How to Soft Reset Pokémon Sun – Moon (Get Shiny Starters)

We’ve got you covered with all your questions about how to reset Pokemon sun. There can be many reasons why a player wants to reset the game like some people might want to start from scratch and build a better profile or some might want shiny starters. This is why many players find ways for the same.

The thing is that resetting Pokemon sun is not a joke and not everyone can easily do it. That’s why, we will explain you in detail about what you need to do for it. So, let’s get familiar with all the steps you need to follow to reset Pokemon Sun.

How Can You Restart Pokemon Sun and Moon?

Multiple reasons are there behind why a player wants to reset pokemon sun. Many people want to reset because once they game, they just want to start again. Some players might want to get shiny starters that they didn’t get at the starting of the game.

There can be a reason that a player wants to get customized pokemon. Resetting pokemon sun can be difficult because it saves one active at one time. If you wish to restart the game again you will have to delete the previous active game. All your data will go away if you will reset the pokemon sun.

How to soft reset Pokemon Sun - Moon

Customizing your pokemon can make your experience better and much more enjoyable. You will have to follow the following steps if you want to reset the pokemon sun.

To reset your game you have to delete your already active game.  First, you have to boot your game and come to the menu screen. After booting your game, press X+B+UP in the D-pad. This will take you to a prompt that will ask you if you want to delete all your data. You need to press yes for deleting the data. Your data will now get permanently deleted.

Now you will reach to the main menu, and then you can start your game again. You will start from scratch and enjoy new adventures. In the future, if you again want to reset the game, you will have to repeat the same procedure. Finally, enjoy the game after you have done Pokemon sun and moon soft reset

What is a Soft Reset?

People who play pokemon sun and moon and the pokemon trainers know the advantages of soft reset. Soft reset helps you get your favorite and customized pokemon. This is only a one-time reset. Players use it to go back to the same level again and again till he gets his desirable pokemon.

What is a Soft Reset?

To perform the soft reset function, you have to apply a combination of keys. You will have to press L+R+SELECT. After this screen will turn white, and you will get you to the main menu.

This soft reset helps you get your desirable shiny starter pokemon. In case, you didn’t get any shiny starter pokemon throughout the game you can opt for soft reset. These include Legendary pokemon also. Though, Legendary pokemon are shiny locked. It means they are not available in shiny forms.

Shiny Starters

These pokemon are the first pokemon you get when you start the game. You might get rare shiny pokemon if you have enough patience.

Shiny Starters

You might need a bit of good luck to get shiny starters at the starting of the game. All you have to do to get a shiny starter is to first go through the starting scenes of the game. Then save your progress. If you soft reset at this point, you will have to go through the starting process again.

Now you have to go to a festival where kahuna will gift you with a starter pokemon.  Make sure you don’t soft restart at this point. Once you get a starter pokemon, if it is not a shiny starter you should soft reset, else, you can continue with the pokemon you got.

Legendary Pokemon

We know that legendary pokemon doesn’t have their shine in the game. Trainers prefer to soft reset the legendary pokemon after pokemon sun moon soft reset so that they can customize them according to them. 

Legendary Pokemon

The best time to soft reset is when you are about to catch a legendary pokemon. If you still don’t get the same nature of the legendary pokemon you can still soft reset the game and customize again.

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Frequently Asked Questions?

  • Can you start a new game in the pokemon sun without deleting the previous game?

Unfortunately, No. You can not start a new game in the pokemon sun without deleting the previous game. This is because the Pokemon sun does not create multiple files at the same time. It has only one active file. So you have to delete the previous game.

  • How do I get pokemon in pokemon sun and moon?

Start from the launch screen and then go to the pokemon center. Meet Professor Kukui and when he asks what do you want, ask him for a full version and select your pokemon. All select all the other things you want to take. Lastly, enter the game and look for your nearest pokemon center. When asked about the mystery gift, say yes.

  • What is a soft reset Pokemon sun and moon

You can use soft reset when you want to look for shiny starters in case you didn’t get it. To soft reset your game, you have to press a combination of keys, which is, L+R+start. After this, the screen will turn white and your game will be automatically reset.

  • Is soft reset harmful?

A soft reset is generally now harmful. It doesn’t delete your data. It might be harmful in a case when you soft reset while saving your progress. This can erase your recent progress and you will have to start from the previous levels.

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