Warframe Promo Codes- Free New Glyphs [Updated 2022-22]

Warframe is an action-packed video that has pulled in millions of fans to get glued to its gameplay in a short period. And guess what’s more important to the players? It is the Warframe Promo Codes that are latest and 100% working.

Being an online game, anyone can initiate and get indulged in the challenging sci-fi world. Hence, you need to know about warframe promo codes that can eventually let you unlock various hidden gaming items like weapons and boosters.

We have listed entire working promo codes and expired promo codes, both of which can help a player to level up in the Warframe gameplay in one way or another.

Warframe Promo Codes

About Warframe Promo Codes

The warframe codes listed here can be used to unlock much-needed glyphs and other items. Certain gift items shall remain permanently in your Warframe gaming account. You can use it at your convenience.

Contrary to this, certain gift items shall get added to your account with an expiry time. You need to make use of it before the time gets expired. Also, warframe promo codes that are listed here can be used once or twice depends upon the code. 

Possible Ways to Redeem Warframe Promo Codes

Initiate warframe redeem code action by visiting the official web portal of Warframe in a web browser. Make sure it has been connected to the internet.

Possible Ways to Redeem Warframe Promo Codes

The steps are:

  • Firstly, go to its website. The official website of Warframe to redeem promo code is, https://www.warframe.com/promocode.
  • Then, make sure to log in to your existing Warframe gaming account using your login credentials.
  • After logging in, copy and paste any one of the warframe promo codes in the Promo Codes dialog box.
  • After typing in the promo code, click upon the Submit Code button.
  • Moving on, the code shall get added to your logged-in Warframe gaming account. And now you can get to use the rewards by getting back to the gameplay. 
  • Thereafter, you can also redeem the promo codes in the middle of the gameplay. 
  • Navigate towards the Market option while you are in your Orbiter.
  • Now select the ‘Redeem code’ option.
  • Type the acquired warframe promo code within the provided space.
  • Moreover, hit upon the ‘Enter’ button from the connected keyboard.
  • In the end, the new gift item shall get listed up.


If you are a PC user, then the on-the-go promo code redeeming facility can help you a lot. The same in-game redeeming option is available for console users. Yet, it might take some time to get updated on your gaming account. 

Active Warframe Codes

The following is a set of active warframe glyph codes that you can try one after another after logging into your warframe account. Glyphs is a pin-table type of icon that the gamers can place above the surface in a mission to display the selected image vibrantly. Additionally, this particular option evades the players from getting attacked by the enemies at ease. 

Working Warframe Glyphs Codes

Warframe Anime GlyphGlyph

A list of inactive warframe promo codes, yet, might return back anytime.

EARSONWarframe Fortuna booster pack Cache Code
FALSEPROFITFortuna 2.0 Video, Nef Anyo Glyph
FN68-8RML-MLH6-GM2NPlains of Eidolon, Tekelu skin, Vectis weapon
FREESWORDWarframe heat sword, 5K credits, weapon slot
GUARDIANCON2018Glyph, GuardianCon
OLDFRIENDPrime Tea Set, Sacrifice Quest Release, Booster
PCGAMINGSHOW2016Dark Split Dulus Sword Skin
PSIVSpecial Color Pallette
SPACENINJA20% Platinum Discount
WARWITHINGrineer Queens Glyph, The War Within the Quest Release

Twitch Warframe Codes

If you are using a Twitch account, then link it with your existing Warframe account to get below-mentioned codes as benefits:

  • Firstly, earn Twitch Drops by watching the streamers get indulged in Warframe gameplay
  • Thereafter, get gifted with Broca Prominence Syandana
  • Now, Twitch Commerce bundles for PC users
  • One year free bundles from Twitch Prime.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How to make use of warframe promo codes ?

Redeeming Warframe Anime Glyph is an easy process. Visit the official Warframe web portal and login to your Warframe account. Enter the promo code as it is in the Promo Code redeem box and submit it to claim the rewards.

Q2. What is known as Glyph in Warframe?

Warframe Glyphs are represented as pin-table icons. You can place them upon surfaces while in a Warframe mission to view details listed in the marked areas. Through this way, you get to collect various details and act accordingly.

Q3. What is the best way to obtain a free sword within Warframe?

Warframe heat sword and other possible free swords can be obtained by visiting the promo code section of Warframe’s website. Another way is by navigating through the ‘Market’ option in the gameplay.

Now enter down the free sword codes within the respective box in the Warframe website. It will instantly add it to your gaming account. Alternatively, you can enter into the ‘Market’ section during the gameplay, and enter the promo code within the provided window to obtain swords for free.

Q4. Is Warframe game free to access and play?

All in all, Warframe is a free-to-play type of online PC and Play Station console game. You just need few things to play it. Simply have an active internet connection, a computer system that meets up with Warframe’s gaming requirements and a Warframe account. Along with this, you can also use Warframe promo codes to attain tons of free things. The rewards include free swords, glyphs, and many more items. Through this you can move to the next levels at ease.

Q5. Is any fee involved to win Warframe game?

Yes, Warframe does have a pay to win kind of feature that one can make use of to win to a particular extent. Instead of paying for premium features to level up your gameplay, you can use Warframe codes. These codes are free to access all through the year. Thousands of players through these codes enjoy Warframe ps4 and Warframe Xbox daily.

Q6. Is it possible to obtain Warframe free platinum?

Platinum in Warframe game is an in-game type of currency to purchase inventory space, weapons, and dresses. Other than spending your money on purchasing Platinum, you can rely on Warframe Promo Codes or Warframe Anime Glyph that are free to access.

Q7. Is a pay-to-win option for Warframe available in 2020?

You cannot complete every other hurdle using the pay-to-win option in the Warframe game. Wisely use the Warframe PC prominence bundle codes 2022 to get a quick head-start and level up like never before.

Q8. Is Warframe gameplay better when compared to Fortnite?

Warframe has longer-lasting and rewarding features that every other gamer can get to explore. Fortnite, on the other hand, has less rewarding features. This can make it boring to navigate without having many powers available on-board.

Q9. Is there any possibility to play Crossplay with Warframe?

Although Warframe pc prominence bundle has been advertised as a cross-platform running game, it does not support crossplay at the moment. Sooner or later the crossplay option shall be made available officially before the end of 2020.

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