Shroud Gaming Setup : (2022-23 Best Gear List) Latest Details

People who love gaming must know about Shroud. Players are crazy for Shroud Gaming Setup and other settings. Michael Shroud Grzesiek usually known as Shroud is one of the best and popular streamers all over the world.

Shroud likes to play a variety of games but he prefers to play battle games and shooting games. He is most popular for games like CS: GO, PUBG, Apex legends. He has also played many other games but is more famous for these games.

He is a Canadian resident but is originally Polish. In 2019, he announced that he will be switching from twitch to mixer for streaming. Many people want to know about the shroud’s gaming setup and his game settings in detail.

This article is all dedicated to answering every question about the shroud’s setup in detail.  The answers to the following questions have been explained in this article.

Shroud Gaming Setup : Streaming Gear, Settings, PC Setup

We have covered all the topics like shroud game settings, shroud mouse, shroud headset, and many more types of equipment that he uses while playing and streaming.

What is the Shroud Net Worth ?

It is estimated that Shroud net worth is around 8 million dollars to 10 million dollars. Almost all of the income that shroud earn is from his Twitch and Mixer channel. The other source of income is ads, subscriptions, and sponsors.

Shroud Net Worth

Additionally, his YouTube channel is also a source of good income for him. He gets many donations from his subscribers on his channels which get him extra cash. But above all, the main source is still his game streams.

He roughly makes 3000 dollars for a month per thousand subscribers on Twitch. He has almost 6.2 million subscribers on YouTube. So, Shroud net worth is kind of huge.

Shroud’s Earnings

Many people have this question that how does shroud earn? Shroud has different methods to earn money. Most of the shroud earns come from the streams. His streaming channels have a lot of subscribers resulting in a lot of views.

More the views, the more the money he will earn. He has a huge number of fans on Twitch. The major part of his income comes from this twitch channel. Shroud earns an approximate amount of eighty thousand dollars from this twitch.

Shroud Net Worth

He gets good pay for promoting the products of different sponsors. It includes all the money he gets as a donation from his subscribers and all the money he collects using the ads of the sponsor streams. He almost earns 100 thousand dollars in a month. 

A major part of income for shroud is from his YouTube channel. He has a huge fan following there. There are almost five and a half million subscribers on his channel. The estimated average views he gets on his single video is around five hundred thousand.

One of the sources of income for shroud is collaborations with big brands. He collaborates with big named brands and they pay him a good amount to promote their products on his stream. It is because he is an influencing star in this industry. 

Lastly, the shroud has started streaming on Mixer, it is a smaller platform than Twitch but shroud still has a good number of viewers there too, enough to get him a handsome amount in his hands. So, the earnings are really huge.

Shroud Gaming Setup

Shourd’s settings are always compared with Dantdm gaming setup and settings. However, this section of this article is all about the shroud gaming setup in detail. We have covered all the types of equipment like shroud mouse, gaming headset, monitor, gaming mouse pad, and other accessories. We have provided you with all the things in detail.

Shroud’s Headset

Shroud uses Logitech G Pro X Gaming Headset. This gaming headset is used by other streamers also like Myth and DrLupo. 

Logitech G Pro X Gaming Headset


  • It has microphones that can be detached which uses Blue Voice technology. 
  • This headset needs windows computer, external USB sound card, and a Logitech G hub software.
  • This Youtube gamer setup component is made with an aluminum and steel headband with an impedance of about 35 ohms.
  • The durability of this headset is great and the quality of ear pads is remarkable. They are very comfortable.
  • Voice Clarity of this headset is best because of the presence of advanced pro G 50-millimeter drivers.
  • The best thing about this headset is that there is also an inbuilt mic in the cable so you can use it without a boom mic. 

Shroud’s Monitor

Shroud uses the BenQ XL2540 Esports Gaming monitor. Other than shroud many streamers like Cizzorz, Avxry, Kinstar, SpaceLyon also use this monitor.

BenQ XL2540 Esports Gaming monitor


  • It is a lightning monitor with a faster refresh rate of about 240 Hz. 
  • It has a very low response time of about 1ms which helps to reduce the lagging effect. 
  • The best thing is that it comes with a removable shield. This shield helps the player to focus on their game and not be distracted by the nearby things. It provides a good gaming experience to the user.
  • The clarity of this monitor is high with a low power consumption of about 55 watts. 
  • It has a LED display and the screen can be tilted with full height. 

Shroud Keyboard

Shroud uses Logitech G pro mechanical gaming keyboard. Streamers like DrLupo, Nick Eh 30, Wintrrz, Chap, Vivid also use this keyboard.

Logitech G pro mechanical gaming keyboard - Shroud Gaming Setup


  • This is a sleek keyboard made to occupy minimum space on the table and make it easier to keep it in your bag while traveling.
  • One of the best features is that it has been provided with three external USB cables that can be removed if you want to take it with you while traveling.
  • The durability of this keyboard is seventy million key presses which are remarkably high.
  • It is designed with keeping in mind the fact that gamers need high-speed actuation. This keyboard offers a high actuation speed of about twenty-five percent than normal mechanical keyboards.
  • It can be used with both windows and mac. You will need windows above 7 and mac os 10.10 or above.

Shroud Mouse

Both Dan Tdm and Shroud uses expensive mouse’s. Shroud uses Logitech G pro gaming mouse. This mouse is used by other streamers like Myth, DrLupo, SypherPk, jackFrags, Typical Gamer.

 Logitech G pro gaming mouse


  • This mouse is designed especially for gamers. It lights weight.
  • The second best feature is that the connectivity speed of this mouse is just 1ms. This overcomes the connectivity problems that might occur in a traditional wireless mouse.
  • It is better than another traditional wireless mouse because it has hero 16k sensors, which is one of the most accurate sensors.
  • It is very lightweight making it easier for the player to use while playing.

Shroud Computer Specs

Now, let’s talk about the Shroud Computer specs in detail.

Shroud Processor

Shroud uses Intel Core I9- 9980XE PC Processor. Other than shroud, Mumbo jumbo also uses this processor.

Intel Core I9- 9980XE PC Processor - Shroud Gaming Setup


  • It has 36 threads as well as 3GHz max turbo frequency.
  • It supports Intel Optane’s memory.
  • This processor can only be used with the motherboards which are based on Intel x299 chipsets.

Shroud Graphic Card

Shroud uses NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 graphics card. Streamers like PewDiePie, Nate Hill, DanTDM, Daequan, Mumbo jumbo also use this graphic card.

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 TI FE graphic card


  • This graphic card 11 GB GDDR6 with 4352 CUDA cores.
  • It has all the ports like display port, HDMI, and Type-C USB.
  • This important component of Shroud gaming setup has a display resolution of 7680×4320. 

Shroud Mainboard

Shroud uses GIGABYTE X299 DESIGN ARE EX mainboard. 

GIGABYTE X299 DESIGN ARE EX mainboard - Shroud Gaming Setup


  • This mainboard supports all the Intel Core processors of the X series.
  • It has 2x Intel thunderbolt connectors, USB 3.1 generation with Type C USB port.
  • It supports windows 10 64 bit operating system.

Shroud’s Microphone

The best headphones are the major attractions of both Shroud and Dantdm gaming setup for real life experience. Shroud use Shure SM7B Cardioid Dynamic Microphone. This microphone is used by other streamers like SypherPk, High Distortion, Cloak, Cizzorz, Nick Eh 30, Typical Gamer, DanTDM, Parallax, Sceptic, AntVenom.

Shure SM7B Cardioid Dynamic Microphone - Shroud Gaming Setup


  • These microphones have a remarkable sound as well as speech quality.
  • There are less electromagnetic hum and less broadband interference caused by computer monitor.
  • It has high pop filters to filter the sound even if the microphone is close to the mouth. 
  • The replacement cartridge that can be used is RPM106.

Rode PSA1 Microphone Arm

The other thing that shroud uses with the microphone is Rode PSA1 microphone arm. It is used by other streamers like PewDiePie, jelly, Markiplier, Myth, Ninja, Typical Gamer, Spectic, cloak, POW3R.

Rode PSA1 Microphone Arm - Shroud Gaming Setup


  • It can rotate 360 degrees. It has a maximum reach of 32.5 inches vertically and a reach of 33 inches horizontally.
  • The weight it can hold up to is 4.4lbs.
  • Furthermore, it is used by most of the streamers because it has two desk mounting options with two-axis mount for exact positioning of the microphone.

Shroud’s Game Settings

Shroud knows how to change the settings of the game to play it like a pro. In this section, we are providing you with the settings shroud uses while playing. Change your settings like him and play like a pro. We are providing you with a list of different settings of different games that shroud play.

Shroud PUBG Settings

Shroud is famous for his royal battles games. PUBG is one of the most popular and most played royal battles these days. Shroud uses the following settings for his game.

  • Shroud prefers to keep his graphic settings to low. But he still keeps texture at high.
  • He prefers to set his brightness at 81 keeping the view distance low. 
  • Along with that, he keeps his display dimensions at 1920x 1080.
  • Like other streamers shroud also uses WASD for moving and but he uses alt at left for walking. 
  • For changing the fire modes, he prefers using O key. He uses key E to view the map.

Shroud’s Mouse Settings

Polling Rate500 Hz
General Sensitivity55
Vehicle Sensitivity 55
Targeting Sensitivity55
Scope Sensitivity50
8x scope sensitivity47

Shroud Counter-Strike Settings

Shroud was one of the best CS: GO players. Everybody wants to know what controls or settings did shroud use. Shroud used the following settings for his game.

  • He keeps his display dimensions at 1920x 1080.
  • Like other streamers shroud also uses WASD for moving and but he scroller of the mouse for jumping and Used CTRL for crouching.
  • Not only this, Shroud used Key R for reloading, Key G to drop the items, and Key E for using the items.
  • He allocated his equipment slots to 10 different keys, which are:  
  • 1 for slot 1.
  • 2 for slot 2.
  • 3 for slot 3.
  • 4 for slot 4.
  • 5 for slot 5.
  • C for slot 6.
  • X for slot 7.
  • Z for slot 8.
  • 9 for slot 9.
  • SPACE for slot 10.

Shroud Mouse Settings

Polling Rate1000 Hz
Game sensitivity2.5
Windows sensitivity6
Scope sensitivity1

Shroud Apex Settings

Just like Dantdm fortnite settings and setup, Shroud Apex settings are in huge demand. People love to watch him streaming on this game and he is an active player in this game. Shroud use the following settings for this game.

  • He prefers to keep the model details to high but other graphics like shadows to low. He might prefer to even disable these graphic settings.
  • Like other streamers shroud also uses WASD for moving.
  • Additionally, he prefers using SHIFT on left for sprinting and SPACE key for jump.
  • In the combat mode, he prefers using the following key combinations.
  • Mouse: fire.
  • B Key: Toggle Fire.
  • R Key: reloading
  • V Key: Melees

Shroud’s Mouse Setting

DPI 400
Polling Rate1000 Hz
Mouse sensitivity2.9

To Sum Up

We hope that now everything about the Shroud gaming setup is very clear to you. All in all, we have tried our best to give you all the helpful information about the Shroud gaming setup and other settings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Where does Shroud belong to?

Shroud was born in Toronto, Canada but he is original of Polish descent. He spent almost his teenage life in Mississauga. He has now moved to Orange County in California in the United States.

Q2. What is the Shroud’s age?

Shroud was born in 1994 on June 2. As of now, he is 26 years old. He has achieved remarkable success at the age of almost 20. His achievements are remarkable. Though he didn’t get success overnight, he has worked hard and now has been a part of this industry for years.

Q3. Can we find Shroud on Twitch now?

No, the shroud is not on twitch anymore. In 2019, October, he has switched from twitch to mixer. Since it has been announced that Microsoft is closing mixer soon, shroud might return to Twitch soon. It will be interesting to see which platform he will use after the closing of the mixer.

Q4. Is Shroud married?

Yes, the shroud is married. His wife’s name is Hannah Kennedy. You can look for her with her username which is @Bnans. She is also a game streamer and a digital marketing expert. Unlike shroud, She uses Twitch to stream.

Q5. What games Shroud is famous for?

Shroud prefers playing royal battles games or first-person shooting games. He is famous for playing player’s unknown battleground, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Call of duty black ops, apex legends, Valorant.

Q6. What is the configuration of the Shroud gaming setup ?

The processor of the shroud’s computer is Intel I9-9980XE. He uses an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 graphic card. The gaming motherboard he uses for his pc is Gigabyte X299 Designare EX.

Q7. Which recording software does Shroud use?

Including shroud, most of the streamers use OBS streaming or recording software. It is free of cost and open source software for streaming or recording the videos. You can easily download it from its official website. It is one of the most preferred streaming software used these days. 

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