouse?

Many people have their own definition of a gaming mouse, but what one basically understands from the term Gaming mouse is, “A mouse designed for Gamers.” They get it right but there is a lot hidden behind the terms ‘Mouse’, ‘Gaming’, and ‘Gamers’. Until and unless you are not a hardcore gamer understanding the proper functioning of a gaming mouse can be a toiling task. Okay! We were serious about it here. 

 est gaming mouse for fortnite components

Why did we say that? As an author of this article, I personally feel that understanding 100 percent functionality and efficiency of a gaming mouse is not an easy thing. This device is a lot more complicated to be handled with just 5 fingers out of which, only 3 can be used with total efficiency at once. 

Feel free to correct me if I am wrong, but if you are not a professional hardcore gamer, I am pretty sure that the keys other than the main 3 keys of a mouse, if assigned to an in-game task would have certainly given you some problem lately. Also, if you want to avoid this problem, you need to have a lot of practice with your thumb and you need a good mouse too. 

What makes a mouse good for Fortnite in 2021?

Coming back to the point, A gaming mouse is a device that allows you to change, alter and manipulate different cursor/ pointer settings at a click. And this can be while performing any task or an in-game activity. It can allow you to change your DPI in an instant. It has certain functionalities that help you with your in-game movement, and perform actions that can help you gain leverage over your enemy, over other important features like a higher accuracy between pointer and pixels, etc …

Battle Royal vs FPS Games

If compared to other Battle Royal games, Fortnite is much simpler, as in this game you don’t have to press a lot of buttons for maneuvering, using abilities, and fighting. Don’t get us wrong here! We are not saying that you don’t need maneuvering and transition skills, all we are saying is that the way this has been designed is much more comfortable than the others out there.

You do need to switch your weapon in a blink of an eye and build things faster and with a few side buttons. These tasks can be really easy while making sure that you don’t get shot down. So, the list that we have prepared for you includes mouses that have at least 2 extra buttons for these on-the-go tasks in-game.

light weight mouse for fortnite

 Also, since it is a shooting game you need to have smooth and precise cursor movement across the screen for perfect aiming. And for that, the grip style and hand size are some of the main factors to consider while deciding to buy a gaming mouse for Fortnite. 

So for a mouse to be considered in the pro gaming scenario in 2021, it has to have:

  • Installed with latest and best possible technology
  • Good Latency / Response Rate
  • Good Build Quality, shape, size & features
  • Pricing, Durability, and Customer support 

There is no point in buying a mouse with all top-tier functionalities but doesn’t fit your hand. Keep the fact in mind that you are going to be using it for hours and a comfortable grip is very important.

One thing that is common amongst all the Pro Fortnite players is that they prefer using ultralight mouses. Ultralight mouses are the ones that weigh around 70 grams. The number of professional Fortnite players using a super lite mouse is comparatively higher if compared to the pro gamers of other popular gaming titles in the same segment. 

One reason behind this could be the gameplay of Fortnite in which a player has to be extra aware of their surroundings while building or accessing something in-game. 

Let’s get to the part where we will tell you in detail about the top 5 best suited for Fortnite, with proper explanation. 

A detailed description of Best Mouse for Fortnite in 2021:

Logitech G Pro Wireless | Best Gaming mouse for Fortnite

Best Logitech mouse for fortnite G pro

Fortnite pros who use it : Funk, Strafesh0t, Lothar, …


Specification: H: 125 mm W: 63.5 mm D: 40 mm | Weight: 80 g | Sensor: HERO™ 25K |

                          Resolution: 100 – 25,600 DPI | USB report rate: 1000 Hz (1 ms)

The device coming from Logitech has its own credibility. Though we are sure that you would be surprised seeing that we have kept a wireless mouse at the top of the list. We are sure that as soon as you see someone gaming with a wireless mouse, you will consider him a noob.

We also understand that the response rate in the wireless mouses is comparatively low as compared to the wired ones. But, as technology grows, things become very uncertain, yesterday what was a joke for most pro gamers, today is reality. It is possible that with the advancement in technology maybe tomorrow you might be teleporting in reals instead of teleporting in the game. 

Bleeding Edge Technology

You can say the same about Logitech G Pro Wireless, the next-generation mouse from Logitech. The makers claim that their LIGHTSPEED technology is fast and in some cases even faster than the wired counterparts. We were also amazed to hear that at first. But, to our astonishment, what Logitech said was true to words! The mouse has a remarkable response rate.

Moreover, that was not all for Logitech! They really wanted to make something that has no competition in the market. Why am I saying that?  It is because of the fact that the Logitech G Pro Wireless comes with a battery life of 40 in-game hours with Logitech’s HERO sensor. 

And to surprise you gamers with a banger, “this amazing gaming mouse is capable of charging through Logitech’s POWERPLAY technology.” This means that if you own a Logitech POWERPLAY mousepad, you will never have to charge your mouse. What else do you need from a mouse for gaming? Do tell us about it!

Build Quality, Shape, and performance delivery

The effort that Logitech has been putting up overtime to come up with the best gaming mouse really shows. The shape seems pretty decent and will certainly suit a wide variety of grip types (even the left-handers can use this mouse to its full potential).

best gaming mouse for fortnite parts

The quality of the material used is commendable. Despite weighing just 80 grams the mouse gives you the best grip plus hold and feels comfortable to use.

Reasons to buy

We all know the quality of the mouse that Logitech has been delivering over the years. They have always focused on providing the most comfortable equipment with the best technology. In the case of Logitech G Pro Wireless, they have gone a step beyond their comfort zone to deliver us the best. 

  • 1 MS Response Rate
  • Wireless Lightspeed
  • Hero 25k Sensor
  • Our Most Accurate
  • 80 G
  • Ultra Lightweight
  • 25,600 Max DPI
How did it make it to our list? | Best mouse for Fortnite in 2021 

There is nothing in this mouse that you can complain about. From the name of the makers to the last thing that you have to worry about, the Logitech G Pro Wireless delivers up to the expectation. When we talk about playing Fortnight using this mouse, there is just everything that you need for an instantaneous reaction and stable gaming experience.

Since we didn’t find anything that we can complain about in this mouse at the current time, it deserved to take the first spot on our list. 

Finalmouse Air 58 Ninja

Best mouse for fortnite finalmouse air 58 ninja

Fortnite pros who use it: Dubs, Nate Hill, Cizzorz, …

PRICE: 90 USD Onwards

Specification: NA on the Official website as of now | Suggested Weight is 58 Grams 

When it comes to first-person-shooting or battle royal games, most pro gamers agree to the fact that the weight of the mouse is a crucial factor that decides your in-game performance. The fact stated previously is quite justified as if a heavy piece of iron is given to you instead of your mouse, there is no way you will register even 1 kill as it would be nearly impossible for you to maneuver your mouse according to your gaming needs. So FinalMoused decided to hand you a mouse that weighs almost like a feather.

Reasons to buy

The Finalmouse Air 58 Ninja, as claimed, is the lightest mouse available out there. The mouse weighs only 58 grams and has impeccable aesthetics and performance. The body is made up of mostly holes and shells to decrease the weight of the mouse. Not only do they give a different look to the mouse but also enhances the aesthetics. 

  • Better build quality
  • Best in the class sensor (a 3360 sensor)
  • Comes with a PhantomCord (Light-weighted cable)
How did it make it to our list?

When we talk about Fortnite, the first and the foremost thing that needs to be considered is your ability to react fast and maneuver easily. With the Finalmouse Air 58 Ninja, you can perform these actions quite easily. The reason why we have this one is our list in that it allows the players an upper edge in the game due to its lightweight.

The flaw with this one is that the makers release this product in a very limited quantity. So, it’s quite tough to get a hands-on one. Luckily if you get one at its original price then it’s worth buying. But, mostly you will find this mouse, available at an unreasonably high cost. Do not buy this mouse above its maximum retail price. (MRP/ MSRP)

You Can Also Find, How to Find the Best Mouse Sensitivity ?

Razer DeathAdder V2

Best Gaming mouse for fortnite Razer DeathAdder v2

Fortnite pros who use it: CouRage, Ceice, Nadeshot, …


Specification: 127.0 mm x 61.7 mm x 42.7 mm (LxWxH) | Weight: 82 g 

Razer has always been one of the most loved brands amongst gamers. Deathadder being one of the main products of razer, is really popular among the gaming audience. Be it a COD player or a CSGO player. You one find at least a few pro players using this mouse. The same goes in the case of Fortnite pros. Top Players like CouRage, Ceice, etc use this mouse. The name “DeathAdder” has now been in the gaming scene for more than a decade and yet delivers. For a product to sustain this long in a technologically competitive and vast market is nothing less than a feat. And the Razer DeathAdder has earned it.

Reasons to buy

Firstly if you are considering buying a razer deathadder mouse we would recommend you to go for the V2 or the new wireless pro version of it.  We all know that Razer’s marketing has always been aggressive and that is one of the reasons they have done so well. But when we talk about this product from razer, the DeathAdder is really the best they have given.

  • Flawless Sensor
  • Precision gaming
  • Durable
How did it make it to our list?

Do we even have to tell you this? This one here has been through all the thicks and thins of the gaming world over an era. The DeathAdder has faced everything. And the V2 hence comes up with all the experience gained over the decade.  When we talk about its use in Fortnite, one can say that balance and precision are two factors that this mouse delivers perfectly and that is something Fortnite is all about. 

Since this one is an old warrior it earned its place for its experience in the gaming arena

Finalmouse Ultralight 2

Best Gaming mouse for fortnite Razer DeathAdder v2 Finalmouse ultralight 2

Fortnite pros who use it: Sean, Arkhram, Morgausse, …

PRICE: Not available on the official website

Specification: 11.6 cm 5.3 cm 3.57 cm (L x W x H) | Weight: 48 grams

This pro gaming mouse for Fortnite is one of the newest-collection in the product line of FinalMouse. With the Ultralight 2, the maskers aim to innovate by providing a part that you can customize according to your use. The mouse comes with their INFINITYSKIN (as advertised and marketed by FinalMouse), which can be added to the base mouse. If compared to the previous version the base mouse is comparatively small but the add-on part makes it look more sophisticated and handy. The INFINITYSKIN is made of a malleable foamy synthetic material that can be attached to the base mouse in order to shape it exactly as wished.

Reasons to buy

It’s a great gaming mouse even without the add-on. The weight is impressive and it comes with a 3360 sensor. Not only this, but the makers have regularly been making improvements in the mouse wheel and cable. 

  • 48 grams without the foam skin
  • Thinner, soft, and  nicely braided cable
  • Better scroll wheel
  • Perfect shape for small hands
  • 4 years warranty
How did it make it to our list?

Yet again, this mouse is all about comfort and lightweight. The same goes with Fortnite, the game is all about how comfortably you can control your player and how swiftly you can move. With the FinalMouse UltraLight 2, you get all that you require for Fortnite in a perfect combination.

The perfect combination of lightweight and precision is something that adds this product to our list.

Logitech G703

Best Gaming mouse for fortnite Logitech G 703

Fortnite pros who use it:  Myth, Calvin, Flikk, … 


Specification: 124mm x 68mm x 43mm (L x W x H) | Weight: 107 gram 

The choice for this spot would have been the Logitech G 403, but since this mouse is wirelessly accessible using the POWERPLAY technology if you play on the Logitech’s POWERPLAY Mousepad, made us consider the G 703 in place of G 403. 

Since the mouse comes from the house of Logitech, it has its own credibility and durability. The G 703 has been the only nice performing wireless mouse in the gaming scene for quite some time. Thus, it has its own user base and many pros still prefer using it despite the availability of other more advanced mouses from the same company.

Reasons to buy
  • 1 MS Response Time
  • Comes with inbuilt Lightspeed Wireless Tech from Logitech
  • Logitech POWERPLAY Enabled
  • Logitech HERO sensor
  • Ergonomically Designed For Comfort

The G703, for quite some time, say before the launch of the G Pro wireless has been the only wireless mouse that has delivered an ergonomic design. We are not denying that now things have changed but the G 703 is still a very powerful mouse. 

How did it make it to our list?

When we talk about its usage in Fortnite, the G 703 is quite something that gamers would end up like. Since there is no denying the fact that not everyone prefers feather-like mouses. We all have our own gaming preferences that suit our gameplay style. Considering this fact, the G 703 is the perfect gaming mouse that one would like. Weight a little over 100g and a very bold design the mouse gives a very balanced feel in hands. 

Also, many of us cannot have the best gaming experience with the light-weighted mouse due to the mouse lift-off problems. The lift-off values are precisely tuned in the gaming mouses.

Being the perfectly balanced wireless mouse that delivers on all fronts this one curtailed has the right to be at number five.


Unlike other mainstream games, the types of the mouse being used in the pro scene of Fortnight aren’t exactly limited to just one type. For example, say, bleeding-edge technology-based mouse. The mouses being used by pros in this game differ from age-old ones to the latest ones. 

So, if you are thinking of buying a gaming mouse for Fortnite, make sure to understand the technicalities of the game. What the game requires from the mouse depending on your gameplay style. In case if we missed out on anything sensational in terms of the best fare for Fortnite, feel free to express your views in the comment box.

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