Endgame Gear XM1 Review 2023-24 | Best Gaming Mouse (Full Guide)

Endgame Gear XM1 Review : Over the period of time, the gaming mouse industry has evolved, just like other tech industries. Now, companies talk about performance and aesthetics unlike earlier when it was all about absurd designs and extra weights.

The gaming mouse industry works in waves like most other product-based industries. The current wave in this tech product-based industry is a product that delivers performance. Pertaining to this, Endgame Gear delivers nothing but just performance.

The XM1 from Endgame Gear has some impressive features which include, a top-end flawless sensor, lightweight, pre-sorted switches, amazing PTFE feet, and a patented analog technology that delivers a response time of less than to 1 millisecond.

Don’t you think these specs are worthy enough to have a look at this mouse? If you are convinced to have a look, here’s the Endgame Gear XM1 Review in 2023-24 to find out more in detail.  This detailed review will surely remove all your doubts.

First Impression | Endgame Gear XM1 Review

At times what pleases me the most is the simplicity of a product. Similarly, there is nothing to note about the Endgame gear XM1 at the first sight but its simplicity. It is just a simple black color mouse with no RGB strips or crazy color or out-of-the-box case design. The mouse at first look appeared very decent looking, depicting limited branding with the Endgame Gear logo placed at the back of the mouse. 

Endgame Gear XM1 Review 2021-22

Once you have a full-fledged view of the mouse, the thoughts about the office mouse-like look will fade away. It has a good and presentable design. The bottom portion of the Xm1 mouse has the white PTFE feet and the DPI and Polling Rate Indicators are also present along.

The DPI and polling rate indicator are LEDs that are placed decently. Other than this the mouse is pretty basic looking and for me, it is not a bad thing. If the performance is subpar, then looks might not matter for most. This is what I experienced from the first look at the mouse.

The Main Product | The Endgame Gear XM1 Gaming Mouse

Calling this xm1 mouse the top performed in all terms would not be wrong. If you subtract the glimmer and flicker part from the Mouse, which is the RGB lights the mouse comes out pretty clean serving the gaming purpose.

The XM1 mouse is an ambidextrous product that comes in a medium size. The weight of the mouse is pretty surprising! The mouse weighs only 69 grams without having holes of any kind on it, on the scale that I use. This is really surprising and impressive engineering from Endgame Gear.

Also, they have not made any compromise to the quality of the casing to decrease the weight and the mouse is quite sturdy too. All in all, I am pretty impressed with the mouse already. There is nothing in this mouse that is not elegant and impressive.

The Packaging | XM1 Gaming Mouse Decently Packed in a Box

The next thing to disclose in this endgame xm1 review is its mouse. This mouse is not for sticker lovers! Unlike other manufacturers that add on petty stuff in the packaging to lure customers, Endgame Gear has a very generic and basic packaging.

All that you get inside the box of the XM1r is the mouse which is the main component, and a small note, telling you about “How to switch between different DPI and Polling rate?”, along with other general papers like EULA, etc.

The Packaging | XM1 Gaming Mouse Decently Packed in a Box

I was quite satisfied with the packaging, as for a product that is based on providing performance for the competitive gaming scene there is nothing much that you need. However, having said that the XM1 is focused on competitive gaming,  a pair of extra feet would not have been a bad idea for end-game gear.

Mouse Body, Shape, and Finish | Endgame Xm1 Review

As mentioned earlier, the body of the XM1 is very basic and neat. The XM1 is an ambidextrous mouse that serves a very elegant design. However, despite being ambidextrous the buttons are placed on the left, but they still serve the purpose well. The mouse is very generic in terms of design.

It has a very straightforward approach in terms of design and you will not find any massive curve on it. However, you will notice that the flare out at the back along with the actual grip portion of the XM1 is as wide as it appears when you look at it from the top. This gives the mouse a more of a formed feeling which many pro gamers might like.

The XM1r is shaped in a gradual manner and there are no sudden changes. However, no one can claim it to be the most neutral feeling ambidextrous mouse in the market, but it is a very safe option. The only criteria are that you need to like a bit of formed feeling and basic presentation.

The Packaging | XM1 Gaming Mouse Decently Packed in a Box

While using the XM 1 I faced no gripping issue and the matte coating looks fine to me in terms of performance. Despite not having any grip-related issue the surface of the mouse develops oils and sweat pretty easily.

However this can be considered a personal issue for me and since this does not put any impact on the gaming performance of the mouse, I actually cannot knock down the mouse too hard in terms of review. Additionally, I mentioned this because I know that I am not the only one who finds this annoying and hence you all must know this.

The bottom of the mouse has something very good. The PTFE feet! These feet are absolutely stunning. Since they are made of Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) the glide that they provide is extremely smooth. However, I will not claim them to be the fastest stock feet available in the market or from the ones that I have used/seen. But, if you talk about the consistency and the way they feel, I do not have any complaints from them.

The Buttons and Scroll Wheel of Endgame Gear XM1 

The buttons used in the manufacturing of this mouse are something that Endgame Gear has been marketing since it released the first words about it. Thus they were bound to deliver. If you were to ask me, after using this mouse I felt that they indeed have delivered on this front, in all the ways that should concern a buyer.

All in all the feeling of clicking on the XM 1 is great. You will find that there is little to no travel, and the presses don’t move sideways either. Both the right and left clicks actuate accurately. Additionally, the sound is crisp and pleasant.

Buttons and Scroll Wheel

Many of you might not like the comparatively heavier clicks. But the chances of misclicking in-game with very light buttons increase and hence my personal preference are a little heavier clicks. Also, the switches used in the XM 1 are Omron, which is among the top manufacturers around the globe so you don’t have to worry about their durability. These switches are pre-sorted Omron switches.

Additionally, they have been uniquely paired with a patented analog switch in order to give a response time of less than 1 millisecond. However, as far as I have experienced practically, anything less than 5 ms in terms of ping is almost equal if you are not in the global top 20 list of that game. The same goes in the case of Endgame Gear XM 1.

Don’t take me wrongly for not appreciating the innovation here, I actually like new things. But to be true, these response times are so low that as a human neither you nor your opponents will take a note of this, so I don’t think things will benefit you in a great way. However, due to the increasing competition, companies nowadays are pushing things beyond limits.

Similarly, Endgame Gear decided to deliver a mouse that has a faster response rate than others. While achieving this feat, it did not compromise on the durability, feeling of the click, and lifespan of the switches. However, this only makes a difference on paper, still, it’s nice to see such a thing.

When we talk about the scroll wheel, it appears that it is a bit smaller than normal. Personally, it might be a bit smaller but on the contrary, it is very nice to use it. The scroll is very smooth and rolls quietly without any issue.

Additionally, the makers provide enough definitions between the scroll steps. This will help in accurately switching between the weapons and spell while you’re in crucial battle situations. However, the 3rd button in the scroll wheel button could have been a bit lighter to press, though it’s not that hard too.

Coming on to the side buttons, both of them have been placed on the left. Also, they are not so hard to distinguish between as they differ a bit in performance. Also, the positioning has been done wisely at the same time, which in any way is a very important matter of the side buttons.

If you have the side button of the mouse placed wrongly, it is nothing but just another useless key that can not help you in leveling up your gameplay. The side button that is closest to the front face of the mouse is fine. However, one might notice that it depicts a bit of both pre and post-click travel, though it is not a major drawback.


The real issue is with the other side button. You will feel that it is a bit wobbly and if pressed backward, it travels a bit into the shell. Now you have one side-key that is behaving differently while the other has issues like travel. It is extreme for such high-end gaming mice. So this is a thing that certainly disappointed me.

Overall, the XM 1 has nice performing clicks and scroll. The left and the right clicks, are among the nicest feeling clicks. In addition, they also delivered something new in the gaming mouse business, that is their analog switch. Apart from the demerits, the Endgame Gear XM 1 has pretty good buttons and scroll. 

Build Quality And The Cable | Endgame Gear XM1

In this Endgame Xm1 Review we believe this is the most crucial part. This is the area that reveals the expertise of the gaming mouse manufacturers. The Endgame Gear XM 1, performs up to the expectations here too. The tap and shake test doesn’t produce any noise at all. Hence it is quite clear that there are no loose fittings inside the casing. So, nothing can impact the gentility of this gaming Mouse.

Also, even a hard squeeze does not make any impact on the outer shell of the mouse. I squeezed it really hard but it did not result in any bend, flex, or creak on the casing. This is something that has got the most of my attention. How did they make a 69 grams heavy mouse so nicely sturdy? I am still looking for a perfect answer to this question.

Endgame gear XM1 loses the game when it comes to the cable. If we would have been talking about it a year ago, (or let’s consider just 6 months) this would have been termed as the best cable.

mouse cable

The cable used in the XM 1 is among those that were considered the best in the business. However, in some of the recent developments, we have seen some extraordinary mouse wires. These wires once fixed in the bungee give such a lite feel as if there is no cable at all. In my opinion, the cable used in the XM1r is not at all what is expected from a top manufacturer now. 

I didn’t mean to say that this is a bad cable. It is just that it is one of the best-outdated cables. Now it’s up to you how you will interpret it. However, If you use a decent bungee, you will not be facing any major problem.

I would have loved to see a paracord-styled cable for a top-end mouse that has more focus on competitive gaming. However, I will allot passing marks here, because it would be an injustice to degrade the product due to the lack of the latest tech. Since you know the importance of mouse, we believe you might like Best Mouse pads for CSGO Gaming

Gaming Mouse Endgame Gear XM 1 Performance and Sensor  

Apart from basic looks and a kind of old cable, there is nothing much to criticize in this mouse. It uses the 3389 sensor which is one of the best gaming mouse sensors in the industry currently.

Performance and Sensor  

So, a recent and flawlessly performing mouse sensor is the least that one could expect. If you are a mouse enthusiast you already know the quality and performance of the sensor. However, for those who do not have much idea, the 3389 gives you a worry-free gaming experience with no acceleration or angle snapping, and that is the way a XM1 gaming mouse should act. This is way better than any white gaming mouse in the market.

Endgame Gear XM 1 Software / Driver

The company does provide software with the XM 1. But if you give this mouse to pro gamers with this software he might not like it much. The software for Endgame Gear is very basic. Saying that it is rudimentary at its best, would be the best description of the software.

The features of the software allow you to change between the different DPI values and to increase the lift-off distance to another 1 millimeter, and that is mostly all that you can do using this basic software.

However, since there is no RGB or any fancy show-off stuff, the software is pretty useless. It is a bit certain that the Endgame Gear XM 1 was made to be a plug-and-play device. You can easily change the DPI from between 400 to 3200 in the mouse itself. For me, it works totally as you don’t get to a random number from between 400 – 3200.


It has complete focus on performance to suit the preference of the buyer. For me, if I have a dedicated DPI button that allows me to change my DPI to a personal preferred 1600 DPI. I don’t want anything. The MX 1 lets you do that, and thus nothing seems lacking here.

Moreover, I would like to bring this to the notice of all, that there is no way to record or save the macro in the software or device, so if you are really into the macro thing, this won’t be the best match for you.

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The Grip on the XM1 from Endgame Gear

The XM 1 is an ambidextrous gaming mouse that has an elegantly design with an streamline shape. This allows the mouse to suit most types of grip styles. However, if you are among those who like to fill their palms with the body of the mouse, then this mouse wouldn’t be large enough for you. Hence you need to be careful about it. Also, there is a hump to serve that style of grip too. But, as much as I can say, it still won’t do justice to the palm grippers. However, if your hands are thinner on the side then maybe it can fit into your palm.

However, I don’t have a habit of categorizing different gaming mice into different types of grips, as you never know the people preferences. The preferences regarding the size and shape of a white gaming mouse can vary vividly. But, in the case of XM 1 this one can be a good mouse for the claw grippers.


The hump in the middle can act as good support for them. Even for finger grippers, this mouse would be a good pick. However, I would like to clarify that the aforementioned suggestions on the grip are just insights and not definitive statements. So, make sure you always consider your personal preference and comfort. 

Should You Go For It?

There are a lot of speculations about the Endgame Gear XM1 that yet need answers from the makers themselves. Many people on Reddit have been asking a lot of questions. I also have a habit of reading what the user thinks of the product before concluding on to anything. So the endgame gear XM1 Reddit review suggested that most of the gaming mouse enthusiasts loved the product.

However, we all know that gaming peripherals in a field that never can be satisfied and there is always a demand for either better or different. The same is in the case of XM1. I along with my team noticed that people were demanding for endgame gear xm1 RGB version review and also for endgame gear xm1 white review. So, I thought I might just do another article on how the white and RGB versions of the XM1 are different from this one. 


This one here is a very good and commendable first attempt from the Endgame Gear. Also, since this is the 1st product some imperfections are definitely there that must be taken care of before it rolls out with the big boys out there. The Endgame game gear certainly has a good potential market.

Coming up into a saturated market with a USP of being ultra-lightweight without having holes on the casing, gives the XM1 great leverage in the industry. The shape of the mouse is also very comfortable.  In addition to that, the XM1 has a great scroll, smooth feet for hassle-free glide, and a super-fast less than 1 ms response from their new innovation. What else would you want from a mouse?

In conclusion, all I want to say is that other than the cable (sadly it disappointed me), which is not that bad, everything about the XM1 is worth investing in.

If you think we missed anything in this Endgame Gear XM1 review or have queries, simply drop a comment below. Hope you liked the review and were satisfied with it. Your insights suggestion about “How good or bad my review of Endgame Gear XM1 was?” in the comment box would definitely keep me motivated. Do comment and let us know about this one.

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