Unlocking the Secrets of the Deep: Subnautica Aurora Codes Revealed!

Subnautica is a survival-based adventure game where the people who survive through all the adventures win the game. Here you need to complete the adventures and on finishing the adventure, the user gets Subnautica Aurora codes which help the player in moving ahead in the game. 

This game was released in the year 2018. Initially, it was available on Microsoft Windows and macOS, but later Unknown Worlds Entertainment made it available on gaming platforms like PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. In this article, we will tell you about Subnautica Aurora Codes. So without any further delay, let’s get on to the main topic.  

What are Subnautica Aurora Codes?

What are Subnautica Aurora Codes

The Subnautica game is set on an alien ocean planet known as 4546B, where the player finds themselves crash-landed on a life pod after their spaceship, the Aurora, is shot down. In order to survive the game, the player needs to explore the vast and mysterious underwater world to survive and find a way to escape.

In this game, Aurora is the spaceship. After its crash landing on Subnautica, it emits radiations that are harmful to the players. In order to survive the game, the player needs to disable the radiations of the Aurora spaceship. This is when the Subnautica door codes come into the picture. 

The Subnautica door codes are basically the fragments of a passcode that is required to disable the radiations of the ship. They are scattered around the Subnautica world, and players must find and scan them using the in-game scanner tool. Once all the fragments are collected, the player can use them to obtain the complete passcode. Later, these codes are used to open the doors of the spaceship Aurora. If you are interested in such adventure games then you can also go for Hogwarts Legacy

All Subnautica Aurora Codes

All Subnautica Aurora Codes

Now that you have complete information about the Subnautica game and Aurora codes, now it is time to see which Subnautica Aurora door codes you can use to win the game. Here are the top codes for you along with the information regarding where and how you can use these Subnautica door codes. 

1. 6483- Lab Access Door

If you want to enter the lab underwater, then you will need a certain code for it. The code to open the lab’s gate is 6483. You can find this code in or around the abandoned PDA. Moreover, you get access to this code when you move to the far left corner of the ocean after crossing Prawn Suit Bay. 

2. 2679- Captain’s Cabin Door

The next code on our list of Subnautica Aurora codes is 2679. You can use this code to open the cabin of the captain of the Aurora spaceship. You can find various tools and objects in the captain’s cabin that can help you win the game. 

3. 1869- Cabin Door 1

While playing Subnautica, you can use the Aurora Code Subnautica 1869 to enter the cabin. With the help of this code, you can open door number 1 of the cabin of the spaceship and get access to the cabin. 

4. 1454- Cargo Bay 3 Door

The cargo bay is basically the place where all the cargo (goods) are kept. If you want to enter the cargo bay of the Aurora spaceship, then you can use the code 1454 to open the door. With this code, you would get access to cargo bay 3. 

5. 6666- Robotics Bay

The next code on our list of Subnautica door codes is 6666. This code is mainly used to enter the Robotics bay. In simple terms, the robotics bay is the place where all the things robotics and machinery are kept. You can enter the Robotics bay to get technical items that can later be used in the game. 

Why Do You Need Subnautica Aurora Door Codes?

Why Do You Need Subnautica Aurora Door Codes?

All Subnautica codes are used to open the doors of the Aurora spaceship. With the help of the Aurora door codes, you can get ahead of the other people in the game. These  Subnautica Aurora codes will help you save a lot of time that you would have wasted in finding the codes in the game, and since the ocean is so big, it honestly takes a lot of time to find the codes. 

Moreover, by opening the doors with Aurora codes Subnautica, you get access to a lot of good technical and mechanical items that help you survive the game, since the game is all about adventure and surviving those adventures. 

Other Tools That You Need for the Game

As you know, the Aurora spaceship keeps emitting harmful radiation, so when you enter the spaceship, you need proper tools and objects to protect yourself from those harmful radiation. Here are the things that you will need. 

1. Radiation Suit

The main reason why you need a radiation suit is the destructive radiation coming out of the Aurora spaceship. If you do not need to wear the radiation suit, it will harm the body and skin of your character and you would not be able to survive long enough in the game. 

2. Seaglide 

Since the Aurora spaceship has crashed into the ocean, half of the spaceship is under the water. If you want to get access to the places in Aurora that are submerged in water, then you will need a sea glide for that. You can get the sea glide by completing the task for it. 

3. Repulsion Cannon

When you move around in the spaceship, it has a lot of things scattered here and there. To move the heavy items from your way, you can use the Repulsion Cannon. Moreover, you can also use Propulsion Cannon for the same purpose. 

4. Survival Knife

In the Subnautica world, there are various harmful creatures, aliens, and animals who might try to attack you, both under the water as well as on the land. To save yourself from these creatures, you will need a survival knife. You can also use this knife to cut ropes, etc. 

5. Laser Cutter

A laser Cutter is basically a tool that is used to cut metal. If you are not able to open any door with Aurora door codes then you can use this laser cutter to cut the door. All in all, it is a very helpful tool in the game. 

6. Repair Tool

You will easily get various tools in the game, but what if those tools break? This is when the repair tool comes into the picture. With the help of this tool, you can easily repair your broken tools and doors of the Aurora spaceship.  

7. Weapons

The Subnautica game has a number of weapons like knives, guns, etc. Depending on your need and convenience, you can select any weapon that you want. With the weapon, you can protect yourself against all the harmful things in the game that attack you. 

Tips For Subnautica Game

Tips For Subnautica Game

In this section of the article, we will tell you about some special tips and tricks that can help you survive and win the game. Make sure that you go through all the points one by one and follow them in the game. 

1. Keep an eye out for wreckage or pieces of the Aurora scattered across the ocean floor. Some of the Subnautica Codes can be found inside these wreckages.

2. The scanner tool is crucial for finding and acquiring the fragments. When near a code fragment, the scanner will indicate its presence, and you can scan it to collect the data.

3. While searching for the Subnautica Aurora Codes, be cautious of hostile creatures that inhabit the area around Aurora.

4. Last but not the least, the Subnautica is all about the immersive exploration experience, so do not forget to enjoy the journey as you uncover the mysteries of the Aurora spaceship and the alien planet.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which code can I use to enter the captain’s cabin in Aurora? 

The Aurora code Subnautica for the cabin of the spaceship’s captain is  2679. With the help of this code, you can get access to the captain’s cabin and assemble useful items from the cabin. 

Q2. Whether Subnautica is a single-player or multiplayer game? 

Subnautica is only a single-player game. This means that you cannot play this game along with your friends and family members. However, you can find other players in the game and play against them. Moreover, if you are looking for a multiplayer game then Now.GG Stumble Guys is a good option for you. 

Q3. What is the storyline of the Subnautica game? 

Subnautica is basically an adventure-based survival game. As per this game, the spaceship named Aurora has crashed on the Subnautica planet and it is radiating harmful fumes. The players have to stop the radiation in order to survive the game. Moreover, the players also need to go through all the adventures with the help of tools and items to win the game. 


All in all, Subnautica is a fun and exciting game. Through this game, you can have an immense exploring experience. Moreover, you can also use Subnautica Aurora codes to open the doors of the Aurora spaceship. All Aurora codes help you to collect tools that can help you survive later in the game. 

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