All About Gaming Wrist Brace : Top Wrist Braces for Gaming

Gamers can’t think their lives without Gaming wrist braces as it’s the most crucial thing to wear for them. This is because, gamers almost spend more than half of their day in playing games and they really need some muscle rest.

Every game requires more or less wrist movement that can make your muscles work more than needed. When you start playing it might not cause you pain or you can become habitual of playing like this. This more than needed movement can lead to much more serious problems in the future.

A gamer needs to take care of their wrists. Many gamers might start to feel a slight pain in their wrist and might want to try wrist brace for them. One of the main reasons wrist gaming brace is used for is managing the pain and discomfort caused due to extensive playing.

Braces can help to reduce the movement of your brace but do not totally stop it and hence you can still play wearing it. But they need to know if they need a wrist brace or not. Many gamers don’t understand when they need it.

gaming wrist braces

We have mentioned everything that you should know about gaming wrist brace before opting for it. We are providing you with all the benefits and the risks you might have to face if you opt using a wrist brace.

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Why Pro Gamers Prefer Using Gaming Wrist Braces ?

We are mentioning some of the points why we feel like you should use a wrist brace if you have a pain or a wrist related issue. We have talked about the following points in detail.

Stabilization of the Wrist

The first point in our list is the wrist stabilization. The wrist braces are used to stabilize your wrist if you have some pre-existing wrist issues. There are many gaming wrist braces available that will stabilize your wrist without disturbing your game.

Reduce Swelling

If you have got your wrist swelled due to excessive gaming you must try using a wrist brace.

gaming wrist braces

They are highly recommended to use as they reduce the swelling and can help you relieve all the pain that is caused by the inflammation.

Healing After Surgeries

Your previous surgeries should not stop you from playing in the present. Though it is recommended to play less, you can always play wearing a wrist brace for a safer side. These wrist braces reduce your movement and can help you heal from your previous injuries.


If you notice a slight pain in your wrist due to the extensive playing, you can try using a wrist brace to prevent further pain and reduce the chances of more damage. There can be other reasons for wrist pain but it is a better option to play wearing a wrist brace.

When To Wear Gaming Wrist Braces ?

We have come up with some of the points when gamers should wear wrist brace for gaming and other work. We have mentioned all the reasons to consider before wearing a wrist brace.

Slight Pains

When a gamer starts to notice a slight pain in his/her wrist, they should consider wearing a wrist brace.

When a gamer starts to notice a slight pain in his/her wrist, they should consider wearing a wrist brace.

Extensive gaming can put stress on the wrist muscles and that can cause your muscles to pain. To reduce pain and prevent it from worsening you must consider wearing a wrist brace.

Do Not Wear When Gaming

We suggest gamers to wear a wrist brace all day unless they are gaming. We don’t recommend wearing a wrist brace while gaming because it can restrict the movement of the wrist and you need some freedom from the wrist brace to help your wrist work properly. If you are not playing a brace while playing, you should stop playing when you notice even a slight pain in your wrist.

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Wear It At Night Only

Many people prefer wearing the wrist brace in the night only because there are most chances that you can damage your tendons at night due to the awkward sleeping positions. So, sometimes avoid wrist brace gaming for your wrist health.

We recommend you wear the brace only at night if your wrist is fine throughout the day and the pain arises only after a playing.

Wear It While Playing Only (Some Situation)

We would recommend using a wrist brace while playing if you have tried the above mentioned scenarios. This technique will help you to recover at the time of playing also but it can affect your gaming performance. But always remember, health is the top priority. so, if you feel the need, wear it while playing.

At The Time of Flare Up

These are very common when a person is trying to recover from an injury and starting performing too many things too soon. In case you are already recovering from your wrist pain, you should keep a check on your pain still. If you still feel a slight pain, you should wear a wrist brace.

Here are some of the recommended wrist braces that you can use to relieve pain or protect your wrist from the damage. We will provide you with the Amazon links to buy these wrist braces. Take a look at all the listed options.

BraceAbility Gaming Wrist Brace

BraceAbility Gaming Wrist Brace


  • It is fit for everybody. It comes with a left and right hand variant. It can be worn by men, women, or older children. It can fit anybody having a circumference of 6 to 10 inches.
  • It has ergonomic support. It will wrap around your hand, thumb, and your forearm. This will help to keep your wrist in a stable position to reduce the stress on your wrist.
  • There is also a removable metal palmer available. It will help to reduce the movement of the wrist without affecting the finger movement.
  • It is preferred for gamers who have RSI, Carpal tunnel, tendonitis, post surgery, or post cast removal.
  • This wrist arm can be used both in the day time or at night time. You can wear it even while working and to recover faster from your wrist pain.

BraceAbility Thumb and Wrist Spica Splint

Gaming Wrist Support


  • It comes with a left and right hand variant. You can measure your wrist size using a soft and flexible measuring tape and wrap it around your wrist.
  • It is an upgraded and redesigned version of the earlier version. The company has added a medical-grade fastener and the durability of this splint is increased by 10 times.
  • It is a wrist and a thumb pain reliever. It is preferred for gamers who have RSI, Carpal tunnel, tendonitis, post surgery, or post cast removal.
  • It has 2 removable aluminum splints to immobilize your thumb. This will help to keep your hand in the correct position, preventing the reinjury.
  • It is lightweight and comfortable to wear. It will leave your fingers free so that you can even wear it during the day and night time.

Reversible Thumb Spica Support Brace

Gaming Wrist Support


  • It has sleeve type design making it very comfortable to wear. It emphasizes on increasing the comfort between the wrist and the splint.
  • It is fit for everybody. It comes with a left and right hand variant. It can be worn by men, women, or older children. The measurement of the wrist is 8.86 inches, the measurement of the thumb hole is 4.72 inches and the thumb splint is 8.07 inches long.
  • There are two adjustable velcros present on the wrist for double fixation and a strap is added to the thumb splint that can be used o fix the thumb.
  • It is very comfortable and breathable to wear. It comes with thickened edges that are provided to increase the service life of the brace.
  • It can be used even in the case of soreness. It can be used to relieve the pain caused by arthritis, hand sprain, or RSI. You can wear it anytime even while working or sleeping.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can we wear a wrist brace while gaming?

It is recommended to wear a wrist rest if you play games for a longer duration. You can also wear it if you want to protect your wrist from further injuries and even if you are recovering from pre-existing wrist injuries.

  • For how long you should wear a wrist brace?

It depends on your wrist conditions. Ideally, you should wear a wrist brace only for one to two hours a day. If you feel the need to wear it for more time you can.

  • What is a carpal tunnel?

Carpal tunnel is a disorder in your wrist or your hand. This is not usually a serious condition that can go away with precautions and medications. This will not have an impact on your wrist and hand for a longer time.

  • Can gamers get carpal tunnel?

Gamers can get carpal tunnel by playing video games that require an extensive wrist movement. If you play such video games for a longer duration, there are chances that you can develop this painful disorder. If you are also a gamer, you might want to know about what set up does shroud uses. We have written a whole article dedicated to this. visit our article named, shroud setup.

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