Best Motherboards For i9 11900K: 2023 Expert’s Edition (Top Buys)

Top Picks


Memory 128GB @5600MHz
Storage with 4x M.2 & 6x SATA
ATX Form Factor & 90A Power

ASUS ROG Maximus VIII Hero

Memory 128GB @5333MHz
Storage with 4x M.2 & 6x SATA
ATX Form Factor & 16 Phase VRM
Gigabyte Z590 UD AC

Gigabyte Z590 UD AC

Memory 128GB @5333MHz
Storage with 3x M.2 & 5x SATA
ATX Form Factor & 14+1 Phase VRM

Are you looking to push your ideal computer to the limit of performance? That sounds amazing! However, you’ll need an understanding of the subject particularly if your current PC is in need of an upgrade. You can start from any place but if you’ve chosen to use Intel’s premium processing unit, the Intel Core i9-11900K.

However, you will require an ideal combination of equipment to run your mighty CPU. But, the most crucial part will be the motherboard. It is important to choose the most suitable motherboards for i9 11900k since it is the most important part of your PC.

The beast’s processor is packed with more cores than you know how to use. You’ll need a reliable motherboard that will provide an ideal base for getting the most of it. That’s where our list of top motherboards to run the Intel Core I9-11900K comes into play.

Intel Core i9-11900K: Best Motherboards (2023 Picks)

S NoMotherboards For i9 11900KReviews
1. MSI MEG Z590 GODLIKE Gaming5/5
2.ASUS ROG Maximus VIII Hero4/5
3.Gigabyte AORUS FV43U4/5
4.ASUS ROG Strix Z490-E Gaming4/5

1. MSI MEG Z590 GODLIKE Gaming


1. Form Factor ATX & Voltage Regulator 20+11
2. Socket LGA 1200 & Chipset Intel Z590
3. PCIe x16: 3 & USB Ports: 15
  • Incredible 5600MHz Memory OC
  • Two 40Gbps Thunderbolt Ports
  • No Data Definition Language Support
  • Bland Design & Aesthetics

We searched for the most efficient motherboard for the i9-11900k. We came across this motherboard specifically for high-end enthusiasts who require the best possible performance for their PC overclocking. The massive motherboard features 20+1 VRM, which is the most powerful in our list. It has a huge heatsink that is cooled by the VRM fan.

The onboard displays are gorgeous to behold and display precise information. The voltage read points are located in the upper right corner of the motherboard for testing benches. There is a slot for the K-type thermocouple on the rear of the socket for the CPU. This enables direct temperature measurement for the CPU.

The motherboard is fitted with a backplate. It makes sure that all connections in the chipset are broken due to the bend. However, the backplate on this motherboard isn’t stiff enough as it should be. Many overclockers view VRM fans to be an added feature that is not beneficial on motherboards featuring high power phases. The board features 20 of these. The six-pin connector that powers the two PCIe 4.0 slots is not well installed. The 3 way CrossFire is impossible using the power cable that is connected.

MSI MEG Z590GODLIKE Gaming is, at a price, an extremely high-performance i9-11900k motherboard. It features dual-LAN technology with 10GbE connectivity and two Thunderbolt ports. Also, it has WiFi-6E as well as Bluetooth 5.1 and a Clear CMOS button and Flash BIOS button. These are essential components of any motherboard that is in such an era. The top audio chip can provide the highest quality audio and high-quality precision for shooters in the first person. It’s one of the top overall motherboards for the i9-11900k.

2. ASUS ROG Maximus VIII Hero

ASUS ROG Maximus VIII Hero

1. Form Factor ATX & Voltage Regulator 14+2
2. Socket LGA 1200 & Chipset Intel Z590
3. PCIe x16: 2 & USB Ports: 15
  • WiFi-6E Along with Dual-Ethernet
  • Premium Aesthetics with RGB
  • No U.2 ports & Only Six SATAIII Ports
  • No Legacy Interfaces

ASUS ROG Maximus VIII Hero is one of our top lists as the motherboard that has just many attractive features. With top-quality VRMs and a myriad of USB ports, four M.2 sockets is the main point of attention. In addition, it also comes with outstanding performance and modern appearance that make it the top Motherboard for the i9-11900k. The motherboard may or may not be as good as its predecessor. However, regardless of the rivals, it’s far more than worthy of being recognized as the top motherboard for the i9 11900k.

There is nothing that can match the quality of the i9-11900k motherboard. However, despite the price aspect, it offers so much that you’ll feel completely amazed by its potential. It’s possible that the dollars you spend on it is worth it. The settings that come out of the box are sure to make you a devoted fan. Thus, there is an excuse to purchase this exquisite device. It is also able to endure all the testing, and it is done without issue too.

3. Gigabyte Z590 UD AC

Gigabyte Z590 UD AC

1. Form Factor ATX & 12+1 Digital VRM
2. Socket LGA 1200 & Chipset Z590
3. PCIe x16: 4 & USB Ports: 8
  • Shielded Memory Routing
  • 13-Phase VRM Design
  • No Type-C Port
  • Simple Design

Fourth place among our top five top motherboards designed for the Intel i9-11900K processors is occupied by the Z590 from Gigabyte, a UD AC motherboard. Everyone loves a budget motherboard that performs all the tricks needed to handle the demands of processors. Its Z590 UD AC is one of the most affordable Z590 models available and can make quite an excellent case.

In terms of looks & appearance, the Gigabyte Z590 UD AC is definitely not the most appealing motherboard available. It has a simple appearance, with a subpar design, but you shouldn’t expect anything extraordinary in designs at this cost. The board is entirely black and features the GIGABYTE and UD series logos with gray-colored fonts.

There’s no RGB illumination on the motherboard at all. The upside, however, is the fact that it can seamlessly blend into any type of PC. But, you could incorporate some addressable RGB fans to add some brightness to your build.

Its Z590 UD AC is fitted with a digital VRM 12+1 solution that includes 50A DrMOS. There are no PWM doublers used. This means that every power stage is an immediate connection directly to the CPU which improves its transient performance. It uses an extended VRM heatsink, along with grooves to improve the flow of air. While it’s a low-cost board, it offers the ability to overclock, although without thermal throttling

4. ASUS ROG Strix Z490-E Gaming

ASUS ROG Strix Z490-E Gaming

1. Form Factor ATX & Voltage Regulator 14+2
2. Socket LGA 1200 & Chipset Intel Z590
3. PCIe x16: 1 & USB Ports: 17
  • 14+2 Phases for Cooler VRM
  • Dual Channel Memory
  • No Onboard Power Buttons
  • Single USB Type-C port

ASUS ROG Strix Z490-E Gaming comes with a 14+2 power phase that is well-cooled to give top-of-the-line performance. It also comes with an onboard diagnostic capability including the postcode display and diagnostic LEDs. These capabilities make assembly easy and make it the top gaming motherboard for the i9-11900k.

In order to make it an i9-11900k-compatible motherboard, ASUS has yet to modify the BIOS. That will support the latest processor of the 11th generation. The Z490 chipset isn’t compatible with all PCIe 4.0 lanes. It relies upon the CPU lanes for PCIe 4.0 16×16 as well as M.2 drives PCIe 4.0 support. There’s only one USB Type C port on the back and front panel. There’s no 10GbE LAN available at this price and dual-LAN is not included.

It supports two-way SLI support, 3-way CrossFire compatibility for Intel along AMD. It comes with two M.2 slots that are currently running on PCIe 3.0. The users can benefit from an update to the BIOS. Its PCIe x16 slots operate on PCIe 3.0 which means that the most current generation of GPUs is running in backward compatibility mode. It’s the perfect motherboard to run using the Intel i9 11900K.

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1. Form Factor ATX & Voltage Regulator 12+1
2. Socket LGA 1200 & Chipset Intel Z590
3. PCIe x16: 2 & USB Ports: 10
  • 5 W/mK LAIRD Conductivity Pad
  • Intel WiFi 6 & BT5
  • No Postcode Display
  • No Diagnostic LED

GIGABYTE Z590 AORUS Elite AX is an Z590 motherboard that is priced in a low price range. Some of its most impressive features include its strong power delivery and four M.2 sockets. Also, it has thirteen USB ports at the rear IO and top-quality audio. This motherboard is a great choice for those with a tight budget, but especially for those who want an abundance of M.2 and USB ports. PCIe 4.0 support and 13 Power Phase VRMs are just a few of the attributes that make it the ideal motherboard for the i9 11900k.

The heatsink, the LAIRD 5 W/mK thermal pad and thermal Guards help disperse heat. It ensures the components on board are protected from damages caused by excessive heat. Its cooling functions provide outstanding performance, and it stays cool and serene. The Smart Fan 6 BIOS allows you to place system controls in your palm. You can set the time to switch the fans on and off. The robust and durable Z590 gives an extra amount of strength for heavy components such as graphics cards. Power connectors that are solid-pin will prolong the life of your motherboard.

They accomplish this by offering more contact areas for electrical efficiency. This board permits you to increase the speed of your system as high as you can. External device performance can also be up to standard due to its numerous ports. These even connect to keyboards and mice. This is the best Budget Motherboard for the i9-11900k because it’s affordable and has mid-ranged features. amazing features. It’s the most reliable board that can handle high FPS gaming as well as fast processing times for encoding.

Factors to Keep in Mind While shopping for Best Motherboards For i9 11900K

PCI Slots

PCI slots, also known as Peripheral Complement Interconnect, are the main and most common expansion slots that have been in use for more than 10 years. PCI slots permit LAN adapters as well as sound cards and many more devices to connect and add a variety of options. The most popular models are the 32-bit and 64-bit PCI slots.

Form Factor

The size of your PC depends on the needs of the design. Spaces that are restricted and for casual use typically require smaller-sized form factor computers with smaller, efficient hardware and limited expansion options. On the other hand, gaming and high-performance PCs typically are larger because of the higher resolution graphics card, more powerful hardware, and the need for adequate ventilation.


CPUs can be classified into different types dependent on their socket type that is their fundamental arrangement. CPUs with similar models are equipped with similar sockets. Hence that not all components will be compatible with each CPU. When choosing a motherboard, you should ensure that the motherboard you pick is compatible with the same socket that your CPU. To do this, look up the chipset of the motherboard as various chipsets come with different types of sockets. If you’re confused then search for the complete list of compatible devices and pick one.

Ram & Storage

RAM can be used to store the operational information of the processor. With the most recent advancements in gaming, the demand for RAM is growing even more. Motherboards that have a variety of RAM slots are more appropriate to meet production and gaming requirements. The speed of loading and the game’s performance depend on HDD performance, therefore make certain to test the most recent M.2 storage devices to get faster loading speeds.


Gaming has become enough to draw a variety of people with their own preferences for gaming equipment. For some, aesthetics is the primary priority since they don’t play games that are hard to beat, however their live streams look stunning. Manufacturers have invested a lot of effort in creating motherboards capable of supporting top-quality and customizable RGB lighting and aesthetic components to give the best appearance.

Cooling System 

BIOS update comes with a few options that will help to regulate the temperature and performance of your system. The temperature of the system can go up to a high temperature to cope with intense gaming and intense overclocking. Make sure the motherboard you select can withstand such a load. Otherwise, your motherboard as well as the rest of the components could suffer damage. 


Intel i9-11900k processors are powerful and require lots of electricity to function to its maximum potential. The VRM phase plays a vital function in ensuring that the processor is running at its maximum speed. A greater number of VRM signifies that it is possible to have the power supply split across all VRM, which causes the load and temperature to decrease for the VRM. A cooler VRM is more efficient and therefore a higher amount of VRM phases is more preferred. Motherboard heatsinks VRM are also crucial to ensure performance.

Last Say

Intel’s Core I9-11900K is an excellent processor for gaming and productivity. It lets you accomplish a lot without diminished performance. If we had to recommend one motherboard to be considered as the basis for a powerful PC that would be the MSI MEG Z590 GODLIKE Gaming . It’s among the top Intel Z590 motherboards, but it’s also reasonably priced and packed with features for a low price.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Is the Z490 compatible with Intel’s 11th generation processors?

The Z490 can be fully integrated with the Intel 11th Generation of CPUs. The downside is that Z490 motherboards may not be as efficient as their Z590 predecessors, and can be a good alternative only if you are on an extremely limited budget. Future-proofing is another issue with the Z490 model, but this is fixed with Z590.

Q2. Is the i9 11900k suitable for gaming?

The I9 11900K is an 8-core 16-thread processor that has an increased IPC than its predecessors from previous generations. Due to its increased IPC, it’s single-core performance is much better than its predecessor. It can provide up to 20% performance improvement in certain games when used with a motherboard, such as the Z590 AORUS MASTER by Gigabyte which improves its overclocking capabilities.

Q3. Is Z590 compatible with PCIe 4?

Yes. Z590 is the most powerful chipset made by Intel and was introduced to compete with AMD’s flagship X570 chipset. It supports PCIe Gen 4 interface, which is the major feature that makes this model a top choice for consumers. It’s worth noting that the Z590 is fully compatible with the coming generations of Intel processors.

Q4. Which chipset is used by the i9 11900K?

Like other motherboards in our collection, it includes the Intel Z590 chipset. The motherboard is an energy-efficient 12+1 power phase model and compatible with PCIe 4.0 and speeds up 5400 MHz for DDR4 RAM.

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