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Do you want to enjoy the most fantastic game Elden Ring with the overpowered builds? It is a fantasy action play packed with adventure and mysteries. If you want to enjoy this power-packed game to the fullest, then you must consider our guide to know the best builds Elden Ring. In the below article, we have delved into the comprehensive elaboration of the best 10 overpowered Elden Ring Builds that every avid gamer must try. Moreover, you will get the best of information to consider the best weapons, ways of using heavy weapons, armor, and other such game-centric specifications. Let’s check all the best Elden Ring character builds.

10 Elden Ring Best Builds

Elden Ring builds

If you want to edge over your competitors in the game, then you must have a strong and powerful build with you. A robust build can help you to fight till its last breath and kill the less powerful builds in an attack. If you choose any of the builds from our list, then you will get a robust build that will serve all your gaming needs in a go. You can enjoy the strongest of weapons, armor, endurance, and other fighting capabilities. If you are new in the game and want to beat all other co-participants, then you are on the right page. Here, we will see the best 10 Elden Ring Builds that you must try. You can check our other builds range for Fallout 4.

1. Berserk Guts

If you have got your hand on the Berserk Guts, then no one can stop you from befitting your co-opponents. Yes, you heard it right. Berserk Guts is one of the most muscular Elden Ring builds that have extraordinary powers to keep you ahead of your competitors. With this build, you can unlock the ultimate power of defeating the participants, as this comes with high-performing endurance and capabilities to fight damage. Moreover, it also serves you with a heavy weapon that can only be used by this build. Hence, you would become the winner of the game. 

ClassHero or Vagabond
WeaponsHeavy Greatsword (Colossal)
Heavy Misericorde
ArmorBlack Wolf Mask for helmet
Night Cavalry set for everything else
Essential ItemsShard of Alexander
Green Turtle Talisman
Carian Filigreed CrestDagger Talisman
Skills of Using WeaponsLion’s Claw in Greatsword
Flames of the Redmane in Misericorde
Physick SpecializationsGreen burst Crystal Tear
Crimsonwhorl Bubbletear
Key StatsStrength (60/80)
Vigor (50/60)
Other PrioritiesMind Endurance 

2. Lord of Blood

Lord of Blood

As its name suggests, it is one of the most violent and damaging Elden Ring builds, you will ever have played with in Elden Ring. This build will help you to make a different statement of the style and powerful nature. One of the most basic drawbacks of this build is that it is not strong in front of those enemies who have the power to secure their blood and can’t bleed. Moreover, its weapon and skills of using the weapons are extraordinary. Lord of blood is a blasphemous blade build. One can enjoy the deal of having 10,000 damage points. Its strength and dexterity are another astonishing part of this build, as it will help you to protect yourself from further damage.  Let’s look at its stats and other special characterizations to know more about it.

Armor TypesWhite MaskNo fat rolling
Weapons TypeMohgwyn’s Sacred Spear,
Eleonora’s Poleblade/Rivers of Blood
Essential Items
Shard of Alexander
Lord of Blood’s Exultation
Millicent’s Prosthesis
Rotten/Winged Sword Insignia
Physick Specializations
Thorny Cracked Tear
Cerulean Hidden Tear
Skills of Using Weapons
Bloodboon Ritual
Bloodblade Dance/Corpse Piler
Stat PriorityArcane (60/80)
Vigor (50/60)
Other PrioritiesEndurance Mind Strength & Dexterity 

3. Dragon Lightning Priest

One of the most agile and mindful Elden Ring builds is here to make you win over every opponent. With this incredible build, you can enjoy the highest of damage without consuming your character much for the same level of damage that may kill other builds. Its Lightning Spear is one of the features that sets it apart from other Elden Ring best builds. Moreover, its dragon lightning skills are also the oss killer and can kill almost every other enemy in the game. Also, the incantation scale sums up well in the game. It has the superpower to eliminate damage in a straightforward and quick way. Let’s check out its other characteristics to know whether it is reliable for you or not.

Style Prophet
WeaponSacred Relic Sword/Guardian’s Swordspear
Gravel Stone Seal
Erdtree Seal
Armor StyleNo Fat rolling
Essential ItemsGodfrey Icon
Carian Filigreed Crest/Godfrey Icon
Flock’s Canvas Talisman
Lightning Scorpion Charm
Physick Specializations
Lightning-Shrouding Cracked Tear
Cerulean Hidden Tear/Opaline Bubble Tear
Skills of Using WeaponsPhantom Slash for Guardian’s Swordspear
IncantationsLightning Spear
Ancient Dragon’s Lightning Strike
Fortissax’s Lightning Spear
Lannseax’s Glaive
Honed Bolt
Golden Vow
Howl of Shabriri
Electrify Armament (for Guardian’s Swordspear)
Priority StatsFaith (60/80)
Mind (30/40)
Vigor ( 50/60)
Other StatsEndurance, Dexterity

4. Black Flame Reaper Paladin

If you want to make your game stronger level by level, then this Elden Ring build will help you to the fullest. The special feature of this build is that it grows stronger and stronger as you pass the initial levels. Its way of using weapons is extraordinarily astonishing; why we are saying this because it uses the queen’s black flame, which is known to be the most powerful way to defeat any enemy in the game. If you love to be in the character of most Robut players, then this build will serve your needs to the fullest. Its busted weapon skill is what most people have liked and talked about. Moreover, its incredible range of priorities also grasps your attention. Let’s check other specializations to know it to the fullest. 

WeaponWinged Scythe
Godslayer’s Seal
Godslayer’s Greatsword/Gargoyle’s Flame Art Twinblade
ArmorNo Fat Falling
Essential ItemsTwo Fingers Heirloom
Sacred/Fire Scorpion Charm
Shard of Alexander
Carian Filigreed Crest
Physical AbilitiesFlame-Shrouding Cracked Tear
Leaden Hardtear
Skills of Using WeaponsAngel’s Wings
The Queen’s Black Flame
Blackflame Tornado in Gargoyle’s Twinblade
Blasphemous blade build
IncantationsBlack FlameBlack Flame Blade
StatFaith (60/80)
Vigor (prioritize 50/60)
Other PrioritiesEndurance 

5. Unga Bunga Build

Another most potent Elden Ring paladin build, namely the Unga Bunga build. It is one of the most overpowered Elden Ring builds that come with the best of the one-shot feature. With this feature, Builders can kill their enemy in just a shot. In Elden Ring best builds list it comes with heavy armor and weapons. It is one of the most powerful faith builds Elden Ring. This way, you will win easily with any opponent. Moreover, its physical abilities are also unparalleled, such as Opaline bubble and winged crystal tear. It has priority. Furthermore, the strength and vigor are also unmatchable.

WeaponsDual Giant-Crusher
Any Colossal Weapon with custom weapon skill
Any Sacred Seal
ArmorNo Fat Rolling
Essential Items
Great-Jar’s Arsenal
Radagon’s Soreseal
Claw Talisman
Ritual Sword Talisman
Physical Abilities Opaline Bubble
Winged Crystal Tear
Skills of Using WeaponsRoyal Knight’s Resolve on dual weapons
IncantationsFlame Grant Me Strength
Golden Vow
Stat Priority
Strength (60/80)
Vigor (50/60)
Other PriorityEndurance

6. Samurai Bleed Dex Build

Samurai Bleed Dex Build

Samurai build is next-level fun that you can use in your game Elden Ring. If you also want to play the game to the fullest this build would really be helpful for you. You can try this build in your game to edge over all your opponent. Its bleed effect is one of the most entertaining features to enjoy. As it is a Samurai, it has some extraordinary sword power to kill enemies. You can kill your enemy in just one or two sword attacks. Its weapons are also extraordinary, which you may find level by level. If we look at the key stats, it has also performed well. Everything is covered from endurance to vigor, and undoubtedly, it can provide you with the best of power and robust attack to kill opponents. Below specification will clear you that why it is one of the Elden Ring character builds.  

Essential Items2x Uchigatanas
White MaskRotten Winged Sword Insignia
Radagon’s Soreseal Marika’s Soreseal Claw Talisman
Shard of Alexander
IncantationsEkzyke’s Decay
Swarm of Flies Greyoll’s Roa
Armour and GearRoyal Remains SetRaptor’s Black Feathers White Mask 
Ashes of WarBlood Blade
Bloody Slash Seppuku
WeaponsDragon Communion Seal
Rivers of Blood
Blood Uchigatana
Godskin Peeler
Eleonara’s Poleblade 
Blood Nagakiba 
Serpent-God’s Blood Curved Sword
Mohgwyn’s Sacred Spear
Key StatsVigor: 40
Mind: 30
Endurance: 30
Strength: 12
Dexterity: 50
Intelligence: 9
Faith: 18
Arcane: 45

7. Spinning Reaper Bleed Build

If you want to enjoy the Elden Ring best builds to the fullest, then this build will help you to kill all your opponents. It has the best of the armor to protect itself. Moreover, this Elden Ring build  can bear all the hard-core damages your opponents give. This provides you with the jaw-dropping features of spinning as it is specialized in attacking with spinning, light, and channelized. Most people enjoy its attacking power through which they can actually power up their levels and enjoy defeating their opponents. This vagabond character transpires juvenile energy into the gameplay sessions; let’s check all its specialties to know it to the fullest.  

ClassConfessor or Vagabond
IncantationsGrave Scythe
Spinning Weapon
Ash of War
Rotten Winged Sword Insignia
ArmamentRight Hand Armament 1: Keen Grave Scythe
Left Hand Armament 1: Dragon Communion Seal
ArmorsHear Armor: White Mask
Chest Armor: Hoslow’s Armor
Arms: Radahn’s Gauntlets
Leg Armor: Radahn’s Greaves
Physical AbilitiesThorny Cracked Tear
Crimson Bubbletear
Essential ItemsLord of Blood’s Exultation
Millicent’s Prosthesis
Rotten Winger Sword Insignia
Shard of Alexander
Famous Attack TypeSpinning Attack
Light Attack
Channelized Attack
Key StatsVigor-60

8. Glass Cannon Mage Build

Glass Cannon Mage Build

If you are new to the game, then you will require to deal with the damage more and more. Hence, this character can help you to the fullest. With a glass cannon mage build, you can endure various damages without spending your health and fitness in the game. Its high-end weapons are also a reason why most people have used this build in their gameplay. Moreover, it comes with a number of armors that can save you from your opponents, and also, the attacking power of the character is high performing. This way, you will be able to kill all your opponents and enjoy the pleasure of being at the first. 

Essential ItemsMoonveil Katana
Lusat’s Glintstone Staff
Cerulean Hidden Tear
Best SpellsComet Azur
Terra Magicus
Rock Sling
Collapsing Stars
Meteor of Astel
TalismansGraven Mass Talisman
Primal Glintstone Blade
Radagon Icon
Moon of Nokstella
ArmorAny Glintstone Crown 
Sorcerer robe
WeaponMeteoric Ore Blade
StaffMeteorite Staff
Key StatsIntelligence 80
Dexterity 18
Strength 12

9. Colossal Knight Strength Build

Colossal knight strength signifies the high-end ability to pass damage and attack to the opponent. If we talk about its weapons, then also they are seamless. With simple science, you would know that huge weapons are more likely to cover extra and unwanted damage. This way, you can win your battle and defeat all your opponents in a go. Moreover, its key stats are also quite interesting, as you may find below in our specializations table.  If you are an avid gamer then you must consider our guide of codes for one of the most fantastic games Fallout 4.

Giant Crusher
Green Turtle Talisman
Axe Talisman
Roar Medallion
Viridian Amber Madallion
Spells and Incantationsunga bunga sword swinging goodness
blood flame blade or Poison Armament 
flame/magic/lightning fortification
ArmourTwinned Armour
Royal Remains armor
Ash of WarFlame of the Redmanes Stamp (Upward Cut)
Essential ItemsWarcry Ash of War
Axe Talisman
Roar Medallion
any great or colossal weapon
Key StatsVigor: 20
Mind: 10
Endurance: 16
Strength: 25
Dexterity: 13
Intelligence: 9
Faith: 9
Arcane: 7

10. Fire’s Deadly Sin Faith Build

As its name describes, it is a deadly build that you will never find in the list of top Elden Ring builds. Well, this is one of the most overpowered builds that have so many specialties in terms of weapons, techniques if using weapons, and other essential items a are also well equipped with the character. Fir’s deadly is one of the best faith builds Elden Ring. Moreover, its other specializations are also high end that you can enjoy to defeat your competitors. It is one of the best strength build collections that you will find most working and useful. Its greatsword will help you to edge over other builds present in the game.  

ClassConfessor/ Prophet
WeaponGodSlayer’s great sword
Godslayer’s seal
Winged scythe
SpellsBlack flame
Black flame blade
ArmorsMausoleum knight set Ruler’s masl
Essential itemsFire’s Deadly Sin
Erdtree Greatshield
Old Lord’s Talisman
Key StatsFaith
Special SkillErdtree Greatshield’s Golden Retaliation skill

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What’s the strongest build in Elden Ring?

We have made a potential list that consists of all the powerful builds in Elden Ring. Moreover, the best and the most overpowered build that you will see and you can play with is  Berserk Guts and lord of Blood. 

Q2. What build should I run in Elden Ring?

There are so many builds already in the market, and with the help of them, you can edge over your competitors. In order to make yourself overpowered, you must transform and choose a build from our guide. Our most fascinating build is Berserk Guts and Unga Bunga build. With these top builds, you can power up your monotonous gaming experience. 

Q3. What is the easiest class to beat Elden Ring?

Vegabound class is the easiest class with whom you can enjoy your game to the fullest, and also, you can eliminate the complexities of using the game and bearing the damage.  You can enjoy  Spinning Reaper Bleed Build, which falls under the vagabond class of Elden Ring builds.


Elden Ring is a fantasy-based action-packed game that has so much adventurous spirit. Most people enjoy it with different powerful and robust Elden Ring builds. In order to accept the challenges from people like that, you will require an overpowered Elden Ring builds as well. This is why we are here with our guide that consists of the top 10 best builds Elden Ring. Through them, you can enjoy your gaming sessions to the fullest, and also you will be able to kill your opponents with the best of weapons and armor. 

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