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S1mple’s full name is Aleksandr ‘Sasha’ Kostyliev. He was born on the 2nd of October and he is now 23 years old. His hometown is in Kiev and he is basically Ukrainian. He is popular for playing CS: GO

s1mple CS:GO Video Settings

Screen Resolution 1280×960
Refresh Rate 240 Hz
Scaling Mode Stretched
Power Saver Disabled
Shadow Quality (Globally) Very Low
Effect Low
Texture/Model Detail Low
Multisampling Anti-Aliasing Mode BX MSAA
Rendering (Multicore) Enabled
Filtering Mode (Texture) Bilinear
Anti-Aliasing (FXAA) Disabled
Motion Blur Disabled
V-Sync Disabled
Screen Mode Fullscreen
Real Name Oleksandr Kostyliev
BornOctober 2, 1997
Country Ukraine
S1mple Video Settings
S1mple Mouse Settings
S1mple Gaming Gear

s1mple Mouse Settings

Scoped Sensitivity 1.00
Sensitivity 3.09
Mouse Polling Rate 1000 Hz
DPI 400
EDPI 1286
Raw Input 1
Windows Sensitivity 6

s1mple Configuration

s1mple Crosshair Settings

s1mple EXEC

s1mple Settings ViewModel

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S1mple CSGO Pro Settings FAQs

S1mple’s full name is Aleksandr ‘Sasha’ Kostyliev. He was born on the 2nd of October and he is now 23 years old. His hometown is in Kiev and he is basically Ukrainian. He is popular for playing CS: GO. Also, he was a former team member of teams like Hellraisers, Flipsid3, Courage Gaming, and Team Liquid. Currently, he is a member of team Natus Vincere. There is no information available about his parents but it is known that he is close to them. Also, he has one brother and they both own a restaurant together. Other than this, no other information is available about his personal life.


When S1mple was 4 years old, he started playing Counter-strike. He then used to play with his brother and he was taught to play by him. After some time, he started playing the game with his neighbor. They both then used to compete in LAN gaming as a duo. After that, in 2013, he started playing CS: GO in different tournaments and became a part of different teams. He and his neighbor still play together.

In 2014, S1mple decided to leave his team LAN DODGERS and he joined Courage Gaming. He then won a match with them. He was then offered to join the team Hell Raiser and then he changed to that team. Unfortunately, after two years he was banned from the game and accused of cheating. After that in 2016, he was offered to play with Team Liquid and he accepted the offer. He then quit his college and then joined the team Liquid. Then after 7 months he quit that team also and he came back to Ukraine. After that, he was offered to join Na’Vi and to replace a known player Zeus. He then dropped out of his college and joined their team. He then pursued his career as a professional player. 


Though the net worth of S1mple can not be estimated, we can estimate that a major portion of his income comes from his twitch channel. Moreover, he plays different tournaments being a part of his team and he can earn a good amount from that too. Also, he earns money from different sponsorships, subscriptions, and subscriptions. He also earns a good amount of donations on his Twitch cheer bit and his team salary.


S1mple has played many tournaments in his life and has been a part of many events. He has always managed to perform well in every tournament. In 2016, he participated in ESL One Ny and secured 1st position in it. In the preceding year, he participated in Winter Dreamhack open and won that too. In 2018, he participated in three events named CS: GO Asia Championship, ESL one Cologne, and BLAST Pro series Copenhagen and managed to win those also. 

s1mple was born in Kiev, Ukrainian.

s1mple uses the Logitech G PRO X SUPERLIGHT gaming mouse to play games. 

s1mple uses the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 graphics card.

s1mple uses the Logitech G Pro Gaming Headset gaming headset when playing games. 

s1mple uses the BenQ ZOWIE XL2540 gaming monitor.

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