Xposed COD: Warzone Settings and Keybinds

Xposed‘s Other Gameplay Settings:

Xposed COD: Warzone Video Settings

Screen Mode
Refresh Rate
240 Hz
Aspect Ratio
Resolution (Render)
FOV- Field of View
Quality of Particles
Keep it Low
Filter Anisotropic (Texture)
Keep it High
Resolution (Texture)
Keep it High
Framerate Limit (Custom)
Keep it Enabled
Cache Shadows (Spot)
Keep it Disabled
Shadow Map Resolution
Keep it Normal
Impact Of Bullets
Keep it Enabled
Subsurface Scattering 
Keep it On
Ambient Occlusion
Keep it Both
Cache Shadows (Sun)
Keep it Disabled
Automatic Weapon Switch  
Keep On
Blur Motion (Weapon)
Keep it Disabled
Blur Motion (World)
Keep it Disabled
View Distance
Keep it Low

Xposed Mouse Settings 

Razer Mamba Wireless

Game SettingsInput
Stick Sensitivity (Horizontal)6.00
Vertical Look (Invert)Disable
Stick Sensitivity (Vertical)6.00
Aim AssistantStandard
Vibration ControllerEnable
Vertical Sensitivity (Multiplier)1.00

Xposed COD: Warzone Keybinds

SCUF Vantage 2 Wireless

To Crouch/Prone/Slide
Key- O
To Switch Weapon
To Jump/Mantle
Key- ⨉
Key- L3
To Use/Reload
Equipment (Tactical)
Key- L1
Equipment (Lethal)
Key- R1
Aim Down Sight (ADS)
Key- L2
Fire Weapon
Key- R2
To Open Map
Key- M
Aim Down Sight (ADS)
Key- Tab
Key- R3

Cody B, Aka, Xposed is a Canadian streamer who is famous for streaming FIFA 21 and Slots. He was born in Ontario and was born on the 7th of June. He is now 23 years old. Also, he is a part of a professional team called Team Kaliber. He used to play with teams like Red and UMG gaming. Though he was not supported by his parents much in the starting they now support him in his career. We do not know much about his family for now. Other than spending time in streaming, Xposed likes to play soccer, baseball, and hockey. When it comes to relationships, Xposed is in a relationship with one of his high school friends and they now live together.

Xposed has a decent number of followers on his channels and many people follow him. He is famous for his gameplay and his humor. If you are also one of his fans, this article is for you. Read the article to know more about Xposed.


Since his childhood, Xposed was interested in gaming and used to spend his free time playing games on his PC. He started playing Call of Duty when he was 8 years old and was attracted by the game. Only then, he started thinking of becoming a streamer and an Esports player.

Xposed started his streaming career when he was in the final year of high school but then decided to take a break and complete his final year first. After completing it in 2017, Xposed got back to streaming. He was encouraged by his girlfriend and friends to start streaming again. When he started it, he noticed that his channel is gaining popularity and he started giving more time to it. He then decided to opt for streaming as his career rather than pursuing college. He is more famous for his reactions and sense of humor, which most people find immature.


On his Twitch channel, Xposed has almost 2460 subscribers which can earn him a decent amount of a minimum of 6,150 US dollars. Also, the other sources of income include subscription, sponsorships, and contributions on his Twitch cheer bit. Other than this, he also earns from tournaments he takes part in or wins in. It has been estimated that he has earned almost 17,648 US dollars from his donators on his Twitch channel. He also advertises on his YouTube channel and charges them for the same.

Streaming schedule

Xposed follows a particular schedule to stream his gameplay. You will see him streaming from 2:00- 8:00 UTC from Sundays to Fridays. He does not stream on Saturdays.

Xposed is active on almost every social media. You can subscribe to his YouTube or Twitch channel to know about his streaming schedule or get a notification when he is streaming. Also, you can follow him on Twitter or other social media handles to know about his personal and professional life. You can easily find him with the alias name Xposed. Follow him and you’ll become one of his fans.

Xposed was born in Ontario

Xposed uses the Razer Mamba Wireless gaming mouse to play games. 

Xposed uses the ASTRO A40 TR Wired + MixAmp Pro TR gaming headset when playing games. 

Xposed uses the LG 27GL850-B gaming monitor.

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