Unleashing the Power: God of War Ragnarok Best Build Guide

Do you want to boost the gaming system of  God of War Ragnarok? If so, then you must add the best of the builds into the picture. If getting jumbled with questions like how to add the God of War Ragnarok best builds? Which build would be worth adding? What weapon should I use to defeat all the competitors? Then put a full stop to all your worries with this guide.

In this guide, we are going to answer it all. Through the expansion of the Amulet system, increasing enchantment slots, adding more gears, runic attacks, and using heavy weapons. You can take the ultimate gaming experience of the royal battle game. Let’s check out what builds would be the best for you and how you can enhance your build to fight your ever-evolving enemies.

What is God of War Ragnarok?

What is God of War Ragnarok

God of War Ragnarok is an action-packed game that can power up the spirit of adventure in the gamer. This vigorously dynamic game was developed by the Santa Monica Studio and further got publishing assistance from Sony interactive entertainment. It has thrilling gameplay that enables the fighting spirit to roar in every avid gamer. The focus of the game lies on mature Kratoes, and the game is more likely to be the final entry in the Norse mythological saga of Kratos. 

10 Best God of War Ragnarok Build

God of War Ragnarok best build

If you are thrilled to know more about the game and its fighting character, then this section is for you. In the coming section, we are going to talk about the top 10 God of War Ragnarok best build. All these characters are well-established and robust. The strongness of the characters lies in their attachments.

Hence, we have also made a list of suitable attachments that you can use with your God of War Ragnarok builds. Well, all the GOW Ragnarok builds in our list are robust and have the ability to provide you with the best gaming experience, but you must consider our attachment lists so that you would be able to fight seamlessly with your opponents. If you want to check the best builds for Elden ring then you must check our article.

1. Stun builds in God of War Ragnarok

If you are looking for the most powerful build in the God of War Ragnarok then this build is our first choice that would give you seamless entertainment. Arguably, this build is best for a powerful fight and to make you win. It has super power if you combine it with other powerful attachments, then you will be able to maintain the fighting spirit of the game. The stunning build is what you will need in every fight. In the below table, we will show you the best attachments that you can make and achieve the full pleasure of playing the God of War Ragnarok. 

Specialization Type Availability (Name Wise)Effect
ArmorNidavellir’s Finest PlackartGives a tragic health burst to enemy
Nidavellir’s Finest Arm GuardsDrain 50% of the energy in just an. attack 
Nidavellir’s Finest Waist GuardHelps you to drain 100% of energy from the enemy
GripThe Grip of Weighted RecoveryReduces the chance of health drain from the enemy’s attack
PommelBrutal MightGifts you with ultimate strength and endurance to fight back
RelicGlaive of DodherCan throw 3 Bifrost chakrams 
Hilt of GramGrants a burst of Rage 
Motsognir’s CallCreate a shockwave
SwordThrungvaMaster Attack
Shield AttachmentRond of FortificationTriggers a high stun explosion
SauroterBattle-Scarred SauroterRage Burst
EnchantmentNiflheim’s Security
Niflheim’s Virtue
Nilheim’s Justice
Svartalfheim’s Honor Stunning Fang
Increses the Krato melee damage.

2. TimeSplitter


TimeSplitter is another best God of War Ragnarok build that you can use in your game to edge over all your participants, and this will enable you to fight seamlessly and kill all your enemies in a single attack. Again, if you combine this robust build with powerful weapons, then no one will ever be able to kill.

Hence, we have given you the list of the top weapons that you can use while fighting and what kind of armor you can use to protect yourself, along with the perks that you will have after combining the robust God of War best build with these weapons, armor, and enchantments. 

Specialization Type Availability (Name Wise)Effect
WeaponDraupnir SpearActivates Violent Maelstrom and triggers a realm shift
ShieldDauntless Shield (or Guardian)Blocks enemy’s attack seamlessly
ArmorSpiritual Shoulder Straps(chest)Allows only 15% of damage from Runic attack
Gauntlets of Radiance(wrist)Slows down surrounding enemies’ attack
Belt of Radiance(Waist)Activates realm shift
EnchantmentNilheim’s Virtue Nilheim’s Justice Nilheim’s Fortune Momentous Stride Celestial PanaceaDamage the melee Kratos till 75%
RelicsHilt of GramBurst of rage nearby enemy’s area
Motsognir’s CallCreates a shockwave
Best Runic Attacks For Realm ShiftVindsvalr’s Windstorm (Heavy)Creates an array of cyclones damage
Rampage of the FuriesCross Slash 
Tame the BeastWeaps Scorches to the enemy’s nearby area
Sword And AccessoriesThrungaDamages the large area of the enemy

3. Violent Wrath

If you are looking for an aggressive God of War Ragnarok best build, then violent wrath would be the best choice. The weapon it can use is also quite violent and aggressive, and you can kill your powerful enemies with one attack. Its shield and armors are also of different ranges that you can use to the fullest.

If you want to add thrill to your game, then this build would provide you with the best experience. Well, it serves with a couple of choices in almost every combination, and you can use all weapons, armor, enchantments, relic, etc. Moreover, its key stats are also quite astonishing as it can bear damage without harming itself much.

Specialization Type Availability (Name Wise)Effect
WeaponDraupnir SpearComes with moderate luck and also provides high damage to the enemy
ShieldDauntless Shield Blocks enemy’s attacks seamlessly
ArmorFatebreaker Shoulder GuardProvides a brief buff to Strength, Defense, Runic, and Stagger Resistance.
Darkdale Arm GuardsIncrement in the rage received
Darkdale Waist GuardUses runic attack and increases the rage
EnchantmentsVanaheim’s Power Vanaheim’s Fortitude Vanaheim’s Fortitude Jotunheim’s Virtue Celestial PanaceaIncreases Kratos’s Maximum Rage
Rage RelicHilt of GramImplies burst of Rage
Runic AttacksThrust of a Thousand SoldiersA flurry of stabs with Draupnir, which implants Spears into the enemy
Vindsvalr’s WindstormAn array of chaotic cyclones rampages
Rampage of the FuriesExtremely large area for damage near enemy
Sword and AccessoriesThrungaEnable high damage with steel harmony

4.  Pure Strength Build

Pure Strength Build

A good strength is what is needed in most of the build. If you are also looking for a build that can endure the highest damage, then this build would be perfect for you. With this high-performing build, and you can combine powerful weapons and other shielding armor, you will be the most powerful build in your gaming sessions.

Defeating all your enemies with the God of War Ragnarok best shield is the most pleasurable win that you may ever feel. In order to bring life into the gaming sessions, you must choose a build like this, as this will add the energy of fighting into your simple and boring gaming sessions. Let’s look at what other attachments you can add to this best god of War Ragnarok build. 

Specialization Type Availability (Name Wise)Effect
RelicHilt of HofudWashes out melee attack continuously
ArmorVidar Armor setIt boasts high strength and endurance to fight damage
Weapon AttachmentsVidar’s Pauldron of MightIt increases Kratos’s strength and rage
Vidar’s Bracers and Waist of MightThis would increase the strength parameters.
Stonecutter’s KnobPower-ups the concussive wave 
Hind of the Four WindsConcussive wave addition at Spear combo
Amulet Enchantments
Alfheim’s FortuneAlfheim’s HonorMuspelheim’s ForceAlfheim’s VigorVanaheim’s FortuneThese enchantments empower Kratoes and increase their state of strength to fight seamlessly. 
Key StatsVigor: 20Mind: 10Endurance: 16Strength: 25Dexterity: 13Intelligence: 9Faith: 9Arcane: 7
Ash of WarStamp (Upward Cut)It provides upward slashes and helps to fight airborne enemies.
Flame of the RedmanesIt deals with fire damage and helps to endure the damages.

5. Runic Rampage

Runic Rampage

If you have played this game before then you must know about the Runic attack. These attacks are the supreme power to kill your enemies. If you have enemies and you have attacked them with Runic and then they can not save themselves. Broadly speaking, this is another most powerful GOW Ragnarok best build that can serve you with almost every kind of strength. You can combine your build with the below-recommended attachments to become the most powerful kratoes. Let’s check all the possible combinations.

Specialization Type Availability (Name Wise)Effect
Weapon Attachments
Draupnir SpearIt creates a round of absorption and enables everything to work in your favor.
Leviathan AxeWith this, you can unleash various ruin attacks and play your game.
Runic AttacksWrath of The Frost Ancient This attack will enable unrepairable damage to your enemy.
Ivaldi’s AnvilYou can swap anything that is not working in your favor.
RelicGlaive of DodherIt can provide you with huge leverage from your enemies
Amulet EnchantmentsMuspelheim SetIt increases Kratoes melee damage and enhances the chance of strength 
Vanaheim SetStatus-afflicted enemies will be killed.
Sigil of DoomIt can perform Axe and Blades of Chaos melee attacks which is against Hexed enemies.
Attuned Runic GemIncreases runic attack damage
ArmourSpaulders of Enlightenment,It would increase damage against your enemy.
Bracers of EnlightenmentWorks as the best shield to reduce the damage.
Belt of EnlightenmentThis armor will help you cut down the extra damage so that you keep up with the stat.
Shield AttachmentRond of DisruptionIt creates an elemental storm 

6. Luck of The Spartan

If you want to play your game on the basis of luck and a bit of power, then this best GOW Ragnarok build would be perfect for you. Why we are saying this because it heavily works with luck, and its combination with heavy weapons can provide you with the strength to fight the damage. If you get along with the shields like Muspelheim’s essence, Alfheim’s Virtue, and Svartalfheim’s Fortitude, then you will help to fight every damage and enemy. You can power up your gaming experience by combining the character with the below attachments. 

Specialization Type Availability (Name Wise)Effect
RelicsHilt of SkofnungCalls magical green swords, that tear and rip through enemies
PlaceGiptumadr‘s BreastplateProvide moderate luck and cools you down by 70%.
ArmorBerserker Armor’s gauntletsCan do soul explosions and also contributes to restoring damages.
The berserker Waist PieceProduce damaging explosions and fight against a melee attack.
Waist Guard of Guiding LightPerform 70 % of the cooldown to the damages 
WeaponGrip of The Nine RealmsActivates Glacial Permafrost, slows down the time and enables you to relax. 
Haur’s Lucky KnobWorks like a wonder when it comes to attacking the enemy.
Cursed Empress Handles the BladesIncrease runic and overall strength
Hind of Weightless It enables the high-end spirit to cool down from a runic attack
ShieldOnslaught ShieldIt can trigger a realm shift
Amulet Enchantments
Vanaheim SetIncreases Kratos’ melee damages
Sigil of DoomAttacks Hexed enemies and construct elemental attack
Seal of Runic StormEndows a buff of risen stagger resistance & also helps to construct a storm of Bifrost

7. Balanced Build

Balanced Build

Do you want to fight with balance? Balance of power and damage then this would be the best God of War Ragnarok build for you. This build serves you with potent strength and endurance when it comes to fighting the damage. Moreover, if you combine the character with the armor and shield given in our list below then it would be very difficult for any other God of War Ragnarok builds to damage you.

Not only this, you can restore your energy with the below-written tools. If you find this character fascinating then you must go for this and don’t forget to enable the build with the below-written recommendations.

Specialization Type Availability (Name Wise)Effect
ArmorDragon Scaled Armor SetGrants a buff to increase the stat of strength and endurance
Dragon Scaled BreastplateSaves you from the nearby enemy damage
Dragon Scaled bracers and GirdleBlocks all the damage and saves the build to the fullest.
WeaponsPommels of the Undying SparkIncrease burning effects and result in high damage to the enemy
The Furious MaulIncreases the level of strength and also helps you to increase the stat and kill your enemy
Warrior’s Echo SauroterSpear attacks against Sonic-afflicted enemies, Maelstrom skill charge 
RelicHilt of Hofud Helps to deliver realm shift, and annihilate foes when it comes to damaging your enemies.
Spartan RageFury or Valor
ShieldRond of Absorption Measure enhances permafrost, Immolation, and Maelstorm skill 
Key StatsStrength and DefenseHelps to perform well in every fight with enemy
Amulet EnchantmentsSvartlfheim SetIncrease melee damage to your enemy
Niflheim SetIncrease Kratos damage to the enemy
Seal of Runic StormDelivers a strong buff for staggers resistance and also produces Bifrost storms.
Boon of ValorDelivers a strong buff of Strength and Lifesteal for a certain period of time.

8. Healer Build

Healer Build

If you are looking for something simple yet powerful to unlock the high-end gameplay then this build will help you to every extent. No doubt that this is the best Kratos build God of War Ragnarok. Why we are saying this? Because it has almost every feature to prove the above statement.

You can use various shields and armor to protect yourself from any damage and the best part is that you can provide irreparable damage to your opponent. Moreover, it focuses more on healing and saving you from damage. You can take advantage of shockwaves through this character. Let’s all the combinations that you can make with this best GOW Ragnarok build.

Specialization Type Availability (Name Wise)Effect
Armor Nidavellir Armor SetHeal you from stun finishers present in the game
Bracer and Girdle of the Raven Tears Armor SetHelps to slow down the amidst chaos and combats 
Raven Tear’s Armguards and Waist GuardHealing gained from health stones, rage, and gear
ShieldDauntless ShieldSlows down your nearby enemy when you are already indulged
Rond of the Nine RealmsYou must combine this with an above shield to get the high performing result in shielding
Loadout Nidavellir’s Finest PlackartProvide instant health buff when you grab your enemy
Grip of Weighted RecoveryHelps you to heal faster and also endows health to you while fighting.
WeaponPommels of Brutal MightKill your enemy and give you tremendous strength
Hind of Deadly VitalityHealth burst on spear hit
Spartan RageValor or Fury
RelicMotsognir’s CallIt produces stun damages to your nearby enemies and also produces shockwaves
Amulet Enchantments
Svartlfheim SetIncrease the stun damage and also operates stats 
Emblem of the Nine RealmsReate melee damage when it comes to real shifts
Stunning FangIt enables shockwaves and also can create stun damage to increase its strength

9. Endless Realm Shift

Endless Realm Shift

Another God of War Ragnarok best build is here to increase the joy of your gaming sessions. Endless Realm shift build is highly associated with the realm shifts, it enables you to perform well in front of robust enemies. With the high-end power of weapons, they can provide your enemies with melee damage that is hard to resist.

Moreover, you can stop and slow down the time to rejuvenate yourself from the damage of your opponent. If you want your build to shine then you will require to practice the dodges. This way, you can enhance your gaming session to any extent. If you are a fan of Fallout 4 then you can check the list of best builds for Fallout 4.

Specialization Type Availability (Name Wise)Effect
Shield and ArmorGauntlets And Belt of RadianceLeverage the Realm Shift and also help to slow down the surrounding enemies
Surtr’s Scorched CuirassEnables bonus damage to your enemies while Kratos attack
Dauntless ShieldProduces elemental storm when gets disturbed while parrying
WeaponsHind of the Four WindsProduction of concussive waves 
Deadly Obsidian BladesGive excessive explosion in just an attack on the enemy. Also provides a strength buff.
The Furious MaulGrant a buff of strength when you kill an Axe. 
Spartan RageFury or Valor
RelicHilt of Hofud This would boost your melee damage and power you up with strength
Talisman of MeignInstantly boost your DPS.
Amulet EnchantmentsAlfheim SetIt empowers Kratos and allows you to fight with endless spirit.
Muspelheim SetIncreases Kratos’ melee damage
Seal of Runic StormYou can use three quick weapons to kill your enemy
Emblem of the Nine RealmsEnhances melee damage during realm shift 

10. Poison Build

Poison Build

If you want to mow down your enemy in the God of Ragnarok, then Poinson build character would be the best build for you to make your statement. With these powerful builds, you can power up your gaming experience as these have special abilities to perform all your enemies out.

Moreover, this build is very simple and easy to use, which is why people new to the game would prioritize this build and also holds special power in order to kill your enemies. The best part of using this build is that you can kill your enemy in just an attack. It provides you with the best loadout God of War Ragnarok combinations. Suppose you combine the build with the below-written specialization. Let’s check all the possible combinations. 

Specialization Type Availability (Name Wise)Effect
Armor Lunda’s Armor SetBare-handed attacks, parrying, and blocking.
Dragonscale Armor PiecesHelp you to increase shield damage to your opponent
Stone Wall ShieldRemoves the melee damage
RelicHilt of HofudSlow down time and help you to rejuvenate your energy
Talisman of MeignMaximizes the damage output
Amulet EnchantmentsVanaheim SetIncreases Kratos’ melee damage
Svartalfheim SetIncreases stun damage
Niflheim SetIncreases Kratos’ melee damage 
WeaponsStonecutter’s KnobAdds a concussive wave
Deadly Obsidian HandleGrant a Rage burst on almost every blade to kill your enemy
Hind of the Four WindsAdds a concussive wave
Spartan RageValor
LoadoutLunda’s Lost CuirassConsume the element that causes an elemental explosion 
Dragon Scaled Bracers and GirdleIncreases shield damages and help you to boost your strength

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How old is Kratos in God of War Ragnarok?

The God of War Ragnarok, has launched in 2022, and the age of the Kratos will be more than 1050 years. 

Q2. Which is the best Kratos build God of War Ragnarok?

There is so many God of War Ragnarok builds that you can use. Well, you must check our list as we have provided you with all the powerful and robust GOW Ragnarok builds that you can use in your game and unlock the thrilling level easily. Here you can check our list.

Stun builds in GOW Ragnarok.

  • TimeSplitter
  • Violent Wrath
  • Runic Rampage
  • Pure Strength Build

Q3. What is the best gear set in God of War Ragnarok?

The Steinbjorn set is known to be the best gear set in God of War Ragnarok build can ever have. You can use this gear to power up the gaming sessions. If you are new to the game, then start with this gear to get started with the game, as it will provide smoothness in the gaming sessions.


God of War Ragnarok is such a thrilling game that can enable the spirit of adventure in you you with the best of its builds. If you want to taste the thrill of the game, then you must choose a dominant and dynamic build in GOW Ragnarok to enjoy it to the fullest. Moreover, if you combine your vigorous build with heavy attachments, then you can edge over all your participants in the game with full potential.

In the above guide, we have given you the best build God of War Ragnarok. Along with that, we have given you the most compatible attachment to make the build even more stringer. This way, you can edge over all your competitors with basic attacks.

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