MapleStory 2 Wizard Build: Skills, Magic & More

You will get to see wizards not only in dungeons but also in PVP. Many players who like to play Maplestory 2 likes to play as a Wizard. Players find the skills of a wizard cool and interesting. Wizard skills include manipulating fires, winning the fights with spells and magic without coming near the melee fight. In Maplestory 2 wizard build, they have a combination of skills of the wizards of MapleStory 1 and the fire Wizard making it have diverse characteristics.

In MapleStory Wizard Guide 2, we are providing you with all the information that you need to play as a wizard. we have tried to tell you everything about the wizard skills and builds in the game. They are one of the strongest classes in Maplestory 2. If you realize that there is a wizard in the opposite team, you should prioritize killing him or be ready to get killed.

If you like playing MapleStory, you might be interested in knowing the rewards you can get by playing the game and the trophies you will obtain. You just visit our MapleStory 2 trophy guide article. This wizard skill build MapleStory 2 is dedicated to the wizard class of the game and we hope you will find all the answers to your questions about the Maplestory 2 wizard skill build.

Who are Wizards ?

MapleStory 2 Wizards

Wizards are the characters who play the game according to their magical powers. They are almost unstoppable having a lot of magical tricks and knowledge about magic. She usually prefers to defeat her enemies using her spells.

  • A wizard uses a staff or a wand as her weapon.
  • They have a magic or DPS role in the game.
  • Magic, fire, ice, and electricity are her traits.
  • One of the main personality traits a wizard has is intelligence.
  • They are very easy to play with.

Advantages of Being a Wizard MapleStory 2 Skill Build

Being a wizard is quite an interesting job, and it does come with some advantages. We are discussing those advantages in this section of the article.

  • It is an easier character to play. It needs a low-skill cap.
  • It is the best class that can deal with the bosses. If you want to fight with a boss, keep a wizard on your team.
  • The best part is that they use various teleports to obtain high mobility and save themselves from their enemies.
  • The damage output given by a Wizard is relatively high and has good DPM.
  • She has AoE damage skills making it a stronger class.
  • It can buff all the damage that has been dealt with by the opponent.

Disadvantages of Being a Wizard Skill Build MapleStory 2

With some of the advantages, there are some disadvantages that you might have to face while being a wizard or have a wizard on your team. We have mentioned those disadvantages below.

  • You have to play carefully with a Wizard because they are squishy characters.
  • Their self-sustainable power is very low. their sustainability depends on their mobility.
  • Sometimes if they have a moving target, it can be difficult for them to provide them big damage.
  • if you want to enhance a Wizard’s abilities, it will cost you a large amount of SP.

Best Wizard Skill Build Maplestory 2 Attributes

MapleStory 2 Wizard Attributes

In this section of the article, we have rated the wizard abilities in PVP out of five stars. We have considered different aspects of a wizard and rated them out of 5 stars.

  • Output Level: The output level of the wizard is very satisfactory so we have rated it with 4 stars out of 5 stars.
  • Control Ability Level: The other aspect we have rated Wizard for control ability level. we have rated Wizard with three stars out of 5 stars because they have an average control ability.
  • Output Environment: we have rated Wizard with full 5 stars because of his displacement skill. She can be displaced three times continuously when she is full-on with her health and physical strength.
  • Attack Type: the attack type used by the Wizard in the PVP is ranged attack, magic attack, and fire, ice mine attack.

MapleStory 2 Wizard Skills

MapleStory 2 Wizard Skills

Below we have mentioned all the skills that a wizard possesses in PVP as well as in the dungeons.

Arcane Blast

This is an active skill used by the wizards. It is a skill used by wizards to damage their enemies at a distance of 4.5 meters. At 4.5 meters there is an energy burst by the Wizards. At the center, where the burst happens, almost 431 percent damage is to be dealt with enemies. it can deal with damage within three meters and knock the enemies 1 meter back.

There is almost null or no energy consumption in CD 6 seconds. The damage rate of this skill is very high and can make the enemy suffer a huge amount of damage.

Flame Wave

The other active skill that a Wizard possesses is Flame Wave. A wizard can send a flame wave at a distance of almost 8 meters causing all the enemies big damage who are present within this range. It can provide 274 percent damage to the enemies with causing 10 percent additional damage to whoever will come in contact with the fire. This skill consumes about 25 energy of the wizard with no CD.

This skill can be used to cause a small amount of damage to the enemies who are at a distance. The hit rate of this skill is high. there are two disadvantages associated with this skill. One is that the wizard is unable to jump and attack and the cast timing of this skill is relatively high.

Ice Spear

Ice Spear

This is the main skill to be used by the wizard in PVP. Wizard can create an ice spear and throw it on an enemy who is nearly 8 meters ahead of the wizard. It can freeze the enemy and then can be shattered immediately. The cold spear can make the body of the enemy rigid and it can be difficult for them to move.

The speed of movement of the enemies is decreased by 10 percent. It consumes almost 20 energy with no CD. The hit rate of this skill is good. But the good thing about this skill is that the casting time of this skill is low.


Using this skill, Wizards can generate lightning-damaging enemies within the 8-meter range. It can provide 953 percent damage to the enemies. The enemy who will collide with the lightning will eject eight times of the lightning than that of the enemy who is 5 meters away. This skill consumes almost 40 energy with 16 seconds of CD. This skill must be preferred when the enemy is low on health. the damage provided by thunderbolt can kill the enemy with low health. It should be used for long-range hits.

Magic Armor

This is a magical skill that a wizard uses in PVP. It is one of the most powerful shields in the PVP. This shield is used for survival by the wizards. For every 10 seconds of survival, almost 24 percent of this shield is used. There is no energy consumption but a CD of 45 seconds. The disadvantage that you might have to face is that the duration of this shield is only 3 seconds which is very low.

Flame Tornado

The other skill is a flame tornado. This skill allows the wizard to form a flame vortex at a distance of 4.5 meters ahead. It can cause approximately 136 percent of damage to every enemy within three meters for every 0.3 seconds. This skill has a longer release time than others and can give a chance to the enemies to attack.

Phantom Claw

This is an active skill used by the wizards. Using this skill, the wizard can slash her enemies using sharp and magical claws. Wizard can deal with the damage of 71 to 125 percent and can hit three enemies 2 times who are in 8 meters range in front of the wizard. This skill is not much used in PVP because the time is less and there is not much energy. Secondly, the output of this skill is quite low like other normal attacks. the damage dealt by this skill is based on the level of the skill.

Ice Storm

This is an active skill. Wizard, using this skill can blast 4 ice crystals on the enemies that are in front of him within the 8-meter range. It creates a shard of ice in front of the enemy and provides damage of almost 152 to 251 percent to the enemies who are within 3 meters. Though the damage rate of this skill is very high, the hit is very low. The enemies can escape this skill very easily. It consumes almost 40 energy.

Chain Lightning

This is an active skill that requires level 16. This allows the wizard to release an electric load to damage the enemies who are in an 8-meter range. It can provide up to 62 to 98 percent of the damage. It consumes 15 energy. It is an unusable skill for PVP because of the low hit rate as well as the low output. To make it high, you have to use it 5 times consecutively. The stats of this skill rely on station pile output.

Focus Seal

This is an active skill and requires level 31. It is used to create the 5 tile seal around the wizard. It can increase the magical and physical attacks of both the wizard and the allies who absorb the seal. It can increase the physical and magical attacks by almost 0.5 to 2.3 percent. We don’t recommend adding this skill to PVP because it is not easy to open it when used.

Mana Claw

This is an active skill and requires level 46. Using this skill, the wizard can shoot a sphere of condensed mana on the enemies within the range of 9 meters. You have to keep pressing the key to hit a combo. Always remember that the first two strikes are most critical.

MapleStory 2 Wizard Build

MapleStory 2 Wizard Build

Maplestory 2 Wizard Skill Build PVE

You can try different combinations of skills to add to your artillery. We would recommend you to go for the combination that has been shown in the picture. All you have to keep in mind is the total damage done per second to the enemies. We will recommend you prioritize thunderbolt skills because of the damage caused by it. You might want to take out some points from skills like an arcane blast and add it to the thunderbolt. This might not get you consistent results because now you have two 40 energy skills.

These skills need more claw cast at the place of the flame wave. One thing you have to keep in mind while going for this combination is that you will be needed to add more cooldown management for every skill that is present in your artillery or every skill you will next add in your artillery. We recommend you use this combination of skills to burst the bosses. It can be a good skill combination to play against your bosses. 

Getting Ready to Build!!

Finally, you can go for a combination that you feel will give more damage to the enemies. You can customize the skills according to you. Some of these skills can prove to work better when you are playing against your bosses and some can prove better when you are standing still without interruption.  You can make a combination according to your choices.

We are providing you with a combination of some skills that you can try. We have ranked them according to the damage caused to the enemies per minute. You can try these to cause based on the damage that they can cause to your enemies.

  1. Phantom claw+ Flame wave+ Tornado+ focus seal can cause damage of 2.4M per minute.
  2. Phantom Claw+ Flame Wave + Tornado+ Ice storm can cause damage of 2.38M per minute.
  3. Phantom Claw+ Flame Wave + Tornado+ Thunderbolt can cause damage of 2.38M per minute.
  4. Phantom Claw+ Flame Wave+ Tornado+ Arcane blast can cause damage of 2.36M per minute.

MapleStory 2 Wizard PVP Build

MapleStory 2 Wizard PVP Build

For PVP build, ice spear ability is completely optional. We recommend you add it if you have completely learned the jump and attack mechanics. If you have not mastered it yet, keep this skill temporary. Thunderbolt skills should be your top priority always. You must choose it in the first place because of the damage caused by it and its casting time is relatively low.

This will help you to attack your enemies fast and more easily. The next skill that should be on your priority list is the Flame wave. It is very hard for your enemies to dodge the flame wave but it is much easier to jump over it.

More to Know!!

We will recommend you to use Flame tornado as your zone control skill. You can use this skill to block the way and stop your enemies from coming towards you. It will allow you to create a wall of fire in the way. You can use Phantom Claw skill with Flame tornado. These two make a great combination and provide more damage to your enemies.

If you want to add Flame tornado as your skill we would suggest you add a phantom claw into the macro rotation. The damage caused to the enemies should be always high irrespective of the combination of the skills. You must keep in mind to max out Mage Armour’s skill.

This skill gives you extra health of about 24 percent for 10 seconds in the game. This will help you to survive more in front of the enemies and deal with the damage they give you. With more health, you can stay in the game more and take more time to kill your enemies. The phantom claw can be the most useful skill. You can use it to take the assassins out of the PVP. All you need to do is to spam it in the direction in which they can come from or they are present.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Which one is better MapleStory 2 or Maplestory ?

The storyline of MapleStory 2 is not the same as that of the MapleStory. In MapleStory 2, you don’t have to stay on a single map and fight with monsters. These features make this game harder than MapleStory but make it interesting too.

Q2. Can we still play MapleStory?

MapleStory is now no more available to play. But you can play it on private servers if you get any. If you are looking for private server games, you can try the ffxi Eden server. check our ffxi Eden server guide.

Q3. How many players are currently active on MapleStory 2?

Currently, there are one million people active on MapleStory 2 servers. According to the company, the newly released version of MapleStory 2 was played and downloaded by over one million people.

Q4. Can I make Maplestory full screen?

Yes, you can make MapleStory full screen. You have to right-click on your desktop. After this Choose the NVidia control panel. Look for a column name, Adjust the size and position of the screen. In this column click on the full-screen option. This can make your game full screen but the resolution can look off.

Q5. What do you need to do to play MapleStory 2 on steam?

You have to launch the game using Nexon launcher and steam. To link your game to steam, you have to make an account on steam. If you already have one, all your games will be present there and if you don’t have an account, make one.

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