Zombs Apex Legends Settings & Keybinds

Zombs is a professional Esports player and a Twitch streamer. He mostly streams games like Apex Legends and other FPS games on his Twitch channel. His Twitch channel has 45,278 followers.

Zombs Apex Legends Video Settings

Display Mode Fullscreen
Screen Resolution 1920×1080
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Field Of View 110
Color Blind Mode Off
V-Sync Disabled
Anti-Aliasing None
Texture Filtering Bilinear
Impact Marks Disabled
Texture Streaming Budget None
Ambient Occlusion Quality Disabled
Sun Shadow Detail Low
Sun Shadow Coverage Low
Volumetric Lighting Disabled
Spot Shadow Detail Disabled
Dynamic Shadow (Spot Shadow) Disabled
Effects Detail Low
Model Detail Low
Ragdolls Low
Real Name Jared Gitlin
Birthday October 2, 1998
Country United State of America United State of America
Team Sentinels
GameApex Legends
Zombs Video Settings
Zombs Apex Legends Keybinds
Zombs Gaming Gear
Zombs Mouse Settings

Zombs Apex Legends Keybinds

Sprint Left Shift
Health Item 4
Toggle To Crouch C
Hold Crouch Left Ctrl
Get Grenade G
Melee V
Hold AIM Right Click (Mouse)
Access Inventory Tab
Fire Mode B
Ability (Ultimate) Z
To Reload R
Pickup Or Interact E
Ability (Tactical) Q
Toggle Shield H
Jump Spacebar

Zombs Apex Legends Mouse Settings

Sensitivity Setting For Mouse 2.5%
ADS (Multiplier) 1
Acceleration Off
Invert Off
DPI 400
Mouse Polling Rate 1000 Hz

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Zombs Apex Legends Settings FAQs

Zombs is a professional Esports player and a Twitch streamer. He mostly streams games like Apex Legends and other FPS games on his Twitch channel. His Twitch channel has 45,278 followers. He is also a twitch partner. His twitter account has 13,807 followers and his Instagram has 3,933 followers. He has no youtube account as of now. Zombs is signed with the Sentinels Esports team. He was previously signed with the Faze clan and team liquid. He has made quite a name for himself in the Esports circuit. Over the years Zombs has played many games professionally. He used to play Overwatch as a part of Faze Clan and Team Liquid. Then he switched to Apex Legends and played that game as a pro for team Sentinels. He is still playing for them.

Zombs is also known as Jared Gitlin. He is a 21 year old American. He was born in Florida on 2nd October.  His gaming journey started when he was very young. He used to play mostly FPS games like counterstrike and Call of Duty with his friends. Over the years he kept switching on and off from the FPS titles and MOBA games but later started to play FPS games exclusively as he got older. He used to upload videos on his now deleted youtube channel around 2015. Most of his videos during the time were his gameplay from overwatch. He was so good in them that it got the attention of the higher-ups at Team Liquid. Zombs had already started streaming on Twitch when Team Liquid approached him to be a part of their Overwatch roster. By that time it was already too late and Zombs had already become a part of the Faze Clan Esports team in 2016. 

He played overwatch for Faze Clan for a year at a professional level before switching to Team Liquid this time. He signed with Team Liquid in 2017 and played Overwatch for them till 2018. In 2018 he again changed teams from Team Liquid. He joined team Simplicity to play overwatch in 2018 and then retired from the Overwatch professional gaming scene. After his retirement from the Overwatch professional gaming scene, Zombs was doing streaming on his twitch channel as a full-time streamer until Apex Legends came out in 2019. 

Zombs started playing Apex Legends as soon as the game came out and started maining it on his twitch channel. He was so good in the game that another Esports team approached him. Sentinels were looking for a player that can be a part of their Apex Legends roster. Zombs who was done with overwatch later joined them and started playing Apex Legends as a professional.

Zombs was born in Florida. He is an American national.

Zombs uses the HyperX Alloy FPS Pro – TKL Mechanical gaming keyboard to play Apex Legends.

Zombs is using the LOGITECH G PRO X as his headset.

Zombs is using the BenQ ZOWIE XL2546 gaming monitor.

Zombs is signed with Team Sentinels.

Zombs has set his DPI to 400 and his mouse sensitivity to 2.5

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