15 Best COD Games : Best To Worst Ranking (Latest 2022-23)

Only very few video game franchises turned successful among gamers, Call of Duty games are certainly among the best. For the past fifteen years, the gameplay has eventually shaped and never let ardent gamers down at any given instance.

Call of Duty is known for delivering heart-pounding campaigns and an intense multiplayer mode where anyone can showcase their competitive side to the world. Every other COD game that has got released to date has its own set of unique features, which is what we will discuss today.

As there are more than 15 COD games out there to explore, we have put together the best COD games for you. These are ranked by taking various factors into consideration. By the end, you will be having the list ranking from the best to the worst.

Best COD Games of All Time

If you are new to COD gameplay and looking forward to exploring the best series of it then keep reading as we present the facts that shall let you filter them wisely.

1. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

Released in the year 2006, the Infinite Warfare version of all Call of Duty games hosted the first-person shooter option. This version got released for PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, and Xbox One. As a player, you will be assumed control under the captain named Nick Reyes, and get engaged with aerial combat.

 Call of Duty : Infinite Warfare - Best COD Games

The bleak story of this particular campaign got understated despite known for hosting interplanetary travel options, with characters portrayed close to real people. The players had to manually choose the side objectives, which eventually was a letdown for many. 

2. Call of Duty: Ghosts

The Call of Duty: Ghosts game was released in the year 2013 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The gameplay had different plots happening in various places like in outer space, urban areas, and in foliage. So, it is not a simple game, it’s intense.

As a player, you need to control Logan Walker in major parts of the gameplay and fight against technologically advanced global power. You need to focus upon is to survive through the campaigns, and it’s not just about gaining liberty or freedom. 

Call of Duty: Ghosts

This particular series did lack having a strong villain or other forms of mystery which the players had to explore around. Multiplayer gaming mode had no innovations released in this version, yet, it was still the best designed COD game during its release date.

3. Call of Duty 1

Released in 2003, the Call of Duty was developed together by Electronic Arts and Medal of Honor developers. It is also known as the father of all Call of Duty games and holds its place on our list for various reasons.

In every other mission, you will have to complete provided set of objectives to progress towards the next mission. The objectives get marked upon the heads-up display, provided with a saving option to load and continue playing.

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Once the game hit the market, people started recognizing it, as it had multiple campaigns that took place in different nation’s military bases, with a competitive multiplayer mode to explore, and much more.

As a player, you need to bypass several missions that happen in World War II and get hold of authentic WWII weapons to progress towards the next set of missions. 

4. Call of Duty 2

Call of Duty 2 is said to be the second installment from the COD series and got released worldwide in the year 2005. Like the previous version, this game is also set to happen during World War II. The gameplay has twenty-seven missions to complete with the origin of three different stories to explore.

Call of Duty 2

The COD 2 bought new features like regenerating the health levels and a unique grenade icon that shall notify you whenever the opponent is about to explode. Starting from the Normandy Beaches to the North Africa deserts, you can travel to many parts of the world with an open-ended approach. 

5. Call of Duty: WWII

The best COD game WWII got released worldwide in the year 2017 and it was developed by Sledgehammer Games. The gameplay is widely set in and around the European Centre and as a player, you must be battling around the Western Front.

Call of Duty: WWII

If you have previously played Call of Duty 2 then you might witness the changes made to the gameplay. Although this particular series has a déjà vu, it does portray better characterization. Moreover, it has an emotional conclusion that attracted the attention of many gamers. 

You must make use of squad-mates or the health packs to boost up your health levels. And to stay alive to complete the entire mission. Health bar for single-player returned in this COD series, and it had a great storyline that shall never bore you a bit.

This particular Call of Duty series turned out to be a commercial success. It generated about $500 million in terms of revenue within three days of its worldwide release.

6. Call of Duty: World at War

Developed by the Treyarch, and released worldwide in the year 2008 for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, the World at War has been recognized as the first COD series to introduce zombie’s modes along with a mobile version.

This is the first game developed by Treyarch after people recognized Call of Duty 3, and it delivered the goriest and grimmest game in the entire COD series. The mobile version was developed by Glu Mobile, and it is the best COD online game that you can play even now. 

Call of Duty: World at War

The gameplay is portrayed under the perspectives of Officer Locke, C Miller, and Demitri Petrenko. The game happens in and around the Eastern Front theatres of World War II, and it does have a cooperative mode that lets four players take over the mission at the same time.

The World at War was highly praised by the critics for introducing new gaming modes, and about 3 million copies got sold in the United States within the first two months of its official release. 

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7. Call of Duty: Black Ops 3

Released in the year 2015 for PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, and Xbox One, the Black Ops 3 takes place entirely in the year 2065, which is about 45 years after the Black Ops II. This best cod game revolves around facing new dimensions of technology and the changes that happen to the environment, in which the Black Ops team is all set for a mission to put back things as it was before. 

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3

As a player, you get to choose the missions to complete at any order. Back in the year 2015, the Black Ops III turned out to be the top-most selling retail game, and it did receive positive feedbacks despite hosting old-age weapons and drones that bought in a nostalgia feeling among the potential gamers.

8. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Developed by the Sledgehammer Games, Advanced Warfare got released worldwide in the year 2014. It had the first-person shooter type of perspective that let the players easily work their way ahead of the missions and grab on points that can be later on used to improvise the weapons and Exo suits.

This is the first and the best Call of Duty game to provide different kinds of conventional weapons with multiple features to access. Players can use the Exo cloak ability and turn transparent in a short period. 

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

It was this particular COD series that introduced enemies navigating above your head other than attacking from the sides and in a direct manner. The techno-political campaign did address the fear for private military contractors among the public and portrayed the type of society one shall live in if any such things in the future. This particular series did grab the ‘Best Graphics and Technology’ award at IGN’s 2014 gaming awards ceremony. 

9. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Developed by Treyarch, the Black Ops 4 had its release worldwide in the year 2018 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The Black Ops 4 is the sequel part of Black Ops III that got released in the year 2015.

When compared with all Call of Duty games, this particular version did not have a single-player mode. Also, it featured only solo missions with different backstories. Every other mission took place between the Black Ops 2 and Black Ops 3 call of duty games in order. If you are an ardent fan of exploring zombie maps then this particular series will definitely excite you. 

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Although this series has poor storytelling, it delivers the best multiplayer modes in the entire history of the COD gaming series. In the year 2004, the Black Ops 4 became the second best-selling gaming title in the United State, and it earned revenue of over $500 million in the retail sales within the first three days of its official release.

10. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

The Call of Duty: MW3 was jointly developed by the Sledgehammer Games and Infinity Ward. The game had a worldwide release in the year 2011 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii, and Microsoft Windows. As we list the best COD games in order, this particular series is the sequel to the 2009 released COD: Modern Warfare 2, completing the Modern Warfare Saga.

The game resumes post the last mission of Modern Warfare 2 and you need to take control over Task Force 141 that has Soap MacTavish, Captain Price, and Yuri in the front lines. Task Force 141 is a mission that is all set to hunt down the Russian terrorist named Vladamir Makarova, who is solely responsible for the terror attacks that have been happening all over Europe, and bring him back in front of justice. 

 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Critics acclaimed this version of the COD game and it turned out to be a commercial success as well. Spike Video Game Awards took place in the year 2011, where Modern Warfare 3 was recognized for its shooting spree and got awarded with the ‘Best Shooter’ award. The multi-player mode in this series is quite addictive with its fast-paced storytelling manner. 

11. Call of Duty: Black Ops II

Released in the year 2012, the Black Ops II deserves fifth place in our best COD game list and it can be accessed through PlayStation 3, Microsoft Windows, and Xbox 360. This ninth COD gaming series from the franchise takes place in two different timelines, 1980 and 2025.

The gameplay follows from the backstory of Black Ops and as a player; you must be controlling Frank Woods and Alex Mason, the two original characters coming from the Black Ops COD series. 

Call of Duty: Black Ops II

The mix of multi-player customization and futuristic weaponry appealed to the gamers, and they did appreciate the developers for incorporating new features. Within the first twenty-four hours of its official release, this COD game grabbed revenue worth $500 million, which is itself a record. 

12. Call of Duty: Black Ops

This first-person shooter COD game series got developed by Treyarch and was released worldwide in the year 2010. It was initially released for Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. The gameplay is set within the Cold War that happens in the 1960s.

The major story plot revolves around Alex Mason, the CIA operative, who is been trying his best to remember certain memories that shall let him visit the numbers station. If he takes time to visit there then probably the sleeper agents shall get hold of the chemical weapons and illegally use them as well. 

Call of Duty: Black Ops

You will be surprised to hear the voices of Gary Oldman and Sam Worthington while helping Alex in the gameplay. Black Ops is still recognized as one of the best COD game for delivering a huge variety of maps, jungles to explore in Vietnam, and much more.

If you are into conspiracy theories then for sure this COD series shall excite you while surpassing every other mission. The COD: Black Ops sold about 5.9 million copies within twenty-four hours of its first worldwide release.

13. Call of Duty Game : Modern Warfare (2019 Edition)

Developed by the Infinity Ward, the Modern Warfare 2019 edition was released for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Microsoft Office. Recognized as the sixteenth title with the entire COD series, the gameplay has a modern and realistic setting. These settings shall please your gaming abilities like never before.   

Call of Duty Game : Modern Warfare (2019 Edition)

The entire campaign revolves around a CIA officer and British SAS forces, teamed up to combat the Russian troops. This new best COD game has many updated features like Ground War mode, Realism mode that can be used to remove the head-up-display, and support for up to sixty-four players in multi-player mode.

You can easily reload while aiming through the sights, without wasting any of your time in the gameplay. This kind of straightforward progress is what made this particular version rank third in the best call of duty game version list.

14. Call of Duty 4 : (Remastered) Modern Warfare

The COD 4 is the first game in the entire Modern Warfare series that opened up the FPS gaming option. The original game was developed by Infinity Ward and was released officially in 2007. Later on in the year 2017, the remastered edition got released with a new multiplayer gaming option. And other updates that every other COD fan wishes to play and explore in the first instance. 

Call of Duty 4 : (Remastered) Modern Warfare

Complete the campaigns to get access to weapons with customizable grips and sights. The competitive multiplayer gaming mode in this re-mastered version started the new concept. It involved enhancing the player’s performance in the battlefield other than just winning over the individual matches. 

15. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Developed in the year 2010 by the Infinity Ward, Modern Warfare 2 is the best COD game that you can get to play. It is for those who are looking for a thrilling multi-player campaign with endlessly customizable possibilities. MW2 has got everything incorporated. 

This COD series introduced the kill-streak concept that was applauded by gamers for its unique features. The progression system developed for MW2 is certainly unique and satisfactory when compared to other all Call of duty games listed in order here.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

All in all, the racy backstory and map design make this series a classic out of all COD games, and for sure you will never get bored once you start exploring them. You are about to control different characters throughout the gameplay, provided with the latest weaponry in hand.

About 4.7 million copies of MW2 got sold in its first official release and people are fond of revisiting the gameplay even after finishing the campaigns for its unique presentation. 

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