Best Warframe AMP in 2023: Combinations, Materials, and Building Them

Warframe has gained huge popularity in recent times among gamers and so does the hunt for Best AMP Warframe. The impeccable graphics and amazing gameplay make it one of the best games of recent times.

Also, the way the developers of the game connect to the community is something that can not go unnoticed. As the game gets popular, words around it increase too. Similarly, talks related to the Best AMP Warframe has to offer have seen a spike in recent days.

You must know that in Warframe a player can access AMPs only when the “The Second Dream quest” has been completed. As it is only after the completion of this quest does the player gains the ability to switch between the Operator and Warframe modes. 

best amp warframe 2021

Once you have completed the mission you get a brief in-game tutorial kind of explanation on what AMPs are. However most of the players did not find the explanation informative enough to understand the know-how of the AMPs.

So, more or less, once you complete the aforementioned missions and get access to the AMPs, you are just delivered with a small tutorial, and then you are on your own to figure everything else related to it.

However, those players who arrived at the end game most would have powered through the game without investing much time and brain on the type AMPs they should have equipped. In this article, we will tell you all about AMPs. We will focus on the following:

It is highly recommended that you read the article till the end to become a master of ‘Warframe AMPs’.

warfarme amps fro eidolons

What are AMPs in Warframe? | Best AMP Warframe 

Now that you know that you can use AMPs only after completing the Second Dream quest. You must also know that the AMPs can only be wielded or used by your “Tenno Operator”. Amps are used to alter and modify your Warframe operator’s void beam in different ways.

Additionally, the AMPS gives the Void beam a separate energy gauge, such that it will no longer extract energy from your primary energy quota when used. This can be really useful in battles as you will have an additional weapon with its own energy pool.

  • Used to enhance the Void Beams of the Tenno Operator
  • Provides a separate energy pool for Void Beam 
  • Using void beams with AMPs no longer draws energy from the primary pool

In addition to this, you must know that AMPs cannot be modified. But, you can equip them with a single arcane. AMPs are a very useful battle resource but since it is highly useful, you will need to carry out an intense and focused grinding to farm out the items and materials needed to craft them.

You must also not prioritize it over your primary weapon, it is weaker than the primary one. The AMPs are an alternative weapon for crucial scenarios where you are left out with very little option in terms of primary abilities.

So if you have reached your end game scene in Warframe AMps hardly matter much as it is the primary weapons that are more important.

Best Warframe AMP in 2021

What is the use of AMPs in Warframe?

The only source of Void damage in Warframe is AMPs. And Void damage is particularly highly effective against sentient enemies as it resets the damage adaptations that might have developed.

In some fights against sentient enemies, you might have noticed that your main weapon becomes less effective as they develop damage adaptation taking less damage from your main weapons later on in the battle stretching the battle time.

Enemies like Battalysts, Concluysts, and Shadow Stalkers are some of these enemies that develop resistance against the primary weapons and take minimal damage. 

This is when most of the players generally switch to their Operator’s AMPs that would allow them to fire a Void beam. This beam will reset their adaptations and you can deal normal damage before the sentients regain the damage adaptations.

AMP warframe for eidolons

However, among the Warframe gamers AMPS are discussed for their usage in taking down the special type of sentient enemy called Eidolons. These sentient creatures are massive and roam the Plains of Eidolon during the night.

They are important because defeating them earns you an Eidolon shard. These shards are a necessary component that is required to earn the most powerful equipment of the game.

But the catch is that these Eidolons are protected by a void shield, which makes your normal attacks totally useless on them. Hence it’s pointless to even attack them as it would be inviting trouble intentionally for yourself.

However, if you have the right set of AMPs equipped on your operator, you can easily defeat them. The Eidolons void shield is highly vulnerable to your operator’s Void Beam fired through AMP. This will allow you to take these creatures down quite easily.

Why avoid the Mote AMP? What’s wrong with it?

As a Warframe player, you will find the mote AMP perfectly fine for battling through and completing the primary campaign in the game. This is because till this point in the game you will only be using the AMP to reset the damage adaptation.

Moreover, to reset the adaptation you don’t need to worry about the AMPs damage. It hardly matters how powerful an AMP is, if it is being used to reset just the damage adaptations.

Mote AMP

The real potential of an AMPs is tested when you start hunting down the Eidolons. This is the time when you test and try different AMP parts to find the Warframe best amp for eidolon hunting. And in this case, the ‘Mote AMP’ seems to highly disappoint. 

Here are some points that highlight, “Why to avoid the Mote AMPs?”

  • The damage output of the mote AMP is pitiful
  • Some inherent dis-advantages 
  • Significantly less efficient and less useful compared to other self-crafted AMPs
  • A minimal 20-meters range
  • Highly energy inefficient
  • Terrible fire rate compared to other Amps
  • No status effect infliction
  • Very low (1.5x) crit multiplier

All these factors of the Mote AMP are the reason, you will wish to change to a custom AMP as soon as you have the components ready for it.

Parts Required to Build an AMP

AMPs in Warframe comprise three parts; a Prism, a Scaffold, and a Brace. Later in the article, we will tell you in detail about each part and the types available for each one. But the basics behind these three parts must be clear to you if you’re planning to make a good Warframe AMP. 

Here are the basic traits related to the Warframe AMP components that you must know about:

  • The Prism: This component determines the primary fire of the AMP
  • The Scaffold: This component determines that secondary-fire of the AMP
  • The Bracer: This component adds passive status

As mentioned earlier too, a player gets the ability to craft an AMP only when he gets the ability to switch between the main Warframe character and the Tenno Operator linked to it.

Post this point you can craft your AMPs from the ship after you have collected the required components.

In Warframe, you will find all the three types of AMP items categorized in 7 different tiers. Now each tier of these AMP types consists of 1 component. 

The game allows you to mix and match the different components from different tiers to create your perfect AMP. This means that “ You can combine a tier 5 Prism with a tier 3 scaffold and tier 7 brace.”

warframe best amp setup

From among all the available components, there is a possibility of 343 AMP combinations that can be crafted in Warframe. The best part is the way of the denotation of these combinations. The Warframe community has come up with a smart, clever, and shorthand tip to denote the AMP combo build. This shorthand system basically consists of 3 numbers ranging between 1 to 7.

For example, if the number says 427 means that each individual is telling the players about the tier of the components, the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd one is the Prism, the scaffold, and the Brace’s tier respectively.

Can you Buy AMP Parts? If Yes, Then From Where?

Plays can buy the AMP part in-game. But only specific tier AMPs parts are available at specific locations. You will have to visit these locations to purchase the warframe best amps part that you desire.

There are two specific locations to purchase the APM parts:

  1. Quill Onkko in Cetus sells
  2. Little Duck in Fortuna sells 

A player can purchase the AMP components of Tier 1 to Tier 4 at the Quill Onkko in Cetus sells. If they want to purchase the AMP components from Tier 5 to Tier 7, they will have to visit the Little Duck in Fortuna sells.

So, if you are just getting started you will have to invest some time with these two vendors. A player needs to increase their standings with these two vendors to unlock higher tier items. Else at both the shops, you will get only lower tier items. It is important to understand that higher-tier items only unlock with higher standing.

Also, you must be not mistaken that a higher tier item would be better. In Warframe every AMP component has its individual traits. So, you need to consider the advantages and disadvantages of each component while creating an AMP for yourself.

List of Components Both Category and Tier Wise

Prism Components | Tier List

raplak-prism- 1

Tier 1: The Raplak Prism

  • Semi-auto fire rate
  • Long-range
  • Demands precise aiming

Tier 2:  The Shwaak Prism

  • Highly noted
  • Guaranteed Impact proc on each shot 
  • Ability to pierce through multiple enemies

Tier 3: The Granmu Prism

  • Works like a grenade launcher
  • Releases a burst of three grenades at once
  • Each grenade has a splash radius of 3.5 meters

Tier 4: The Rahn Prism

  • Changes your best amps warframe into a fully automatic rifle
  • Great component for a build that focuses on critical damage
  • Pathetic status chances (Is listed 0% but in reality is -6 %) 

Tier 5: The Cantic Prism

  • Changes your AMP to a 3-shot burst equipment
  • Great accuracy
  • Long-range
  • High crit chances
  • High recoil if 3-shots fired at ones, so will require a stray hand

Tier 6: The Lega Prism

  • Changes the primary fire of the AMP into a wide jet of void energy
  • A player can use it like a flame thrower 
  • Wide effect area
  • Low range 
  • Very poor critical chances

Tier 7: The Klamora fires 

  • Enables your AMP to fire a wide beam of void energy for short-range
  • Highest crit chances of all the prism
  • Affects a 3-meter wide area at once for up to a range of 13 Meters 
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Scaffold Components | Tier List


Tier 1: The Pencha Scaffold 

  • Have 0.75 seconds charge to fire time
  • Release a large void beam with very high damage
  • Not ideal in dealing with multiple enemies
  • Possesses a below-average Critical Chances & Crit Multiplier
  • Releases its blast once fully charged (time your movement accordingly to take max advantage)

Tier 2: The Shraksun Scaffold

  • Fires a single projectile at or near the target that explodes after a short delay
  • The explosion radius of the projectile is as wide as 8 meters
  • Deals huge damage in 2 stages
  • 3000 damage from piercing shot
  • 4500 damage from the explosion
  • Can deal a total of 7500 damage if target hit with both damages
  • Additionally, has chances of crit proc on both damage stages
  • Warframe best way to level amp component to Boost crit chances 

Tier 3: The Klebrik Scaffold 

  • Fires a continuous beam of Void energy
  • The Beam auto follows its targets, even behind cover
  • Very high critical and status chances
  • Infinite punch through the surface ability
  • Great weapon for sneaky enemies and fast-moving 
  • Not food in-crowd as punch-through doesn’t work against bodies

Tier 4: The Phahd Scaffold 

  • Fire a homing projectile on its target
  • Phahd’s glaive bounces between enemies
  • Enables you to hit as many as 4 targets with a single shot
  • IT is a suicidal weapon and if used wrongly can end up knocking you itself

Tier 5: The Exard Scaffold

  • Fires number of explosives that detonates on contact 
  • High crit and status chances
  • Once fired will stop only when energy runs out
  • Very high recoil
  • Terrible accuracy 
  • Good only for close combats

Tier 6: The Dissic Scaffold 

  • Fires MIRV-like explosive
  • These explosives split into small explosives
  • The initial blast has a 12-meter wide radius
  • Careful! Its explosion can cause damage to you too

Tier 7: The Propa Scaffold

  • Fires a large slow-moving ball that explodes on contact with the enemy or a surface
  • No status effect 
  • Huge blast off radius
  • Can inflict self-damage
  • The best practice to use this is to fire and flee

Braces Components | Tier List

Tier 1: The Clapkra Brace
  • Adds 40 Energy to your Amp’s pool
  • Can increase your pool to 196 energy, if you have inner Gaze ability (Madurai Focus) maxed out
Tier 2: The Juttni Brace
  • Reduces the recharge delay on your AMP by 1 second
  • Pairs nicely with the Pencha Scaffold as you can regenerate energy at the same rate it is being used
  • Allows to nearly, shoot forever if you have this combo
Tier 3: The Lohrin Brace
  • 12% amplification to both Critical and Status Chances
  • Highly preferred low tier item
Tier 4: The Anspatha Brace
  • Adds 20 points to your APM’s energy pool
  • Increase energy recharge rate to 45 per second
Tier 5:  The Suo Brace
  • Adds a huge 100 points to the energy pool
  • Slows down the energy recharge rate
  • Results in an 4 seconds overall delay
Tier 6: The Plaga Brace 
  • Firstly, it reduces energy pool by 20
  • Reduces the energy recharge delay by 1.5 seconds
  • However, if you have The Inner Gaze passive ability (Madurai Focus) unlocked you don’t need to worry about the energy pool 
Tier 7: The Certus Brace
  • The Bracer choice for most
  • Directly boosts 20% Crit Chance of the AMP

Best Warframe AMP Builds 

By luck, the community has done their part brilliantly, to reduce your guesswork. From the available 21 components, as many as 427 combinations for AMPs could have been built. However, the community has made the work quite easy for you.

Generally, different combinations in AMps are used in different situations. But it is claimed that the combinations X23 and X27 work best for normal in-game exploration and heavy fights.

Best AMPs to Hunt Eidolons in Warframe

The main purpose of the AMPs in Warframes is to hunt the Eidolons and to collect the Eidolon shards. Now, anyone would want to build an AMP that does the highest damage to the Eidolons in the least possible time. 

Now, you must know that the Prism that you choose hardly matters and hence the ‘X’. The main damage that Eidolons will take would be from the Tier 2: Shraksun Scaffold. This Amp component has the ability to deal multiple instances of damage with comparatively higher damage output.

Additionally, there is no point using your primary weapon while hunting the Eidolons as your main damage source will be the Tier 2 Shraksun Scaffold.  This Scaffold also has the punch through ability along with the ability to deal multiple instances of high-intensity damage per shot. 

Best Warframe AMP in 2021

Now, since you have quick and high damage output, increasing the crit damage part would be really helpful in taking down the Eidolons more easily. And hence we recommend Tier 7: The Certus Brace.

Moreover, this Brace adds a 20% chance of critical strike proc, hence your damage output increases many folds and helps you to take down the giant enemy with much ease. So, warframe best amps for eidolons can be obtained via these ways.

The best combination for Eidolons hunting in Warframe is X27. This includes,

  • Any prism of your choice
  • Tier 2: Shraksun Scaffold
  • Tier 7: The Certus Brace

It’s Time to Wind-up!

AMPS are weapons that are uniquely linked to your tenno operator. It has both primary and alternate firing modes in addition to a passive bonus that makes it quite useful stuff in Warframe. The use of AMP can also help you in edging up your game a bit.

Lastly, we hope that we were able to tell you all that you needed to know about the best Amp in Warframe and the best amp build Warframe has to offer.

In case we missed out on something about best way to level amps warframe then do let us know. Also, we encourage you to read our other posts to enhance your gaming knowledge and skills.

Bidding farewell for now! See you in the next one.

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