TSM_Viss Apex Legends Settings & Keybinds

TSM_Viss’ Other Gameplay Settings

TSM_Viss Apex Legends Video Settings

Video SettingsInput
Screen aspect RatioFullscreen
Display Resolution (Native)1920x1080
Aspect Ratio (Native)16:9
FOV aka’ Field of View96
Color Blind ModeOff
Adaptive Resolution in Display0
Texture FilteringAnisotropic 16x
Texture Streaming BudgetHigh
Ambient Occlusion QualityHigh
Sun Shadow DetailHigh
Volumetric LightingEnable
Spot Shadow DetailHigh
Dynamic ShadowEnable
Effects DetailHigh
Model DetailHigh
Impact MarksHigh

TSM_Viss Mouse Settings


Game SettingsInput
Sensitivity Setting for Mouse2.3%
ADS (Multiplier) 1
Acceleration Off
Mouse Polling Rate1000 Hz

TSM_Viss Apex Legends Keybinds 

Logitech G PRO Mechanical Keyboard

SprintL + Shift
Access Health Item4
Toggle to CrouchC
Hold CrouchL + Ctrl
Get GrenadeMouse Thumb Button 4
Hold AimRight Mouse Click
Access InventoryTab
Fire ModeB
Ultimate AbilityZ
Reload R
Pickup or InteractF
Tactical AbilityQ
Toggle ShieldH

TSM_Viss is a Twitch streamer and professional Esports player for Team SoloMid. His Twitch channel is where he live streams and has 761,227 followers. He also has a Youtube Channel where he uploads his stream highlights and gameplay. His youtube channel has 76,600 subscribers. He also does commentary videos on his youtube channel. His twitter account has 80,897 followers and his Instagram account has 41,096 followers. TSM_Viss is known for his amazing skills in FPS games like Halo, PUBG and Apex Legends. He has been a part of Team SoloMid since May of 2017. Most of his earnings come from sponsorships and advertisements. 

TSM_Viss is also known as Colton Visser. His alias Viss is taken from his Visser name. He is a 25 year old American citizen. He was born in Utah. His gaming journey with games like Call of Duty and Halo. He still plays mostly FPS games like Apex Legends, Escapes from Tokarev. TSM_Viss was always a competitive gamer. He was one of the top players in the ARMA 3 leaderboards. He used to upload clips from his gameplay on his youtube channel before he started streaming or playing competitively. Most of the videos he uploaded on his youtube channel during that time were from games like COD, PUBG, and Tomb Raider. Even today many of his old videos of those games continue to get views. TSM_Viss started streaming games on Twitch in May of 2015. He has been streaming FPS games on his Twitch channel since the start. He rose to fame on Twitch with PUBG or Player’s Unknown Battlegrounds. He even played PUBG professionally for TSM before going and switching to Apex Legends. His gaming skills in both games was impressive. His journey in Team SoloMid and professional Esports started when he gained top ranks in the PUBG North America server. 

TSM_Viss has been playing games since childhood. He started playing games on his PC. His first games were counter strike and Call of duty modern warfare. His popularity was hurt a little by Fortnite as he was not really into the game but gained a lot more followers by playing Apex Legends. TSM_Viss started playing Apex legends as soon as the game came out and was good at the game. He then switched from PUBG to Apex Legends professionally as well and started playing Apex for his team. He still sometimes plays PUBG on his twitch channel but his game of choice as of now is Apex Legends. TSM_Viss is now a full time streamer on Twitch.

TSM_Viss was born in California. He is an American national.

TSM_Viss uses the Logitech G PRO Mechanical Keyboard Mechanical gaming keyboard to play Apex Legends.

TSM_Viss uses the LOGITECH G403 gaming mouse to play Apex Legends.

TSM_Viss is using the ASTRO A40 as his headset.

TSM_Viss is using the ASUS ROG SWIFT PG258Q gaming monitor.

TSM_Viss is signed with Team SoloMid.

TSM_Viss has set his DPI to 400 and his mouse sensitivity to 2.

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