Shroud COD Settings – Best Keybinds and Setup (Warzone)

Shroud is one of the famous names in the gaming line. Many people who love playing games know about him and have seen him streaming. Shroud COD Settings are in hot demand because he is an esports player and a popular streamer.

He started his career with CS: GO and became popular through it. Shroud’s real name is Mike Grzesiek. He is from Canada born on 2 June 1994. He started streaming using Twitch but is now more active on Mixer. You can watch him streaming on the Mixer.

Shroud has optimized his setting for better visibility and high FPS. This is something that millions of gamers want to know. So, in this article, we are telling providing you with all the information about the Shroud COD Settings and the keybinds.

Shroud COD Settings 

Polling Rate: 1000MHzDPI: 450Sensitivity: 7.5
Sensitivity ADS: RelativeADS Sensitivity (Low Zoom): 1ADS Sensitivity (High Zoom): 1
Transition Timing ADS: GradualFiltering: 0Acceleration: 0
Distance Coefficient: 1.33Vertical Sense Multiplier: 1Smoothening: Disabled

Best Keybinds for Warzone

Crouch: Left CtrlToggle Camera: VProne: Z
Jump: SpaceReload: RSlide: C
Sprint: Left ShiftInteract: FFire: B
Melee: Caps LockMap: MRun: H
Tactical Equipment: QInventory: TabArmor Plate: 4
Lethal Equipment: Mouse button MiddleWeapon Mount: EField Upgrade: X

Shroud COD Settings of Video

Resolution: 1920 x 1080Texture Resolution: HighRender Resolution: 100Shadow Map Resolution: Normal
Display Mode: FullscreenRefresh Rate: 240 HzParticle Lighting: HighFPS: Enabled
Brightness: 50V-sync: DisabledAspect Ratio: AutoParticle Quality: High
Field of View: 100Depth of Field: DisableWeapon Motion Blur: DisableWorld Motion Blur: Disable
Bullet Impact: EnableCustom Framerate Limit: EnableTexture Filter: HighTessellation: Near
Cache Sun Shadows: DisableAnti-aliasing: FILMIC SMAA T2XAmbient Occlusion: DisableSpecial Effects: Low
Cache Spot Shadows: DisableFilmic of Strength: 1Film Grain: 0Server Latency: Enable

Shroud’s Gaming Setup and Gears

Shroud Monitor : Acer Predator XB252

  • It has a full HD display of 1920x 1080.
  • It has a refresh rate of 240 Hz.
  • With that, Shroud Monitor also has a flicker less technology that minimizes screen flickering.
  • It has a pixel pitch of 0.283 millimeters.

Shroud Keyboard : Logitech G Pro Mechanical

Logitech G Pro Mechanical - Shroud COD Settings
  • Designed especially for esports players for good speed and precision.
  • The switches deliver approximately 25 percent more actuation than the standard switches.
  • It is sleek and easily portable.
  • It has 3 step angle adjustments to provide stability to the keyboard.

Shroud Mouse : Logitech G Pro Wireless

  • Now what mouse does shroud use in real? It is Logitech G Pro wireless one which has a report rate of connection of 1 millisecond. It provides faster connectivity than other wireless mice.
  • It has a Hero 16k sensor which is the most accurate sensor.
  • Shroud Mouse also has an ultra-lightweight mouse weighing almost 80 grams.
  • It has an ergonomic design, specially made for the gamers and provide 50 million click durability.

Shroud Headset : Logitech G pro X

 Logitech G pro X - Shroud COD Settings
  • It has a detachable microphone having Blue Voice technology.
  • Its soft memory foam earpads provide noise cancellation and are very comfortable to wear.
  • You can save your preferred setting in Logitech G hub software. The software should be present on your PC.
  • It also comes up with a mobile cable that has an inline mic so that you can even use this headset without a boom mic.

If you want to know in detail the life of the shroud, you can visit our article: All about the shroud.

Shroud Mousepad : Logitech G640

  • It has moderate surface friction that provides the right amount of resistance needed by the mouse to control the sudden movements of the mouse.
  • It provides the gamers access to the Logitech mouse sensor accuracy and precision.
  • With that, it also has a rubber surface that helps to keep the surface flexible and prevent the cloth from bunching.
  • It has a soft surface providing comfort to the wrist for movement.

Shroud Motherboard : GIGABYTE X299 DESIGNARE EX

  • It supports intel core X-series processors.
  • It has intel USB generation 3 and a C-type USB.
  • Ready intel optane memory and USB 3.1 generation 2 header.
  • It has 2x intel thunderbolt connectors. It supports Windows 10.

Shroud CPU : Intel Core I9-9980XE

  • It has 18 core or 16 threads.
  • It has Quad DDR4-2666 memory channels.
  • Along with that, it is only compatible with motherboards that are based on Intelx299 chipsets.
  • It also supports Intel Optane’s memory.

Shroud GPU : NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 TI FE

  • It has a maximum Digital resolution of 7680 x 4320.
  • It has CUDA cores of 4352.
  • Not only this, it has 11 GB GDDR6.
  • It has a display port, HDMI, and a USB type-c.

Shroud Microphone : Shure SM7B Dynamic Microphone

Shure SM7B Dynamic Microphone
  • It has a wide range of frequency that provides a clean and natural sound for both music and speech.
  • Its internal air suspension helps to eliminate noise elimination.
  • Also, it has high effective pop filters that filter the breathing sound when speaking.
  • It is a replacement cartridge: RPM106.

Shroud Microphone Arm : Rode PSA1

  • It can rotate 360 degrees and has a maximum reach of 32.5 inches and 33 inches vertically and horizontally respectively.
  • This is one of the best Shroud COD settings that can hold up to 4.4lbs weight.
  • Also, it has 2 desk mounting options.
  • It has 3/8 inches thread adaptor.

Shroud Chair : Herman Miller Aeron

Herman Miller Aeron
  • It is made in the USA and is sold by Amazon with 12 years and 3 shift warranty.
  • It has a kinemat tilt mechanism that allows you to move your chair with your body,.
  • The dimensions of the chair are 17 x 27 x 42 inches.
  • It provides the best support for people who are 5’5″ to 6’2″.

Shroud Stream Deck : Corsair Elgato Steam Deck

  • It has 15 LCD keys to switch scenes, launch the media, and adjust audio.
  • It can be customized based on your preferences. You can personalize your keys with the custom items.
  • Also, it is easy to setup. You just need to drag and drop actions on to the keys.
  • You can store folders within a folder to store actions as much as you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which Webcam Shroud Uses?

Shroud uses a Sony Alpha a6000 webcam. It is a DSLR webcam with great picture clarity. In his starting days, he used to use the Logitech HD Pro webcam but now has shifted to this. It has half the weight of the traditional DSLRs. It comes with an AC adaptor, eyepiece cup, lens cap, rechargeable battery pack, and much more.

  • What are the Shroud’s Earnings?

Due to Shroud cod settings he almost earns 250,000 dollars. He gets most of his earnings from streaming. Some part of his earnings comes from brand advertisements, donations, and much more. Most of his income comes from his Mixer channel and can get some from the Twitch channel.

  • List the Richest Streamers?

On the first comes Pewdepie, second is Ninja and the third is Tim the Tatman. These are the three richest streamers. Shroud is on number 6 with a net worth of 4 million dollars.

  • Where can we Find Shroud Streaming?

In his initial days, the shroud was much more active on Twitch, But later he switched to Mixer. Now the company has declared to shut down mixer soon, so there are chances that you can see shroud back on twitch. But till then, you can watch shroud streaming on the mixer.

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