Slotomania Free Coins: Know all Slotomania cheats

Slotomania is one of the best casino games available online. The game was developed by Playtika Games and later was acquired by Caesars Interactive Entertainment. The game requires you to log in with your Facebook account is available for mobile as well as laptops and Pcs. The game requires users to have a stable internet connection to enjoy the game to the fullest.


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Features that make Slotomania stand out from other Casino Games


  • The game has a great UX design with easy features and high-end graphics. The game gives a feeling of real-life slots on your device.
  • The game has some excellent animations and runs smoothly on almost all devices.
  • The game provides rich sound quality that enhances the user’s gaming experience.
  • Another salient feature of the game is that it is a virtual game, which means you don’t have to worry about losing a game if you lose, there is not an actual loss.

How to begin with Slotomania: A Beginner’s Guide

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  • When you open the game for the first time on your desired device, the lobby could be a bit intimidating with flashy lights, animations, lots of buttons, and other functionalities.
  • Login Daily to continue with your Sloto Journey and avail of premium game features.
  • With the increasing levels, you can also increase the maximum price for the best and thus big wins.
  • The game provides tours and proper guidance to help new users understand and play games.
  • The Game-Play tour guides users in the best way possible and enhances their gaming experience.

Why Free Slotomania Coins are important? 

  • To get Slotomania Coins, people need to spend real currency. For someone who is not much into the game, spending real currency would be a task.
  • Slotomania helps users to access the premium game features.
  • If you win, you will earn more Slotomania coins but if you lose, you’ll have to lose some of your Slotomania coins.
  • Once you get free Slotomania coins, you can share your status and ranks with your friends and other game players.

How to Earn Slotomania Free Coins?

  • Game Joining Bonus

As you join the game, you get a free 10,000 Slotomania Coins from the developers as your joining reward. The price gets increasing as you reach higher levels in the game.

  • Bonus Every Three Days

Continue playing the game and check regularly and look out for a bonus after every three days.

  • Get Hourly Bonus

Keep your notification on, apart from the special bonus, you will receive 100 Slotomania free coins from the developers.

  • Daily In-game Tasks

Earning through daily tasks is the most effective way. The game gives a daily task with some set of objectives. Complete the daily task and earn rewards.

  • Join Slotomania Social Media Groups

You can earn free Slotomania coins by joining Slotomania communities and clubs on social media. You can share your experiences as well as learn tips and tricks from others. This will not only enhance your game knowledge but build your social circle.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to Win the badge of Honour in Slotomania?

To win a badge of Honour in Slotomania, you need to clear certain levels and reach higher levels.

  • How many bonuses can I collect in Slotomania?

There is no limit as such to collect bonuses in Slotomania because you collect bonuses as soon as they are available.

  • How many levels are there in Slotomania?

There are 7 levels in the Slotomania Game starting from the bronze and ending on the black diamond level which is the highest level.

  • Can I play Slotomania without a Facebook account?

Yes, you can play Slotomania without a Facebook account but it is recommended to login with your Facebook account only as you can lose all progress if you uninstall or remove the game from your device.

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