The Right Ways to Play Call of Duty Mobile on PC

Call of Duty needs no introduction among gamers, as it the best game franchise that has let people stay glued to their Xbox and PlayStation for more than fifteen years of its official release. And that’s an achievement.

As years went by, smartphones started overtaking PlayStation and Xbox devices providing every other hardware feature to access high-end games on-the-go. People found mobile gaming interesting for its convenient access.

After waiting for years, COD Mobile PC version launched in 2019 and became a competitor to PUBG Mobile game on its release date itself. Not everyone has a best smartphone to access the entire gameplay at its fullest possible FPS rates.

Now you must have realized why you need to know how to play cod mobile on PC for a better experience. Playing COD in your PC means getting immersed with excellent graphical gaming on a bigger screen and surpass each mission at ease.

Keep reading as we present the simplest and possible ways to play COD mobile right from your laptop or personal computer.

call of duty mobile

COD Mobile PC can be played using Tencent Game Buddy, which has recently been rebranded into Gameloop. Many different emulators are available out there; yet, the Gameloop remains the best for its stable features.

If you are looking for an uninterrupted mobile gaming experience on your PC then the Gameloop emulator must be your first choice. People from different parts of the world make use of this particular emulator to play other kinds of mobile games from their PC.

Steps For Using Game Loop COD Mobile Emulator

  • Open up a web browser in your internet-connected personal computer or laptop.
  • Browse through search engines like Google or Bing and find a trustworthy link to download the Gameloop emulator.
  • Go with the website that has the highest-ranking and is listed on the top of the search engine results.
  • The entire Gameloop emulator setup file is about 10 MBs, and it does not occupy much space in your hard disk after installing them as well.
  • After downloading the emulator, launch them and then navigate towards the Game Center that can be found on the left part of the loaded window.
cod mobile pc
  • You must witness Call of Duty: Mobile in this window.
  • If at all the game is not said to be present in the ‘Game Center’ then make use of the search engine found from the top left part of the window.
  • Once you have found the game, you must be able to see an ‘Install’ button from the bottom right part of the window itself.
  • Click upon the ‘Install’ button to download the game file to the hard drive connected to your computer
  • The Call of Duty mobile PC game files hosts a size of about 1.2 GB.
  • The download speed relies upon the speed of the internet connection.
  • Once the download has completed, you need to head towards the ‘My Games’ tab that can be found on the left part of the window.
cod mobile pc
  • Click upon the ‘Play’ option to launch the Game loop COD mobile PC game.

The COD mobile PC gaming controls are present within the Gameloop emulator itself. Once the game gets launched, you must be able to witness the default controllers on the right part of the loaded window. Alternate to this, you can even customize the controls based upon your preference by selecting the ‘key mapping’ option from the right part of the window.

As you make use of Gameloop Call of Duty mobile, COD shall automatically identify the device from which you are accessing the gameplay, and you will be put into a unique matchmaking lobby. The Garena version was recently revealed through an Instagram post about how the matchmaking for COD mobile on PC works.

If you have chosen to play Call of duty mobile through emulators like Gameloop download then you will be matched against a player using an emulator to access the game. This way, the gaming gets interesting and provides common features for you and the opponent to access in the first place.

Call of duty mobile through emulators

If you are about to invite a friend who has been playing COD on mobile then you shall get matched against a team that has both emulator and mobile players involved. Although the global version has not particularly revealed how matchmaking works through emulators, this kind of player selection mechanism might apply to all.

How to Increase Gameloop Call of Duty Mobile Game FPS?

Launch the installed Gameloop Call of duty mobile emulator. Click upon the three horizontal line types of icon found on the top-right part of the window that has every other essential setting that you can change as per your need. Screen capture location, screen resolution, and rendering method are some of the options that you can change on the go.

The settings present under the ‘Engine’ tab can make changes to the physical size of the Gameloop window, and not the active resolution. To increase the FPS (frames per second) of the actual game, you need to navigate towards the ‘Game’ tab found beneath the ‘Engine’ tab.

How to Increase Gameloop Call of Duty Mobile Game FPS?

If you are using an age-old computer or laptop, you can still use the Game loop COD mobile emulator and access the game by lowering down the settings to get smoother gaming experience.

If you have graphic cards, much-needed RAM and a gaming processor then tweak the FPS to its highest possible rate to experience a whole new level of COD game right from your PC.

However, if you want to master the skills of opening the locks in World of Warcraft without keys then you must learn about wow classic lockpicking guide for Rogues.

People who have not tried their hands on COD on devices like PlayStation and Xbox can find tweaking the FPS rates interesting. If you have had hands-on COD through such devices then you might probably witness display quality differences.

The brighter part of playing COD Mobile on PC is that you still get to play the game using the same profile at your convenience on both your mobile and PC. Finally, we believe you know how to play cod mobile on PC easily.

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