Unleash the Magic: Top Hogwarts Legacy Mods to Enhance Your Gameplay Experience

Are you a Potterhead? Do you like to play video games? Then you must have played Hogwarts Legacy. It is a game full of challenges and adventure, where you get to visit another digital world that is inspired by Harry Potter. Moreover, if you want to enjoy this game in a better way, then you can use Hogwarts Legacy Mods. 

In this article, we will tell you about the best Hogwarts Legacy Mods. Along with this, you will also get to know where you can download these mods, how they work, and how you can use them to level up your game. So without any further delay, let’s get started!

What are Hogwarts Legacy Mods? 

What are Hogwarts Legacy Mods

“Mods” is the short term of the word “Modifications”. In a video game, modes are basically those codes that allow you to modify the script of any video game and perform actions that otherwise would not have been possible. With the help of these mods, you can enhance your gaming experience. 

Players can install mods by downloading and placing the mod files in specific folders or by using mod management tools or platforms. These modifications can significantly extend the lifespan and enjoyment of a game by allowing players to customize their experience, fix bugs, or introduce new elements to the game world.

These days, you can easily find tools to tweak your video game. For example, JJSploit Roblox and Synapse X Roblox are the exploits for Roblox games. When it comes to the Hogwarts Legacy game, it has various mods that allow you to perform various actions like solving puzzles for you, enhancing the scenes, increasing speed, using cheat codes, extending the game after you have finished all the levels, and even casting spells. So if you want to improve your experience of playing Hogwarts Legacy, then you must try mods for Hogwarts Legacy. 

Best Hogwarts Legacy Mods 

Best Hogwarts Legacy Mods

In this section, we will tell you about different mods that you can use in Hogwarts Legacy. We have covered everything from Hogwarts Legacy kill students mod, Hogwarts Legacy NSFW mods to Hogwarts Legacy new game plus mod, Hogwarts Legacy gun mod, and Hogwarts Legacy trainer mod. Here you will get to know about basically all the mods that you need to win the Hogwarts Legacy game and make it more fun and entertaining. So without ado, let’s have a look at the list of the best Hogwarts Legacy mods.  

1. Ascendio

Usually, when you are playing Hogwarts Legacy, you might feel like the game is getting slow and the frame rate and shutter rate are decreasing. Are you wondering if there are any Hogwarts mods to fix this issue? Well, yes, this issue can be fixed with the help of Ascendio. This mod improves the speed of the game so that you get an overall elevated gaming experience. You can fix the FPS drop issue with the Ascendio mod and save yourself from a lot of frustration, triggering, lagging, and time waste.  

2. Smaller UI

When it comes to a creative and detail-oriented game like Hogwarts Legacy, you would want to see all the scenes and objects, this is where you can use one of the best mods for Hogwarts Legacy, the Smaller UI mod. With the help of this mod, you can make the size of your character look smaller on the screen so that you can see your beautiful surroundings as well. Honestly, after all the creativity and hard work that the designers of this game have put into designing this game, it is totally worth using the Smaller UI mod. 

3. Mouse Controls for Broom

Mouse Controls for Broom

Flying brooms are the most unforgettable thing about Harry Potter. If you liked to watch Harry Potter in your childhood, at some point in time, you might have tried to sit on the broom and fly. With the help of this mod, you get to control your flying broom from the mouse, instead of the keyboard. This makes the overall controlling task easier and segregated, because this way, you can control the broom with your mouse and other functions with your keyboard. You can also find other Hogwarts Legacy mods for broom. 

4. Arachnophobia

Being a Hogwarts Legacy player, you must be aware that Hogwarts is full of diversity. It has various kinds of creatures in it, and most of them want to harm you, especially spiders. This becomes an even bigger problem if you have Arachnophobia (fear of spiders). So we got the Arachnophobia mod for you. 

With the help of this mod, you can remove all the spiders from the game and replace them with normal boxes. Even if you are not scared of spiders, you can use this mod to make the game easier and get rid of all the spiders. All in all, it is one of the best Hogwarts legacy mods.

5. NPC Schedule Enhanced

Do you want to get the real-life experience of Hogwarts? Then you must use the NCP Schedule Enhanced mod. With the help of this tool, your character can attend classes on weekdays in Hogwarts and then go to Hogsmeade on weekends. You can also meet professors, go to the main hall for meals, etc. 

Basically, everything that you have seen in the Harry Potter movies and read in the Harry Potter books about their lifestyle and daily activities, you can do all those things in this game using the NPC Schedule Enhanced. It is one of the must-try Hogwarts mods for Potterheads. 

6. Shrek Broom

Shrek Broom

Hands down, Shrek has been one of the most loved cartoon characters. Do you also love Shrek and want to try something new and funny? Then you can try the Shrek Broom. This is one of the best collaborations. With the help of this mod, you can fly on the back of Shrek. Yes, you heard it right. Shrek Broom mod provides you with a flying broom, which looks exactly like Shrek. You can sit and fly around Hogwarts on this broom and have some fun visiting places. 

7. Arithmancy

Like many people, do you also hath maths? Well, Hogwarts Legacy is filled with puzzles and challenges where you have to solve maths-based questions to move forward. If you are bad at maths then you can use the Arithmancy mod. This mod will help you solve all the maths-based puzzles so that you can easily move ahead in the video game. It is one of the most easily accessible Hogwarts Legacy PC mods.

8. Silencio

While Floo Lady helps you to move around and travel in the game, their constant chit-chat can be really annoying, because they keep talking all the time, the bigger problem is, they have nothing new to talk about, they keep repeating the same old dialogues. Well, now the Silencio mod is here for your rescue. Using this mod, you can get rid of the constant annoyance. 

9. Facial hair

Are you looking for Hogwarts Legacy hair mods? Then we got the facial hair mod for you. With this mod, you get access you various mustaches, beards, and other face accessories. You can use all these things to look older. After all, who would not want to look better using these accessories? Moreover, these can also be used to change your look if you want to hide yourself in the game. It is one of the best Hogwarts Legacy hair mods.  

10. Talent Reset Potion Recipe

Talent Reset Potion Recipe

While playing Hogwarts Legacy, you need to perform various challenges in order to get any talent. But things can get wrong if you choose the wrong talent and then cannot use it later. Moreover, it is not at all possible to get access to all the talents. This is when the Talent Reset Potion Recipe mod comes into play. With the help of this mod, you can sell the talents that you do not use anymore so that you can get access to new talents. This is one of the most used Hogwarts Legacy mods. 

11. WeMod Cheats

If you are a video game lover, then you must have played GTA as well. Do you remember how cheat codes use to help you get access to different things in that game like faster speed, hide, use weapons, get a new life, etc? In Hogwarts Legacy as well, cheat codes perform similar actions. 

With the help of WeMod Cheats, you can get access to various things like Hogwarts legacy gun mod, one-hit kills, access to free things in shops, permission to use items without any limit, unlimited broom boost, maximum combinations, unlimited access to go to any locations in the game, etc. So this mod is definitely worth trying. 

12. SpellSpeak

You remember how witches use to cast spells and turn things in their favor using those spells, right? Well, with the help of the SpellSpeak mod, now you can also cast spells to make things in your favor. As soon as you download this mod, you get the long list of the spells and then you can cast spells whenever needed. 

13. Flying Height Unlocked

Well, flying around on the broom is one of the most entertaining things in Hogwarts Legacy, but this fun can be restricted because of the limited flying height. But you do not need to worry, because flying height unlocked is here for your rescue. With this amazing and one-of-a-kind mod, you can unlock the height restriction. 

This way, you can fly on the broom at any height, no matter how high it gets. You can use the Flying Height Unlocked mod to get a wider view of Hogwarts from the top and detect all the dangers beforehand. 

14. Voldemort

No matter how devilish the Voldemort character was, it is still one of the most popular characters of Harry Potter with immense powers. Do you also want your character to look like Voldemort? Then your search ends here. Because with the help of the Voldemort mod, now you can make your character look exactly like Voldemort. This mod can also be used to fool around the other characters in the game. 

15. AnyTimeCompanion

While you get to make various friends in Hogwarts, unfortunately, when it comes to traveling, you have to travel alone in the game and you get no one to travel around with. But now we have AnyTimeCompanion mod for you. Using this mod, you get access to traveling around Hogwarts with your friends. Doesn’t that sound great? 

How to Download and Install Hogwarts Legacy Mods?

How to Download and Install Hogwarts Legacy Mods?

Now that you know what Hogwarts Legacy PC mods are, now it is time to understand how to mod Hogwarts Legacy, basically, how to use the Hogwarts mods. In order to use the mods,  first you will need to download the. You can follow the step-by-step procedure given below to learn how to mod Hogwarts legacy and download them. 

1. The Hogwarts Legacy mods can be easily found on the official website of Nexusmods, so first you need to go to the official website of Nexus Mods. 

2. After this, tap on the “Manual” tab that you see on your screen. 

3. Now download the mod that you want to use, you can even download multiple mods at once. 

4. Open the recently downloaded file from your Download folder. If the file is in ZIP format then you would need WinRAR to open the file.

5. Now you need to perform this step with caution, first, go to the games folder on your PC and then right-click on the Hogwarts Legacy file and then choose “Properties”. 

6. Now select “Local Files” and then the “Browse” option. 

7. After this, you need to copy the mod file and then go to the Phoenix folder of the game file. 

8. Here you need to tap on “Content” and then on the “Paks folder”. 

9. Now create two new folders, one named “Mods” and the other named “~mods”. 

10. After this, for the last step, you just need to paste the copied content here and your work is done. 

11. Now you can simply just restart the game and you would be able to use the particular mod in your game. 

12. You will need to repeat this download and installation process for each mod that you want to use. 

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Are Hogwarts Legacy Mods safe? 

It totally depends on, from where you are downloading that particular mod. To be more cautious on your side, make sure that you download Hogwarts mods, or any other mods for that matter, from reliable sources only. Moreover, make sure that you read the description of the mod and scan it through anti virus to find out if it contains any viruses or is it safe for your PC or not. 

Q2. How do mods work in a game?

Mods work by accessing and modifying the game files or using hooks and APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) provided by the game developer. They can range from simple cosmetic changes to more complex modifications that add new features, gameplay mechanics, or even entirely new content.

Q3. Which mod can I use to fly in Hogwarts Legacy? 

The flying broom feature is already there in the Hogwarts Legacy game, so you do not need any particular mod to fly. However, there are various other mods that you can use to enhance the flying experience. Here are some of the mods that you can use for flying: 

a) Mouse Controls for Broom: With the help of this mod, you can control the flying broom with your mouse. This allows you to have better control over the game and avoid any confusion. 

b) Shrek Broom: This mod is just there for fun. With this mod, you can turn your broom to look like the cartoon character Shrek. While flying on Shrek Broom, you feel like you are sitting on the back of Shrek and flying through Hogwarts. 

c) Flying Height Unlocked: You do get a flying broom in the game, but it comes with height restrictions. So with the help of the Flying Height Unblocked mod, you can remove the height restriction. 


If you are someone who is into video games and likes to play Hogwarts Legacy, then Hogwarts Legacy mods are a must-try for you. With the help of these mods, you can elevate your overall gaming experience. However, when it comes to downloading these mods, make sure that you download them from reliable sources only, because otherwise, it can harm your PC and its data. 

Moreover, to use these mods, you need to follow the proper step-by-step download procedure so that the mods can work efficiently. If you have any other confusion or queries regarding this, then you can reach out to us.  

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