Warframe Fishing Guide – Best Spears, Spots, and Rare Fish

Warfare is an action-packed game that requires you to slice and dice armies. But sometimes you might want to take your time from slicing armies and shift your focus towards other activities. Well, you can always visit the nearest lake for some Warframe Fishing and other activities.

You might be thinking that Warframe has only to do with slicing enemies and roaming around space, but there are other non-violent things for the players like fishing (or we can say less violent!) You can anytime visit open worlds and find surrounding waters or inland to obtain fish and servofish.

Also, it’s always a great idea to start fishing as it helps in earning and leveling up easily and quickly. Swapping your gun with a spear for violently spearing fishes won’t be boring at all, rather it’s fun and helps you get rewards that are crucial for building and upgrading new weapons.

The fish helps in getting rewards for the Warframe. But how you can obtain them? This is the most asked question from Warframe players, so, we decided to create a Warframe Fishing Guide to give the participants a more enhanced experience. In short, you will read:

Warframe Fishing – Excellent Spears, Spots, Tips, And How To Start

You can start the journey of Orb Vallis Fishing on Venus, Combion drift, Plains of Eidolon on Cetus, and other rare fish. But before starting, it is important for Warframe players to know some tips and tricks, let’s start. 

Buying A Spear

Warframe fishing Spear

In Warframe, the first thing that you need for fishing is clearly the spear. You can always obtain it by reaching higher ranks or from a vendor on the Cetus, named Fisher Hai-Luk.

He sells every fishing supply. But he takes standings instead of credits. So, for acquiring any fishing spears you have to provide standings. Now, to earn standings, certain bounties are assigned by Konzy in Cetus, you can earn a few standings by finishing it.

Completing a single bounty will get you sufficient money for purchasing the beginner fishing spear which requires 500 standing.

For catching fish, just equip the fishing spear when you get near water that is deep enough and check for the fish to swim throughout. Now, aim the spear at your target then use the primary attack button and the spear will be thrown at it.

Once you hit the fish, it will deal damage and you’ll be able to catch the fish. Catching a fish sometimes depends on the fishing spear that you are using. Its effectiveness differs as per the fish, so eventually, you will collect all the fishing spears. 

Types of Warframe Fishing Spears 

Warframe fishing Spear Types

Always remember that the spear you’ll use will not always be ideal for different locations. There are majorly two unique zones where all players can fish – Plains of Eidolon & in Fortuna.

There are many types of fish and the power of every fishing spear varies from fish to fish. Let’s discover the different types of spears used for fishing.

Lanzo Spear

This is a hooked spear made especially to penetrate the fish that have smoother skin. This spear is very helpful in hunting:

  • Sharrac
  • Goopolla
  • Yogwn
  • Charc Eel
  • Sharrac
  • Goopolla
  • Warframe Murkray
  • Cuthol

 Cetus Spear 

If a player is Fishing in the Eidolon Plains, he/she will come across multiple organic fishes that range from each other like having thicker skin, scales, or carapaces. Then this spear will be useful.

 Peram Spear

This spear has multi-blades that permit you to slash the scaly skin of a fish, resulting in slash damage.  It’s a great spear for catching:

  • Glappid
  • Norg
  • Mawfish
  • Mortus Lungfish
  • Khut-Khut

Tulok Spear

The fishing spear is a slim spear that deals puncture damage and helps penetrate armor-plating and carapaces. You can obtain/buy this via Hai-Luk for just 500. It is very useful for hunting:

  • Tralok

Stunna Spear

The main quality of this fishing spear is that it delivers an electromagnetic pulse, affecting a larger area. This helps you catch several fish effortlessly. This spear is mostly used in Fortuna.

Shockprod Spear

This spear is one of the spears that you can obtain in Fortuna. This is the cheapest spear you can obtain. You gain it as a reward or buy it using standing.

It emits an electromagnetic pulse that stuns the fish after hitting it with the spear. This type of fishing spear is best for Orb Vallis in hunting organic and robotic types of fish.

Obtaining and Using Warframe Fishing Bait

Warframe Fishing Bait

To get the fishing bait, you need to contact Hai-Luk. However, do not expect to get bait because it’s the blueprints that she sells, not bait. You can purchase a blueprint and utilize it for every possible time.

You just need to create your bait by making use of the components that are needed via Foundry. Make use of the resources that are accessible on the POE (Plains of Eidolon).

Every time you go fishing and use your spear, you’ll notice that the bait is indicated on the fishing menu at the bottom corner on the right. The bait can be sent out while you aim by hitting the subsequent number key.

Always remember, for using bait effectively you should not throw it recklessly. Try aiming your bait close to a hotspot. Doing so will help your bait stay operating for around three minutes.

Fishing Hotspots 

Fishing Hotspots 

There are also multiple Warframe rare fish that are normally hiding. So, in order to lure them to get near to the surface, you will need a special bait. Hotspots are located in the water and using the baits here will surely allure the fish. 

Circular patterns are used to categorize the fishes of the hotspots. It fades in and out gradually on the water surface. You can easily notice white patterns in Plains of Eidolon and shining greenish lights in Orb Vallis.

There are different baits available that influence what type of fish will get lured near the hotspot. The effect of the bait lasts for 3 minutes, sufficient for a fish to appear.

Different Uses of Fish in Warframe

Different Uses of Fish

Fish can be used in many ways in Warframe. You can use them to feed Cetus or Fortuna inhabitants, retain them in the orbiter aquarium, and display them as a trophy or you can trade them for resources required for crafting.

Uses of Fish on Cetus

You can offer your fish to feed the inhabitants of Cetus. In return for the fish you donate, you will gain Ostron Standing that can be used for buying from NPCs of Cetus.

For doing so, go to Hai-Luk and choose ‘Provide Fish’. The Ostron Standing you will get as a reward will be determined by the type and size of the fish you donate.

You can collect several parts from different types of fish. By choosing the option ‘Cut Fish’ in Hai-Luk, the fish will be removed and you’ll get fish scales, and fish oil warframe, fish meat. In addition, you can get a particular part of the fish depending on the fish type you choose to cut. Also, check exciting Warframe Promo Codes for players.

Uses of Fish on Fortuna

Handing servofish to the business in Fortuna will reward you with Solaris United Standing that you can utilize to buy products from NPCs of Fortuna.

You can also choose to feed the Fortuna inhabitants. You will still get Solaris United Standing, depending on the type and size of fish given.

One more option is to disintegrate the servofish by clicking on the box ‘Dismantle Servofish’. By doing so, you will receive a Scrap with a particular part as per the type of dismantled servofish.

What’s A Fishing Boot

Fishing Boot

There is a chance that during Warframe Fishing you might get a boot. Players can obtain a regular Boot in Eidolon or Crewmen’s Boot from Orb.

But in case, you intentionally want a boot, you can equip yourself with any fishing spear, and use it somewhere empty place.

The moment you get a boot, you will hear a different tune. You can use the boot after buying it and use it for decoration because it does not serve any purpose in Warframe Fishing activity.

Most Important Things to Remember While Fishing

Important things To remember

We have covered a lot regarding fishing in warframe. Now let’s check some of the important points that you need to remember while fishing.

  • Always Keep an Eye on the EnvironmentAlways remember your enemies can attack you anytime and if your spear is out, you won’t be able to use any of your weapons.
  • Use Headphones to Hear the Sound Produced by the FishWhen you take your spear out for fishing you will notice that the noises around you are relatively reduced. This happens so that you can get the sound produced by the fish. They normally make bubbling sounds and a little flashing as well.
  • Try Using The Pharoma No one wants the fish to swim far away from them when missing the target and this is when Pharoma comes for help. Moreover, it prevents the fish from immediately leaving the area where you accidentally threw your spear.
  • Utilize Your Luminous DyeLuminous dye can effectively help in spotting the fish under the water and once their location is revealed, it becomes easier to catch them. Therefore you must know warframe how to fish and other tips. Do check  – Best Amp Warframe

Final Words

So by now, you know how Warframe Fishing is useful to create numeorus crafting equipment in the game. Just ensure to collect every fishing spear and produce bait and glowing dye.

Many players don’t use Pharoma even though it can lead to an easier experience while fishing as they stay in a similar spot. Players can trap a number of fish in just a single session by free-roaming farming. It will make it convenient to produce resources from fish like meat and fish oil.

So, we believe finally we can conclude that Warframe fishing is both valuable and decorative, based on what you decide to use it for. At last, we hope, this fishing guide helped you understand all tips and tricks in finding spears and the best spots for an excellent gaming experience.

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